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Developing marketing strategies for G-Star RAW

Unique design and graphics for G-Star Raw, BTL and SMM promotion


G-Star RAW is a Ukrainian representative of the denim fashion brand G-Star RAW

Project objectives

We started our work with foreign partners – representatives of the brand – with the study of the unique advantages and features of the company. Based on the results of this stage, we found out that G-Star Raw is an innovative label in the streetwear segment. The brand appeared in 1989. The company managed to stand out from the competition due to the fact that the collections of G-Star used rough, almost raw denim. The emphasis was on the high importance of quality in production. According to the positioning of the brand, they produce the actual classic streetwear for men and women. It is functional, convenient, thoughtful, simple and concise.

According to the positioning of the brand, they produce the actual classic streetwear for men and women. It is functional, convenient, thoughtful, simple and concise.

Promotion strategies G-Star RAW
SEO promotion G-Star RAW

Among our tasks in this project were:

  1. BTL-promotion – development of the concept of opening the leading boutique of G-Star Raw in Kyiv;
  2. implementation of this concept;
  3. organization of the actual event and its support;
  4. development of advertising activities;
  5. design of printed image products;
  6. design of window displays and retail space;
  7. SMM-promotion.

When we started to develop this project, we understood that the first task is the key element. It is the concept of opening a store that determines how to solve other marketing needs.

BTL-promotion of G-Star Raw

We decided to organize the opening of a brand store in the format of a G-Star Grand Opening party. BTL-concept included: the invitation of celebrities and journalists to the opening, "To Amsterdam with G-Star RAW" – drawing a trip to Amsterdam at the event, the development of printed image products (certificate for drawing, invitations to the event, flyers, business cards, tags, recommendations for clothing care), bright advertising manifestations – we decided to brand the complex City Beach Club and the platform which was visible from the height of an aircraft.


We told about all marketing and advertising activities we are implementing on the brand's Facebook page. Also, within SMM promotion we created other actions in the network. During our work, the audience of the brand page on Facebook has grown to 15 thousand "live" subscribers.

SEO case for promoting G-Star RAW

Window displays design development

After developing the concept of the event and the ways of its advertising and attracting the audience, we started to design the location in which it will be held – the G-Star Raw store. In the design of the showcase and retail space, we tried to convey the spirit of the brand: progressive, creative and even a little rebellious.

Showcase forms the image of the retail brand in the minds of the target audience. We have implemented a story design for it – focused the attention of customers on the scenery created in accordance with our creative solution for Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project. This is an art project of functional works of art from the Red Bull company, in which artists were offered to rethink the brand's refrigerators creatively. Our team offered its own concept "The art of raw" made of glass, metal, wood, concrete, and, of course, denim.

We decided to take part in this project because we were close to its main idea – to make the design really inspiring, and not only satisfying utilitarian marketing needs. It was with this setup that we worked on the G-Star Raw tasks. As a result, a skeleton of a dog in denim, rushing forward, appeared on the showcase of the brand store.

When creating the scenery, we used materials resistant to fading and other external influences. It is necessary that the exposition retains its attractive appearance during the entire period for which it is designed.

SEO promotion G-Star RAW Shop

The design of the retail space of the G-Star Raw store

Properly designed window display should attract the attention of customers and make them enter the store. The event, which we organized during the BTL-promotion – G-Star Grand Opening, – also helped for the implementation of this task. We invited a DJ, celebrities, and journalists, served drinks and treats, held a raffle. This non-standard format of the store opening was able to attract a significant number of customers and allowed us to convey the positioning and uniqueness of the brand to the target audience.

Separately, we worked out the plan and design of the retail space of the store. At the same time, we took into account the direction of the movement of customers, the principles of zoning and the influence of color on the target audience, the relevance of the sale of certain product groups. In accordance with the above factors, we have placed the SALE-racks, carried out the design of tags and store design, developed printing products such as shelf-talkers, flyers, business cards, advice on the care of clothing.

The design of the printed image products

Performing the design of printed image products, we made the adaptation of the graphic concept to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market. We received the concept from foreign partners – official representatives of the G-Star Raw brand. In addition to the above types of printed image products, we created the design elements of window dressing, invitations to open a store and a certificate for a trip to Amsterdam.

We also covered the city Beach Club complex and the platform which was visible from the plane with the brand’s images, making the advertising manifestation of the brand really bright.

SEO promotion G-Star RAW Design

The result of the collaboration between G-Star RAW and Clock creative lab

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    An integrated approach to project management and more than seven years of experience with retail brands gives us the opportunity to quickly and effectively implement relevant customer marketing and advertising tasks.

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    In the G-Star Raw project we worked on design, graphics, BTL and SMM promotion. As part of a holistic marketing strategy, we managed to implement all the tasks.

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