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SEO website promotion Shell


SHELL is one of the world leaders in the energy sector. The company has been searching for and producing oil and gas for over a hundred years. The Shell group operates in more than 70 countries.

Presentation of innovative fuel technologies for Shell in Ukraine

SEO promotion Shell

Creation of original design and graphics

The international energy company Shell, specializing in the development of oil fields, production, processing, and sale of oil and natural gas, asked for the creation of a presentation of the program of innovative fuel developments "Innovations in Action". The program had to be presented for the Ukrainian market.

Among our tasks were: the creation of presentation concept, development of printed image production, and outdoor advertising. In our work, we sought to preserve the visual identity of the brand and present it in a new information way. Both printed image products and outdoor advertising are tools for visual communication of the brand with customers. The main part of the information about the product or service is received by the target audience of the company through the perception of the brand design and the messages that the company addresses to them..

For this information to be effective, it must be presented:

  • available — when images and information are clear and easy to remember;
  • relevant — semantic load of visual, text and auditory message corresponds to the context and values of the target audience;
  • consistently — the image of the brand, product or service is holistic and consistent;
  • unique — the message and visualization emphasize the characteristics peculiar only to this brand, product, or service.

Development of printed image products for Shell

The purpose of image printing is to increase loyalty to the object or phenomenon, information about which it carries. The quality of printed image production determines the success of its impact on the target audience. Most often, such printing is not made for mass distribution but to influence a specific group of potential customers or partners. Same it was with the printed products for the presentation of "Innovation in Action" from Shell.

website promotion Shell

We created corporate thematic booklets, magazines, and folders. When developing the design, we used corporate identity colors and contrasting visual solutions.

All the used techniques were subordinated to a single goal – to develop an effective design of printed products, which will allow:

  • bring new information about the company;
  • create a unique message for the target audience;
  • to emphasize the idea and philosophy of the brand;

All items of the printing advertising that we have developed for Shell were created that way. Design of booklets, magazines, and folders included complex work on the selection of fonts and images, creation of color scale, and drawing of graphic elements. We took into account every detail to form a complete and unique image.

Website Promotion Strategies Shell

Design of outdoor advertising layouts

The success of an advertising campaign for outdoor media depends on the creative idea, content, and emotional message. At different stages of the design development, we worked on the formation of the composition, the design of text blocks, and the organization of details.

Important advantages of outdoor advertising — a potential viral effect and large audience coverage. In order to use them to the maximum, we have formed a capacious text message. The information itself together with the visual design was made simple and easy to read.

Design project

When creating advertising campaign layouts, our main task was to attract potential customers and convey the creative idea of the Shell program. We tried not to overload the design with unnecessary details but to make it clear and memorable.

In General, the design of outdoor advertising can be divided into several types:

  • advertising – promoting a product or service;
  • image – advertising a brand;
  • index – indicates the correct direction leading to the company's location;

In our advertising campaign, we used the design of the second type. Outdoor advertising can be placed on such structures installed in the open area as billboards, city lights, panels, brackets, banners, window displays, stores and salon signs, and vehicles.

SEO promotion case Shell
SEO case with Shell

Our initial task in the development of advertising was to determine the type of advertising medium, as the concept of layouts, design, and copyright are created only after studying the features of the location of advertising media, as well as collecting their parameters and characteristics.

Studies show that consumers spend an average of 3-7 seconds on the perception of outdoor advertising. To make the message you want to deliver work, it must be executed really effectively. To embed our ad campaign we chosen city lights – boxes with lights attached to them.

The development of an advertising campaign

When creating layouts for outdoor advertising, we took into account not only the features of the media on which it will be placed but also such factors of psychological perception as:

  • 01

    The priority of emotional impact.

  • 02

    Perception of color and color combinations.

  • 03

    Holistic perception of composition.

  • 04

    Peculiarities of understanding the text information.

Unique texts

Effective and eye-catching among other advertising messages, the text is not created by a pile of words, but rather by reducing their number to the idea itself. The effective slogan should be no more than 3-4, maximum – 7 words. It is necessary that the idea is clear and understandable after the first glance at the layout. This is how we created our slogan for the advertising campaign.

SEO Shell website promotion Unique texts
SEO Shell promotion Color solution

Color solution

When developing outdoor advertising for Shell, we were also guided by the rule of no more than one or two images in the design of layouts. In order to achieve clarity of perception, we used contrasting colors. Concise and well-structured composition helped to achieve the effective perception of the advertising message by the target audience of the company.

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