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Preppy is an American footwear brand.

Creating a brand from scratch

SEO promotion preppy

Branding, logo and corporate identity creation, packaging design

For our foreign partners – American footwear label Preppy – we carried out branding, logo development, and packaging design. Our work traditionally began with the study of the peculiarities of the company and its history. This is necessary to determine the brand positioning and its unique advantages.

The client formulated the positioning of his company as follows: affordable and comfortable shoes with a bright design that helps to express the individuality of each one who chooses Preppy. The basis of the style is a bit snobbish, but very attractive spirit of privileged Ivy League universities. The founders of the company made it even more daring and ironic in their collections.

Branding for Preppy

We carried out branding in accordance with such stages:

  • Analysis of the market, competitors and target audience;
  • The study of the target audience. Creating a portrait of the perfect client;
  • Immersion in the peculiarities of the company, audit of available resources;
  • Naming and trademark registration (if necessary);
  • Brand legend formation;
  • Logo development;
  • Creating a corporate identity;
  • The design of the packaging of goods;
  • Preparation of brand book and guideline;

The last point includes a description of the mission, positioning, values of the company and its philosophy (for the brand book), as well as a list of recommendations on the use of ideologically important elements of the brand, relevant channels, and methods of communication (for the guideline).

Design in brand building

We perceive design as the most important way to communicate the brand with potential customers, as well as the formation of the company's image. Design helps to create a certain idea of the brand, products or services that are produced under it in the mind of a consumer. We decided to present Preppy as the embodiment of youth style, quality, and comfort. All messages on behalf of the trademark had to come in this way.

Preppy website promotion strategies

Among the main tasks that we implemented with the help of effective design were the following ones:

  • attracting and retaining the attention of the target audience is especially important in the case of the development of advertising campaigns;
  • building the trust of potential customers to the brand – this is an extremely important task that can be carried out if the design is made not only creatively, but also in accordance with the positioning of the brand. In this case, it signals the professionalism of the company, its stable position in the market;
  • sales promotion – the correct use of marketing techniques significantly increases the probability of making a purchase or placing an order by a client. To do this, the development of graphics must take into account many factors such as the use of colors, work with the composition, the distribution of text blocks, peculiarities of perception of the selected target audience;
  • strengthening of the advertising message – qualitatively executed design emphasizes the message of the company in each advertising or image communication of the brand.

The design, which is not suitable for the positioning of the company, is able to negate many years of work on the brand image at once.

Logo development

At the stage of creating the legend of the brand, we found out that the symbol of the brand is the dog of one of the founders of the company – Basset hound named Travis. Once he chewed favorite sneakers of his owner, for which the owner, instead of scolding a four-legged friend, decided to make his image the embodiment of a bright personality and audacity inherent in youth’s shoes. The legend of the brand is fully consistent with the style of Preppy, where irony is at the forefront. Naming also was ready – we could only properly apply it graphically.

We carried out the development of the logo in accordance with the requirements of the main visual metaphor of the brand. The symbol of the trademark should graphically present the essence of the company, be the heart of its individuality. It is necessary that a professionally created logo evokes a direct link with the brand, causes positive emotions, and is memorable for the target audience. It is the logo that the audience will face most often when interacting with the company since this is the main visual attribute of the brand.

Strategies to promote the site preppy logo

Our solutions

During the work, our experts have created several options for logo design. When choosing the final version, we took into account the fact that the color techniques and font solutions embedded in the logo should be developed in the elements of the corporate style. In the developed versions of the logo, the following schemes were used:

  • 01

    In the writing of the name, we used only the italic font, italic font with an additional bright design of the capital letter.

  • 02

    As additional elements of the name – cursor arrows, a crown, a kite, a rhombus, a symbol of the brand.

  • 03

    In the color design – in its different variations, the logo involved the following colors: purple, blue, green, light blue, yellow, red, black, and white.

We wanted to create a fun and, at the same time, effective and functional logo in terms of marketing. Therefore, of all the developed options, we have chosen the most concise and semantic – the one where Travis is depicted, and the name is drawn from the bottom in a non-strict round font, similar to handwritten. The brand name is printed with a capital letter, which shows the democracy of the brand.

Audacity and even some epatage, inherent to the youth style, is embodied in the color scheme – a combination of white, gold and black. A diamond pattern was chosen as a key graphic technique for the corporate style.

SEO promotion new preppy Design

Design of labels, packaging, and printed image products

In the complex work on the formation of the brand, in addition to the logo and corporate identity, we created the design of printed image products, which included: business cards, tags, recommendations for shoe care, flyers, and packaging of goods.

Developing each of the types of printed products, our team previously studied the Ukrainian market and competitors of the client's company for the design of similar samples. When creating design layouts for packaging, we took into account the following requirements for this marketing tool:

  • The attractiveness of graphics and quality of execution;
  • Tactile response – the quality of the workmanship and the look of the print;
  • Emotional response – positive emotions and positive associations with the brand;
  • Informing about the unique advantages of the products;
  • Functionality – ergonomics, protection of goods from external influences and ease of use;
  • Compliance with the corporate style of the brand.

We chose a laconic and simple logo because it corresponds to one of the most important recent marketing trends – responsiveness. This means that this version of the logo is much easier than others to display on different surfaces and even on the screen of the smallest device. For the same reason, we abandoned the logo with a lot of details and halftones. The final version of the logo looks favorably both on the box for packaging and on the back of the branded Preppy shoes.


During the work on the Preppy project, we managed to fulfill all the tasks of marketing and advertising set by our foreign partners:

  • 01

    Branding of the company.

  • 02

    Development of a logo and corporate identity.

  • 03

    Creation of the design of printed image products.

More than seven years of experience with retail stores provide our team with the speed of response, the accuracy of solutions and an integrated approach to the implementation of projects. All this allows us to bring the client's business to a new level.

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