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SEO website promotion Audi A5 and Audi Q3


Audi Center Kyiv South – the official dealer of the German automotive manufacturer Audi

Development of landing pages for advertising special offers for the sale of the Audi A5 and Audi Q3

SEO promotion Audi A5 and Audi Q3

In pursuit of new success

The official dealer of Audi requested the Clock Creative Lab team to promote special offers for the sale of Audi A5 and Audi Q3. This project was our third joint work with Audi Center Kyiv South. Having shown impressive results in the first two projects, we have set a high bar for ourselves, which we sought to surpass in a new round of strategic cooperation with the company. wasn't familiar to the client's audience.

Project objectives

Both web resources for Audi A5 and Audi Q3 had to solve problems of the same origin – to acquaint current and potential customers of the dealer with the advantages of special discount programs, which can be implemented when buying a car.

To reach the project’s aim, we chose the landing page format. This is a small one-page website that includes basic information about the product and naturally leads the user to perform targeted actions – to order a consultation with a Manager or purchase a product. Among the advantages of this format is also a comparative speed of development and the ability to quickly launch the resource.

Strategies for promoting the Audi A5 and Audi Q3 website

Landing Page Development Mechanics

We developed landing pages for this project in accordance with such stages:

  • 01

    Collecting business intelligence. We carry out market research and collect the most complete information about the client's business and it’s competitors. As a part of this stage, we “dive” into the specifics of the company. We determine the uniqueness of the presented products and work on positioning.

  • 02

    Shaping the concept. Based on the data obtained from the first stage, we develop our vision of the project. We create a holistic strategic proposal.

  • 03

    Design – visual and technical solutions, the logic of the layout of the website in accordance with the principles of UI/UX and overall strategy of the project.

  • 04

    Web-development. We implement the created solutions, develop a mobile version, perform detailed testing.

  • 05

    Audit a web resource for errors. General reconciliation of the project on performance indicators.

The concept of the Audi A5/Q3 project

Clock Creative Lab specialists have created the concept of a short and catchy presentation of the advantages of special programs, in which a customer can buy cars at a bargain price. Landing page format is great for promoting such offers.

We created promotional sites as a special place of the company in the network, where the user can go at any time and get acquainted with the information of interest. On the landing page, the client also has the opportunity to fill out a feedback form and to get answers to their questions from the consultant in a few minutes.

At the request of the company, Clock Creative Lab created not just a promotional website, but a unique tool that allows our client to show the product to a potential buyer outside of the actual store. As a result, the process of acquaintance with a new car, test drive, and a purchase is happening more dynamically. This was confirmed by the results of the project.

SEO case for Audi A5 and Audi Q3 promotion


We have divided the landing page into sections in order to structure the content and ensure maximum conversion of the project. All sections represent a single system, are placed in series and implemented in such a way:


On large-scale images, where the car is shown with the city in the background, there is a text with a key message – "Your Audi is a reflection of Your personality" (Audi A5) and "Forward to your own self" (Audi Q3). To create a WOW-effect, which should be caused by the first landing screen, in the first case, the photo slider is cube-shaped, in the second – in the classical view.


Briefly, in just a few phrases, we described the benefits of the program. This is followed by a button "Learn more", leading to the official dealer's website.


A concise application form allows the client to fill out the application form in a short time and to receive a response from a representative of Audi within a few minutes after sending it.


Information about the exterior, interior, main features, and distinctive details of the model. A large number of images that allow customers to see the car in all details.


Application form for obtaining advice from an Audi representative.


The final block: button "Learn more" about the configuration of the Audi A5, leading to a separate page; screen with additional information about the Q-design of the Audi Q3 with a key message - "Forward to comfort."

The purpose of a landing page in the case of an such expensive product as premium cars is to collect the applications of interested customers (leads). As a result, to provide an opportunity to sell as many vehicles as possible in the shortest possible time. We managed to think through and implement promotional sites for special programs for the sale of Audi A5 / Audi Q3 and achieve this key goal.

SEO case for the promotion of the project Audi A5 and Audi Q3

UI / UX design and website development

Clock Creative Lab specialists created the structure of the landing page and designed the layout of its elements, guided by the principles of UI/UX design. The essence of these principles is to make the site interface attractive, intuitive and user-friendly. This helps to achieve the most effective perception of information.

We placed text blocks, animation, images and buttons on the landing page in a logical sequence. This gave us the opportunity to naturally lead customers to commit the target action – filling out the application form.

As part of the web-production stage, we introduced the latest web and marketing solutions, which are the technical basis of the resource.


  • 01

    In synergy with the official Audi Center Kyiv South dealer, we managed to successfully implement another joint project.

  • 02

    We have developed two original selling pages with UI/UX design to convey the advantages of special programs for Audi A5 and Audi Q3 to potential and current customers through a capacious and informative story.

  • 03

    As a result of this project, our strategic cooperation with Audi Center Kyiv South continued, and in the future Clock Creative Lab has repeatedly helped the client to achieve new successes.

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