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Fish Park Zabirye is a large-scale country recreation complex, located 25 kilometers away from Kyiv.

Renovation of the brand

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Development of name, brand, logo, corporate identity, and the concept of staff uniforms

The client came to us in order to update the brand and revise the image of the country complex. We immediately appreciated the great potential of the project. However, before starting to develop any ideas, we plunged into the study of the competitive environment and the target audience of the client.

Competitor research

Suburban recreation complexes located near Kyiv is quite a competitive niche. Similar to the client’s business, other complexes also offer a variety of opportunities for recreation outside the bustling capital for every taste. After a detailed analysis, we found a unique feature in our client’s countryside complex.

The key difference is the scale and great potential for development. None of the competitors had such a large territory and the same wide range of services. The main goal of our work was to turn this difference into a unique advantage and make it visible to the target audience.

The implementation of our ideas had to put the client beyond the competitive environment, allowing him to get ahead of all the competitors and become a categorical leader in its segment.

Unified marketing concept

A single marketing concept is needed to unite all elements of a business with one idea and to make sure that each of them works to strengthen the company's position. For this purpose, we created the unique corporate identity of the brand.

The American Yellowstone National Park became the main example on which we relied on the development of the concept. One of our proposals was to decorate the entrance to the country complex with bright and recognizable attributes. Those with which visitors would want to make a picture. Such photos are very convenient to share with friends – just with one shot, your loved ones will understand where you have been.

Another important function of the memorable entrance was to immerse guests in the special atmosphere of the complex from the first seconds and to create a mood for a great holiday that expects them here. Also, for those who do not know about this country complex, the design had to play the role of a pointer and provide a wow effect. Projects of visual execution of the decorations were carefully drawn and transferred to the client.

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Brand creation

While developing the marketing concept, our team carried out research of competitors and the target audience. With the help of the obtained results, we determined the positioning, unique advantages, and chose the vector of the development of the client's company. Taking into account these parameters, we started to develop elements of the visual identity of the brand.

SEO promotion Zaborje brandbook development

Brand book development

Work on the brand book included the implementation of the following tasks: the creation of corporate identity, naming, logo, design of staff uniforms, and printed image products.

The first step towards the development of corporate identity was the creation of a logo. If necessary, it can be preceded by naming – the formation of the brand name.

Such work involves not just the selection of euphonic or intricate words but also consists of such stages:

  • competitor analysis and market research;
  • creating unique naming options;
  • checking the possible options for legal frequency;
  • choosing the best option based on the level of compliance with a variety of linguistic and marketing factors;
  • presentation of the final versions and coordination with the client.

In the course of work, we stopped on the following brand name - "Zabirye Fish Park". Simple and concise, it immediately informs the potential client about the location of the complex, which is located near Kyiv. It is also linked to the main pride of the owner – stocked lakes. If you wish, you can go fishing and enjoy freshly caught prey in the restaurant on site.

The chosen name of the brand, in addition, contains a reference to the scale of the countryside complex and refers to its location in the natural site. We managed to fit all of this targeted information in one name. A good visual design, which we will discuss below, completed our naming, making it perfect.

Naming and logo creation

After the development of the sonorous and attractive name, we started to create the logo. The logo, as a key metaphor of the brand, had to accurately convey the essence of the brand and convey the special advantages of a country complex to potential customers. This is the basis of the visual presentation of the company.

In order to make the logo an effective marketing tool, it is also necessary that it is easily perceived and is clear. A well-composed logo causes direct associations with the activities of the company, is easily recognizable and carries a bright idea. Only in this case, information about the company will stand out among other advertising messages and the target audience will be able to perceive it efficiently. While developing the logo, we took all these factors into account.

The logo for the "Zabirye Fish Park" we depicted with a thematic picture of fish. We depicted the tail of the fish in a Z-shape. Original visualization has become a successful and strong communication platform for creating a corporate identity and other key elements of the brand.

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SEO website promotion Zaborje corporate identity

Corporate identity solutions

The name of the brand and its logo are the starting point for the development of the corporate style and identity of the company. During their formation, our team developed the color and font solutions involved in the logo. Unique graphics were later used in the printed image products, the design of the website, and the development of the countryside staff uniform.

Effective graphical solutions applied by us allowrevealing the character of the brand without additional text support. As the color code of the brand, we chose a laconic and bright natural range of shades – white, carrot, azure, and deep blue. For the performance of the uniform and elements of interior design, we used white textiles and wood. The chosen solutions give the opportunity to create a lot of successful, original and memorable combinations.

All elements of the corporate identity continue the key message of the brand that states that the "Zabirye Fish Park" is a large-scale natural park and a universal countryside complex that includes a lot of different types of recreation. The main kind of recreation, in this case, is catching fish, which any customer can later try prepared in the “Ryba Chok” restaurant.


The identity design that we performed was aimed at solving such tasks:

  • 01

    Creating a holistic image of the brand, so that a potential client can easily see all the advantages of the brand.

  • 02

    Identification of the company. In the context of informational noise and growing competition, the uniqueness and associativity of the logo, as well as other elements of identity, are crucial for the brand.

  • 03

    Image promotion – a positive perception of the brand can significantly improve the effectiveness of actions aimed at strengthening the brand's position in the minds of the target audience. In order to make shaping a trusted image of the company possible, the values of potential customers and the business itself must be the same. The task of identity is to show it.

  • 04

    Formation of common values. Having the same values appreciated by customers and the company creates a conscious intention to purchase a product or service of the brand. The cost, in this case, goes by the wayside.

The development of staff uniform

In the restaurant and hotel business, to which the countryside complex is related directly, the presence of staff uniforms is mandatory. Uniforms are another channel of communication with customers. They are used used to convey the essence of the brand and its unique advantages.

Uniform, made in the same corporate style, has many advantages:

  • strengthens customers’ confidence in the company's professionalism and creates a sense of brand reliability;
  • significantly increases the possibility that the brand and key elements of its identity will be remembered;
  • makes staff visible, which helps to improve service;
  • improves the corporate culture within the company – lets employees feel themselves a part of the same team;
  • helps clients distinguish employees with different responsibilities.

We designed the “Fish Park Zabirya” staff uniforms according to the unified concept of marketing and the corporate identity that we developed previously for this project, as it corresponds with the peculiarities of work and the change of seasons.

SEO website promotion Zaborje uniform


In the process of work, we have created a comprehensive concept that combines all the elements of the brand identity into a single system with its own style and recognizable solutions. The client approved the concept, but due to various circumstances, it was implemented only partially.

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