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STEM Concept Store – a network of multi-brand stores of women's and men's clothing. STEM combines world-famous premium brands: Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, DIESEL, Pepe Jeans, Fornarina, Lacoste and DKNY, Polo Ralph Lauren.

Branding and Design for STEM Concept Store

SEO promotion STEM

Project Goals

For foreign partners - STEM official representatives - we carried out the development of a brand, advertising campaigns, the design of shop windows and printed image products, the interior design of the store and SMM promotion. The first stage of cooperation traditionally meant immersion in the specifics of the new company and the study of its unique advantages. It was necessary for the formation of customer positioning within the branding.

Brand development from scratch

In order to implement the above tasks, we performed an internal audit of the company. In the course of this work, we found that the STEM brand managed to unite the world's best clothing brands in casual style. The uniqueness of STEM Concept Store is that these multi-brand stores enable their customers to choose everything they need to create new images in one location. This advantage is important for the target audience of STEM - young and active residents of megacities, because their rhythm of life does not always allow spending a lot of time on shopping.

The set of brands represented in the STEM Concept Store is not accidental. All eight brands that are included in it, easily combined with each other. STEM also selects the most trendy and non-standard items for the presentation in its stores. There are basic ones among them - those that will never go out of fashion. Following the results of this stage of work, our team revealed that the project of the client’s company has a lot of advantages. We had only to show them with the help of marketing and advertising tools.

SEO STEM Brand Development

Retail Branding

The development of a brand for a retail distribution network is called retail branding. We performed this task in accordance with the principles of effective organization of the process of trading and communication with customers, including:

  • 01

    Atmosphere. This includes interior and exterior design, shopping areas, printed image products, storefronts, website and pages in social networks. Every interaction with potential customers through all channels of communication should convey a key message - the main idea and brand mission. And also to respond to a single positioning concept. The purpose of retail branding is to help make the atmosphere of each store of the brand network special. One that would make customers want to visit the store, make a purchase and come back again.

  • 02

    Display of goods. Placement of products and commercial equipment should be made taking into account the basic rules and current trends of merchandising.

  • 03

    Timely update retail brand. In order for the brand to remain a source of new impressions and inspiration for the client, the rebranding must be performed at least once every three years. This will help maintain an emotional connection with customers and prevent the loss of the target audience.

Strategies to promote the site STEM logo

Logo Development STEM Concept Store

We started the development of the logo, corporate identity, interior and exterior design, shop windows, printed image products after we formed the actual marketing goals of the client. They also completed a study of the target audience and an audit of the company's competitors.

In the course of work, we created several versions of the logo. The final version was the visual execution of Neem, where each of its letters is welded from real rusty pipes. That is the name of the brand store for the first time appeared on the STEM Concept Store sign. Later, at the opening of new outlets and on printed image products, live performance replaced stylization for metal welding.


Graphic solutions applied in logo design, we have developed in the corporate style of the company. The unity of key visual elements is necessary for each brand to be recognized by each interaction with the target audience. To do this, all communication tools - printed image products, website, outdoor advertising - must be made in accordance with the corporate style and brand positioning.

The logo design, developed by us, presented STEM as a crafting, bold, bright trademark. In the interior design a logical choice was the use of the loft style. We transferred its urbanism to the graphic concept of branded packages. They placed the brand, inscribed on the background of a brick wall with peeling paint.

Also, in accordance with the corporate identity, we created the design of tags, business cards, recommendations for the care of clothing and flyers. As part of the system support of the project, we carried out updating of printed materials every season or several times a season.

SEO case for STEM Design


It is not enough to develop a logo, define the mission, positioning of the company and describe the actual ways of communication in the brand book and guideline. The key message and advertising message must be conveyed to the target audience. This can be done with the help of an advertising campaign of the brand, the development of which we carried out for STEM.

We have chosen outdoor advertising as the main channel of communication. Visionals made in accordance with the graphic and verbal components of the brand were placed on citylights. The slogan of the “Connects the Best” advertising campaign was to highlight the main unique advantage of the STEM Concept Store - the opportunity for customers to find everything they need in multi-brand stores of the network in order to show their individuality in clothes. And he did an excellent job with this task, complementing the design layout that we developed.

SEO promotion STEM shop

Window dressing shops STEM

Retail storefront shop windows are another communication channel that should be used correctly for marketing and advertising purposes. The main task of window dressing is to attract customers and make them want to go to the store. The design should also reveal the positioning of the retail brand. Depending on actual marketing tasks, window dressing can be:

  • the plot - the product appears as elements of the decoration of thematic scenes or decorations;
  • commodity - consumers' attention is focused on single samples or sets of goods;
  • commodity-plot - the product appears along with the scenery to the invented storyline scene.

Our solutions

  • 01

    During our cooperation with STEM's foreign partners, we performed the design of shop windows twice. Both in the first and in the second cases it was a commodity-plot. The concept of the sale-window was designed to bring the main idea of the action "Denim on weight at an affordable price." We made a symbolic design, putting on the scales a small bale of clothing tied with canvas ropes. In the remaining space of the showcase, we casually hung up trendy denim images along with the letters “S” “A” “L” “E” stylized as rusty metal.

  • 02

    Exposition of the storefront requires timely updates. This helps the brand to maintain an emotional connection with its customers. In addition, the idea embodied in the design, over time, loses its relevance. The scenery itself can also fade, and the design will lose its aesthetic appearance.

  • 03

    The task of the second design concept was not only to update the exposition of the showcase, but also to emphasize the main idea of the brand: STEM Concept Store is not only a commercial project, but a real work of modern art. In the space of the shop-windows we created an imitation of an art gallery. Instead of art objects they placed clothes in frames. In place of the signature of the picture was the name of the brand. The mannequins displayed actual bows and symbolized visitors to the exhibition.

Storefront and store interior design

Our team developed the design of shop windows and retail space in accordance with the general concept of the store's corporate identity. The main style in the interior design, we chose the loft. With his help, they wanted to emphasize the protest and freedom-loving spirit that STEM customers appreciate. As decorative elements used reels for cables, old TVs and wooden pallets, painted in the colors of the British flag.

But a full-fledged shopping space should not be limited to the interior design. We also worked on zoning, furniture and commercial equipment distribution plan, lighting. In this case, our team sought to observe the basic principle of store design - nothing should distract customers from the selection and purchase of goods. Everything - from the location of racks, shelftower and tags on products to the direction of movement of buyers in the hall - should be subject to this goal. The design of the store, designed in this way, will contribute to the growth of loyal customers, strengthen their loyalty, sales growth and strengthen the brand position.

SEO website promotion STEM store interior
SMM promotion STEM

SMM promotion STEM

When implementing advertising and image activities, campaign key messages should be broadcast in a single style across all communication channels, including social networks..

We were engaged in SMM promotion of STEM on Facebook. On behalf of the company they talked about new products, discounts and answered questions of regular and potential customers. During the cooperation with the client, the audience of the brand in this social network has grown and amounted to more than 11 thousand “live” subscribers.


Over seven years of experience working with retail stores allow us to quickly and efficiently implement pressing marketing and advertising tasks for the client, such as:

  • 01

    Creating a brand.

  • 02

    The design of shop windows and shop interior.

  • 03

    Development of advertising campaigns.

  • 04

    Design of printed image products.

  • 05

    SMM promotion.

In each of these areas, the speed of response of our specialists and the accuracy of the tools used allow us to create unique solutions that take the client’s business to a new level.

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