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WALKER – multi-brand shoes and accessories store from more than 20 global brands. Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Gant, Pepe Jeans, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, DKNY and G-Star RAW are among them.

Inspired by American Capital - WALKER Branding and Design

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For WALKER, we created the brand concept from scratch. Developed a logo, corporate identity, printed image products, seasonal advertising campaigns and retail space design. In each of the manifestations of the brand, we sought to reflect its individuality - that WALKER united under its beginnings more than 20 global brands of shoes and accessories. And formed a unique mix of styles, combining discreet smart-casual from Tommy Hilfiger and Gant, playful femininity from Formarina, creative urbanism from G-Star RAW and Diesel, sophisticated elegance from Calvin Klein and DKNY, sports chic from Lacoste and provocative sexuality from Guess.

For original brands, WALKER has become a big melting pot, which the United States once was for immigrants of different nationalities and cultures. For this reason, the American capital has become for us the main inspiration in the work on the project. We chose New York as a universal source of references also because the ideal client of WALKER is a resident of the metropolis. In the stores of the chain, he can always find the right shoes, bag, purse, scarf or gloves. Here he is provided with a large selection of high-quality products from world-famous brands with a special history, brand and unique style.

Branding and brand book development

The brand and all its manifestations should embody the key values that the company carries to its customers:

  • freedom and diversity of choice;
  • ambitions and unlimited scope for their implementation;
  • compliance with global fashion trends and unsurpassed service.

This allows you to competently developed brandbook. It is a document that combines all the basic information about the brand - from its philosophy to positioning and selected visualization. Also includes a set of recommendations for building communication with the audience. The composition of the brand book differs depending on the specifics of the company for which it is developed. But the integral element, the one with which the branding begins, is the logo.

Website Promotion Strategies WALKER
SEO project promotion case WALKER

Logo creation WALKER

At the start of work, the client already had a ready-made trademark name. Therefore, the formation of branding began with the creation of a logo. This was preceded by the development of the brand philosophy and its positioning.

A logo is a graphic presentation of the essence of the company, its core values. It should be easily recognized and remembered by the target audience. The professionally executed design of the visual identity of the brand allows you to:

  • attract and keep the attention of potential customers;
  • increase their trust in the company;
  • stimulate sales;
  • strengthen advertising and image messages on behalf of the company;
  • underline brand promise.

Proper visualization of the key communication tools of the brand is extremely important, because 80% of information about the world around us is obtained through vision. If the logo design, corporate identity, printed image products are made effectively, the target audience perceives this as evidence of the company's professionalism, the positive state of its financial resources and the firm position of the company in the market. Poorly executed design causes the opposite effect.

Our solutions

  • 01

    We created a minimalist logo for WALKER. A graphic interpretation of the brand name was drawn by hand using several types of fonts. In the final version of the logo applied sans serif direct font. Democracy, freedom, and even some audacity showed the spelling of the letter with a lowercase letter. "Tall", straight, aspiring letters look contrast and resemble New York skyscrapers.

  • 02

    In the process, we have created several versions of the logo. In several of them, the style of neem was supplemented with details: the first letter of neim placed above the logo, the crown, the figure of a person sitting on “tall” letters, like on the roof of a skyscraper.

  • 03

    Following the latest trends of responsiveness and maximum simplification, we chose the most concise version of the logo. In this format, it is easier to remember, display on the screen even the smallest gadget, apply to any surface. In order to achieve this goal, we abandoned additional elements, serifs and difficult-to-see details.

  • 04

    The logo is made in black on a light background. Such a contrast solution gave rise to the formation of the entire corporate style of the company. For the main visuals, we also chose black and white.

Creating a corporate style WALKER

Creating a logo - the first step to the development of corporate identity or company identity. Graphic techniques and colors used in the logo we have developed in the design of the site, retail space, printed image products.

In general, it is desirable that every communication that comes from a company be designed in accordance with a single corporate style. Otherwise, the integrity of the perception of the brand is violated and the effectiveness of the impact on the target audience decreases significantly.

This identity allows the company to stand out from among the competitors and be recognizable. Corporate identity should show the individual characteristics of the brand. Our task has become, along with the key values on which the company's philosophy is built, to convey also the rhythm, lightness and unique flow of a big city in the elements of corporate identity.

Interior decoration shop

Store design should be carried out in accordance with the developed identity and corporate identity. Correctly decorated trading room contributes to:

  • increase the number of regular customers;
  • increase brand confidence;
  • consumer loyalty;
  • increase the time customers stay in the store;
  • sales growth;
  • strengthen brand image.
Strategies to promote the site WALKER Design

Planning the interior of the store and its design include work on space zoning, interior design, layout of furniture and commercial equipment, color design of the store and lighting. Works are performed on the basis of the architectural plan of the room. Technical and storage rooms must be “hidden” from visitors. Otherwise they will distract customers from the choice of goods.

In order to present the product range in a favorable light, we took into account the height of shop windows and racks, their location, width of aisles and the direction of movement of visitors. Color design was used as a tool for design and method of zoning space. With its help, we delimited various elements of the store according to their functional purpose, such as: a fitting room, a cashier area, a product department with discounts, new items from the range. Additional emphasis on the individual components of the interior helped to make the lighting.

Design concept

The unique concept of the store's interior design, which we have developed, reflects the atmosphere of a big city. The chain stores focus on brand shoes, accessories and WALKER customers themselves. The interior design of the sales area, like the main visuals of the brand, is made in black and white.

The effective graphic solutions we used allow us to reveal the character of the brand without additional textual support — dynamic, ambitious and bright, like New York itself.

SEO case for promoting the project WALKER Graphics Development

Graphics Development

While working on the project, we were responsible for creating graphics for printed image products: business cards, packages, tags, flyers, and recommendations for the care of things. And they carried out the development of seasonal advertising campaigns placed on billboards and citylights.

The design of the packaging in the corporate style increases brand awareness and sales, without additional advertising costs. On the branded WALKER packages, we placed views of New York used in the interior of the store. The goal of our team was to make the packaging design not only attractive, but also functional. To do this, we placed on the sides of the package a logo of the brands whose products are represented in the WALKER stores and a list of the stores themselves.

When creating a site design, we followed the brandbook rules. We carried out the development within the framework of the corporate identity concept, using its key elements - the style of basic visuals and corporate fonts.


Over seven years of experience working with retail stores allow us to quickly and efficiently implement pressing marketing and advertising tasks for the client, such as:

  • 01

    Design development.

  • 02

    Creating design concepts for window dressing.

  • 03

    Development of advertising campaigns.

  • 04

    System support of the project, including organizational and logistic aspects.

Experience in this field has provided our creative team with responsiveness and accuracy of decisions. The system audit, which always begins work on a project, allows us to dive deep into the specifics of the company. And create unique solutions that bring the client's business to a new level. We managed to do this in the case of cooperation with WALKER. During operation, the number of stores in the network has increased significantly, and the brand has gained leadership positions in its segment.

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