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GANT – This is an international brand of clothing, shoes and accessories. The style of the brand is a combination of American ease and European sophistication. The central office of the company is in Stockholm.

Design and pop-up showroom for the brand GANT

SEO promotion Gant


In the framework of cooperation with the international clothing brand GANT, we performed the following tasks:

  • adaptation of graphic concepts for the development of printed image products and the creation of window design;
  • development and implementation of the concept of BTL-promotion of a new collection;
  • system support of the work of branded stores in Ukraine.

Before embarking on the set tasks, we plunged into the study of the brand - the uniqueness of its style and target audience.

Studying the features of the brand: the spirit and philosophy of GANT

We found out that the GANT trademark appeared in the United States in the late 1940s. At the same time, the company managed to bring its branded shirt with a button down collar (botton-down), which was originally an English invention, into fashion. Soon the GANT shirt became an element of casual wear for Ivy League university students and employees of status companies from Madison Avenue. Over time, the shirt improved. A byte fold was added to the collar on the buttons, a loop on the back and a button on the back of the collar to prevent the tie from moving.

Thus, GANT has combined in itself the rigor of style - a prerequisite for the appearance of representatives of English privileged families - with the American desire for convenience, freedom and easy ease in clothes. Each brand communication we were responsible for was supposed to convey to the customers the essence of the label and its uniqueness.

Website Promotion Strategies Gant

BTL-brand promotion

BTL promotion may include a variety of marketing activities. Their key feature is the direct impact on the target audience. Among the advantages of the BTL-complex:

  • effectively attracting the attention of the target audience;
  • formation of a positive image of the company;
  • impulse shopping at point of sale;
  • opportunity for potential customers to test the product;
  • formation of emotional contact with the audience;
  • flexible budget;
  • high memorability;


We carried out the development of the concept of the BTL-promotion of the new collection of the GANT brand according to the scheme described below, taking into account all the specified parameters.

Forming the image of an ideal client

The most detailed analysis of representatives of the target audience - their interests, lifestyle, habits and values. This is necessary to identify the most effective methods of emotional impact on customers to be used in the future.

Format selection

The purpose of BTL activity determines its format. This may be a lottery, tasting, sampling or distribution of product samples, as well as switching, which means the exchange of a competitive product for a product of a promoted brand.

Estimate the cost of the event

Choosing the format of the action and determining the actual marketing objectives of the client, it is necessary to calculate the cost of its implementation and optimize the costs as much as possible. Among the essential elements of BTL-events that will entail spending, will be: staff, supplies, space rental - the venue of the activity.

Determining the place and time of the event

It is necessary to consider only the most effective options - those that are as close as possible to the real life of the target audience.

Creating a concept and rules of the activity

The choice of colors, equipment, development of location design, the formation of the range of products to be presented, a step-by-step plan for the implementation of the event.

BTL Performance Audit

The level of effectiveness of the event is determined by the sum of the factors. Among them are: the payback period of a stock, its profitability, costs incurred for an organization, profit gained, the final increase in sales (on average should be at least 25–30%).

Our solutions

  • 01

    Creating the concept of BTL-promotion, we focused on our target audience and where potential customers of the brand usually spend their time. Among the possible forms of entertainment and communication, an honorable place is occupied by the exercise of “noble”, classical and status sports. What can undoubtedly be counted among them, apart from the game of polo, for which they invented a collar with buttons? Of course, golf!

  • 02

    Having determined the nature of the events to which the client company can join to present its products, we began to search for suitable activities. The ideal option was the Zagorye Golf Cup - the main annual tournament of Ukrainian golf and part of the international competitions World Golfers Championship. This status and large-scale event in its spirit and values is fully consistent with the brand philosophy. It was a familiar environment for the target audience.

  • 03

    At the Zagorye Golf Cup location we decided to place a pop-up showroom in order to acquaint potential clients of GANT with a new collection of the brand. For the tournament finalists and winners, we picked up special prizes from the brand. Guests also had the opportunity to participate in the lottery, which was held on the patio and on the outdoor terrace.

SEO promotion gant showroom

Creating a temporary showroom

When developing a showroom and creating its design, it is necessary to take into account the difference between this type of trade and exhibition space from a regular store. Among the key characteristics of the showroom are the following:

  • more comfort for visitors than in a regular store;
  • narrower focus on target audience;
  • fewer presented items - more space is allocated for each one so that the client can give her enough attention;
  • thoughtful and exquisitely designed recreation area;
  • perhaps the presence of a photozone.

