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Diesel is a Dutch clothing and footwear brand. The hallmark of the brand is the denim clothes. The brand's lines also include perfumes, accessories, interior decor, furniture, bicycles, motorcycle helmets, and even cars.

Diesel adaptation for the Ukrainian market, BTL, original graphics, and design creation

SEO promotion Diesel

Project objectives

For our foreign partners – the official representatives of the Diesel brand – we adapted the brand according to the demands and peculiarities of the Ukrainian market. As part of this large-scale task, our team developed the concept of BTL-promotion, the window displays design, and printed brand products, as well as the design of the retail space of the store.

BTL promotion

The main purpose of our work was to loudly announce the opening of the flagship Diesel boutique in Kyiv. The BTL-event format was the best option to reach the given aim. This type of promotion allows:

  • to quickly and vividly introduce a product or service to the target audience;
  • to convey the most complete information about the object of promotion to the target audience;
  • get quick results without months of advertising campaigns;
  • increase the number of potential consumers by switching their attention from competing brands to our trademark;
  • stimulate sales growth;
  • show brand positioning and establish an emotional connection with consumers;
  • attract more customers in comparison with other types of promotions (advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio stations, or outdoor advertising) due to the “wow effect” created by such an event.
Website Promotion Strategies Diesel
SEO promotion Diesel BTL

Recent trends in marketing suggest that any promotional manifestations become more effective with the fewer consumers perceive them as advertising. The BTL-events, in fact, is the kind of disguised advertising. A properly organized event of this kind should, involving a minimal budget, to bring together potential customers with the goods or services of the company to the highest possible extent.

Promotional event concept

In order to make the opening of the Diesel store in the shopping mall noticeable for buyers, we organized a “screen test” themed party in the shopping space.

Strategies to promote the site Diesel Concept
SEO Diesel promotion Dmitro Shurov

We invited celebrities, among whom were: musician Dmitry Shurov (Pianoboy), showman and singer Kolya Serga, TV presenter Katya Osadchaya, chef and TV presenter Hector Jimenez-Bravo. All guests were invited to walk the red carpet and feel like the stars of a big movie. We also organized a buffet with an emphasis on American cuisine – there were mini-burgers and other treats in the center.

Through the style of promotional events, as in the schedule of advertising companies, our team sought to convey the uniqueness of The diesel brand – energetic, bright and daring. On the world market, this brand has long been synonymous with avant-garde and new technologies. Fans of the label choose Diesel for the fact that the clothes released under this brand give them the opportunity to look stylish, unpretentious and radical. This brand is for those who are not afraid to express their opinion and show individuality. It is no coincidence that the emblem of the brand depicts an Indian with a Mohawk, and the slogan of the label says – "Diesel: Only the brave."

Strategies to promote Diesel Jimenez-Bravo

Development of advertising campaigns

Using one channel of communication or one way of promotion is not enough for effective interaction with consumers. Therefore, we decided to launch an advertising campaign under the slogan "We are connected #dieselreloading" and "#diesel maximum" in addition to the promotional event. The conceptual visuals made a basis of the design layout, where young and bright boys and girls appeared in the clothes of the brand. We have placed the conceptual graphics on billboards, brand walls, city lights, print image products, as well as at the window displays and the interior of the brand's stores.

Strategies to promote Diesel Katya Osadchaya

Design of the Diesel store window displays

After developing the concept of the event, the means of advertising and audience attraction, we started to design the location of the event – the Diesel store itself.

The window display is the first element of the store’s design that is noticed by a customer. It forms the image of the retail brand and informs potential customers about the brand positioning. The main purpose of a window display is to attract customers and make them want to go to the store. For this purpose, we have placed visuals from the advertising campaign together with the actual images created from the brand clothes.

The design of the retail space of the store

Our team also carried out the project and the interior design of the Diesel store itself. We sought to create a holistic space in which every element – from stands for product placement and the arrangement of the products to shelf talkers and labels on the clothes – to convey the spirit of the brand. Every element was designed to help customers to get acquainted with the collection of the brand and to choose things.

In the design of the trading space, we took into account the principles of zoning, the direction of movement of the visitors and the top-priority goods.

We also worked with color and lighting. This design, thought out to the smallest detail and made in accordance with the latest trends in marketing and merchandising, will contribute to the growth of regular customers and strengthen their loyalty. And loyalty, in its turn, is subsequently converted into sales growth and strengthening of the brand's position.

Diesel Promotion Strategies
Diesel promotion strategies by Kolya Serga

The design of the Diesel printed image products

Our tasks also included the development of printed image products: branded packages, flyers, invitations to the opening of the store, recommendations for care of clothing, elements of the storefront design, business cards and shelf talkers. Previously, in accordance with Diesel standards, we have adapted the graphic concept to the specifics of the Ukrainian retail market.

The concept was received from foreign partners – official representatives of the brand. When creating design layouts, we took into account such requirements for printed image products:

  • the quality of the graphics;
  • emotional response – positive emotions and positive associations with the brand;
  • quality of tactile response – a type of printing and method of production;
  • informing about the unique advantages of the product;
  • compliance with the corporate style of the brand.


  • 01

    As a result of the project, our team managed to implement all the marketing and advertising tasks within the framework of the adaptation of Diesel and the launch of the brand on the Ukrainian market.

  • 02

    A comprehensive approach to project management and more than seven years of experience with retail brands gives us the opportunity to quickly and effectively implement relevant tasks for the client.

  • 03

    The non-standard format of the opening of the store of the Diesel trademark together with a bright advertising campaign could attract a significant number of clients and allowed us to inform to the target audience about the positioning and uniqueness of the brand.

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