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Tommy Hilfiger – American brand specializing in the production of men's, women's and children's clothing, underwear, shoes, accessories, watches, sunglasses, perfumes, as well as home textiles.

Concept Adaptation and Design for Tommy Hilfiger

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We have collaborated with official representatives of the American brand Tommy Hilfiger over a long period. Working on this project was a great honor for us. As part of the system support for the official Tommy Hilfiger stores in Ukraine, we implemented the following tasks:

  • development of sales windows, as well as;
  • printed image products;
  • concept of opening stores and organizing events;
  • concept of cooperation with gas stations;
  • adaptation of graphic layouts, stylistics and all official information for the Ukrainian market.

Making SALE windows

In most cases, Tommy Hilfiger delivers the design elements of shop windows made in accordance with a single brand concept to Ukraine for placement in company stores. But sometimes the need for the presentation of brand products occurs before delivery. For example, when you need to be the first to launch an advertising campaign to beat the competition. In such circumstances, the Ukrainian representation of Tommy Hilfiger is required to independently produce SALE storefronts.

Developing the design of shop windows, as well as when performing other tasks for Tommy Hilfiger, we adapted official information and received materials from the brand representative to the specifics of the Ukrainian market in accordance with the company's rules. When creating SALE windows, used a thematic photo session Tommy Hilfiger.

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Development of a unique design

The need to adapt the visuals and information received from the brand representative does not leave much room for creative work. But we were still able to add something unique to the design of Ukrainian SALE windows of Tommy Hilfiger stores. This element was the TH logo in a non-standard presentation.

It consists of the words "sale", made in the corporate colors of the brand, in three languages - Russian, Ukrainian and English. For visualization we used large and small fonts by analogy with the creeping line. A swarm of tricolor inscriptions of different sizes formed a recognizable image. Seeing from a distance a shop window, customers noticed only a voluminous logo. And coming closer - and the message itself, which was encrypted in it. Tommy Hilfiger spokesman praised our unique solution.

Adaptation of graphics to the Ukrainian market

We also rethought the traditional presentation of some visual elements of the SALE window design. Replaced small pointers with information about the size of the discounts, which are usually used in Europe, with larger ones. They are much more efficiently perceived by Ukrainian customers, which later, as practice has shown, is converted into sales growth.

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Our approach

What makes our solutions unique and effective? The answer lies in the non-standard approach to work that we use. Before proceeding with the implementation of the tasks we are deeply immersed in the specifics of the company. And also we study in detail the target audience of the client.

Advertising concepts and design

The system support of the project assumed adaptation to the specifics of the Ukrainian market of official graphic layouts of Tommy Hilfiger. We created the design of tags, stickers on tags and stripes. As well as flyers, promotional stickers for glass windows, shelf-draper, attracting attention in the store, and outdoor advertising to be placed on billboards and citylights. Our specialists were responsible, among other things, for the design of all samples of printed image products, including the recommendation for the care of things that buyers receive.

We worked with different aspects of brand promotion. Created the concept of cooperation with gas stations. Thanks to the chosen barter conditions, we were able to realize the task of promotion and stand out among the competitors, giving Tommy Hilfiger customers even more advantages.

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Promotional Events

Working with the official representative of Tommy Hilfiger, we participated in the development of the concept of opening new official stores in Ukraine and organizing the events themselves. Met buyers as VIP persons. The unchanged attribute of such an action, the red carpet, made it possible not only to single out the store among others and draw attention to the fact of its opening, but also to show our attitude towards customers as privileged, status guests.

Preparation for the opening also included the development, visual design of teaser stickers “Nezabarom vіdkrittya” with conceptual images and placing them on the shop-windows.

System support and project management

Our responsibilities included not only the development of design, the adaptation of all official information, including graphic layouts, the creation of printed materials and advertising campaigns, but also the logistics of products. All marketing activities in official stores were supposed to start at the same time. We ensured timely updates and oversaw the implementation of the project in all official Tommy Hilfiger stores in Ukraine.

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Over seven years of experience working with retail stores allow us to quickly and efficiently implement pressing marketing and advertising tasks for the client, such as:

  • 01

    Design development.

  • 02

    Creating design concepts for window dressing.

  • 03

    Development of advertising companies.

  • 04

    System support of the project, including organizational and logistic aspects.

Experience in this field has provided our specialists with responsiveness, accuracy of decisions and an integrated approach. We really manage to create unique solutions that take the client's business to a new level. To do this, at the start of the project, we always apply a system audit and are guided by its results in order to immerse ourselves in the specifics of the company.

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