The peculiarity of working with a temporary showroom (pop-up showroom) is also in the fact that when organizing it, it is necessary to take into account the environment in which the space will be created. Often it can be shopping centers, basements or ground floors of a multi-storey building and business centers.

In our case, the placement was the patio of the club house of the Kiev GolfStream Golf Center. The conditions of this location are great for the implementation of our idea. The entire wall windows gave a lot of light, and high ceilings gave a lot of space. The main idea of our concept was to create a small corner of style in a Ukrainian golf tournament.

Temporary showroom design

When designing a pop-up showroom, we took into account the zoning rules. Placed samples of the new collection on two racks, a table and thumbs from dark wood. These pieces of equipment have created a holistic design. The boundaries of the showroom, we outlined the brand oxen. Also for this purpose and to form the feeling of a small cozy living room, they put a carpet.

In a well-zoned room it should be comfortable for everyone, both consultants and clients. This creates a positive user experience and makes customers want to return for a new purchase.

Strategies to promote the site Gant Design

The color solution of the design of the showroom works for the realization of this goal. After examining our target audience, we found that it is made up of status buyers. In order to attract potential customers, as well as to emphasize the personality and corporate identity of the brand, we used noble colors: graphite, chocolate, eggshell color. This color scheme allows you to visually make products the most important elements in the interior. Adhere to the simplicity of style in the interior of the showroom is also important. Harmonious atmosphere allows the client not to be distracted from the choice of goods.

An integral part of the pop-up showroom is the seating area. In it, we have established a comfortable status leather chair in the color of dark wooden thumbs and an exquisite coffee table standing nearby. Here the client can relax, drink a glass of wine and look through the fresh catalog of clothes lying on the table.

On the tables and table, we placed the championship championship golf cups to show how well the chosen event fits with the lifestyle of GANT clients.

SEO Gant promotion products

Development of printed image products

For our foreign partners - official representatives of the GANT brand, we carried out the adaptation of the concepts of printed image products to the specifics of the Ukrainian market. And, not counting the product catalogs used at the Zagorye Golf Cup, we produced: business cards, flyers, packaging, instructions, tags and stickers on labels, discount markers for window dressing, shelftopers and other design elements of the trademark stores.

This task was part of the project's system support. Updating of printed products was carried out regularly - every season or even several times a season.

Shop window design GANT

For window dressing of official brand stores, we adapted design concepts that we received from foreign partners. Properly executed window dressing is one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of potential customers. It is also a tool for shaping the company's image in the minds of customers and a means of communication with the target audience.

When creating the design, we took into account that window dressing should be:

  • made in accordance with the general concept of the corporate style of the store;
  • updated - to be relevant at the moment - especially on the eve of holidays or during periods of change of seasons;
  • made using materials resistant to fading and other adverse external influences;
  • well-groomed - for this you need to constantly monitor the state of exposure.
Strategies to promote the site Gant Design windows
SEO promotion Gant concept

That is how we developed the design. This happened on the eve of the New Year holidays. We applied the plot concept to the formation of a shop window, where consumers focus not on the product, but on the thematic skit. In our case, among the design elements were:

  • as if frozen glass windows;
  • Christmas tree decorated with Christmas toys;
  • sleighs and skis for the visualization of outdoor activities in the winter in the company of friends;
  • candles, garlands and gifts indicating the intimacy, family and solemnity of the holidays.

The created window design was supposed to inform a potential client that comfortable entertainment for winter holidays is possible not only at home, but also outside, when we wear branded clothing and GANT shoes. And also the fact that in the stores of this brand you can find a successful and convenient image for any occasion, it does not matter - in order to wrap up gifts at home, meet with friends or go to your family for the weekend.


Over seven years of experience working with retail stores allow us to quickly and efficiently implement pressing marketing and advertising tasks for the client, such as:

  • 01

    Development and design of a temporary showroom.

  • 02

    Organization and holding of BTL-events.

  • 03

    Creating design concepts for window dressing.

  • 04

    Development of printed image products.

  • 05

    System support and project management, including organizational and logistic aspects.

  • 06

    In cooperation with the official representatives of the brand GANT, we managed to realize all these tasks. And also to show a creative approach to work, without going beyond the standards of the brand.

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