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Pepe Jeans London is a British brand specialized in the production of men's, women's and children's clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. The brand is the embodiment of the rebellious spirit of London, which in all its glory was manifested in 1960-1970. The brand is distinguished by originality, carelessness and high comfort of its product.

Interior design and window displays for Pepe Jeans London

SEO promotion Pepe Jeans London


When working on this project, we collaborated with foreign partners – official representatives of the Pepe Jeans London brand. Among the tasks that we implemented were:

  • design of window displays and interior elements;
  • development of printed image products;
  • adaptation of graphic layouts of printed products and all official information received from the official representative of the brand for the Ukrainian market;
  • system support and project management.


Work with a brand of such a high level as Pepe Jeans London implies strict compliance with the standards of the brand. However, for the application of brand’s standards outside the United Kingdom, it is critical to adapt to official information, taking into account the specific features of the market of a particular country. This is the task we performed for Ukrainian brand stores of Pepe Jeans.

We received only the basis from our foreign partners – visual solutions for the creation of tags, patches, stickers on tags and window displays, design elements of the storefront and interiors, and other printed products. Further, we refined it, focusing on the peculiarities of the perception of Ukrainian customers and the established rules of this segment in our country.

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Design of the Pepe Jeans window displays

As a part of the adaptation and production of graphical products for the Ukrainian market, we participated in the development of window displays design. We chose the appropriate format of design elements and created a catchy, eye-catching slogan. For example, the size of the discount percentages we received from a brand’s spokesperson could range from small items to large-scale visualizations. Up to the full size of the showcase glass.

We carried out a comprehensive adaptation of the unique concept for each advertising campaign to achieve the main task of effective window display design – to attract customers.

Shop’s interior design

If the main task of the window display is to attract customers, the purpose of the store design is to keep them and lead to the purchase. In this context, the design of the commercial space involves not so much work with the color of the walls and the distribution of decorative elements in the hall, as the use of sales technologies. These include:

  • rack arrangement;
  • the distribution of objects that attract attention (shelf talkers, "ties" on hangers, colorful tags and labels on the tags);
  • development of the direction of movement of visitors in the trading room;
  • masking of warehouse and utility rooms;
  • the unique design of the individual interior objects;
  • use of the brand colors and colors of the key products.

The designer of the trading room should make sure that nothing distracts customers from shopping. The organization of space and design of the store, with all the critical factors taken into account, allows creating a positive consumer experience. This encourages customers to make a purchase and return to the store again.

Our solutions

  • 01

    The effective interior design of the store should be not only comfortable for visitors, but also memorable. In order to implement this task for Pepe Jeans, we have developed the design of individual elements of the interior.

  • 02

    All works were carried out taking into account the concept of the brand, its style, and its unique philosophy. Pepe Jeans – is the embodiment of the rebellious spirit of London, which is most clearly manifested in the 1960-70s. This is a time of the musical "British invasion" and English dominance in world culture. It was then that there was a whole galaxy of English designers and with them the brand Pepe Jeans London. The originality, carelessness, and convenience of the brand's models conquered the UK, and later – the whole world.

  • 03

    The combination of English chic, beauty, and quality made Pepe Jeans brand young, modern and daring. Their seasonal collections are worth attention as well, as since 2007 they use prints of works by Andy Warhol – a symbol of denial of everything outdated, boring and traditional.

Inspired by the uniqueness of the brand, as an interior element to place the goods on it, we have designed the rope denim walls with the UK flag on the background, painted on a large sheet of rough plywood. In such a way we focused on the main products of Pepe Jeans and originality of the brand.

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Development of the printed brand products for Pepe Jeans

We performed the adaptation of the concepts of the printed image products under the specifics of the Ukrainian market. We also curated the production of business cards, flyers, packaging, instructions, tags and stickers on tags, signs of the size of discounts for putting them at the window displays, shelf talkers and other elements of interior design.

This task was a part of the system support of the project. The update of printed materials was carried out regularly – every season or even several times during a season.

Adaptation and refinement of visual solutions that we received from foreign partners were necessary in almost every case. Without this, the foreign graphic elements simply would not have worked. In the context of the Ukrainian market, it was often too faded and invisible.

We worked with the size of individual elements of the layout and color – often used solid colors or color combinations of the British flag. Our modified design has always been directly focused on the client, which manifested itself in the form of increased sales.

System support and project management

All of the above tasks that we have implemented for Pepe Jeans were carried out within the framework of holistic support of the project. We were responsible for the implementation of marketing activities provided by a single strategy of the official representative, here in Ukraine.

SEO promotion site Pepe Jeans London system support
SEO promotion site Pepe Jeans London project management

We carried out a massive advertising campaign. This system of interaction with the consumer involves contact with the brand at every possible point of communication. This means that from the first moment after the start of the advertising campaign, potential customers continuously receive targeted information about discounts or a new collection – through outdoor advertising, on the Internet, on the radio, in the shopping Mall. Each of these interactions is designed to lead the customer to shop and purchase.

We not only adapted the concepts of printed products, developed and produced the design of window displays and interior elements, but also provided the logistics of all the necessary materials for the simultaneous launch of advertising campaigns in all Pepe Jeans brand stores.

Organization of a commercial space

After the advertising campaign managed to attract a customer to visit the store, it is necessary that the correct organization of the trading space and effective design led him to purchase. The objects that have to catch the main focus of a customer – SALE-racks and shelf-talkers with a key message – were put to the foreside of a store.

Further on, the properly designed and placed print image production performed the role of "beacons", and led the client to the desired product, and then – to the cashier. All design elements were aimed at this targeted action. We created them so that one worked as a whole and strengthened the impact of each other.

Updating of printed products has happened a few times in the season. After the launch of the new design, we performed an audit – analytics of sales and the effectiveness of influence on the target audience.

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  • 01

    During the cooperation with the Pepe Jeans London brand, we managed to fulfill all the tasks, keep the existing level of sales and even increase it thanks to professional adaptations, creation of original solutions and system vision of the project.

  • 02

    We have a unique experience in the formation and completion of advertising design concepts of shops considering the specific features of the Ukrainian market. We have gained this experience for more than seven years of cooperation with foreign partners and official representatives of different brands of the highest level.

  • 03

    We can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the project and create a strategy to improve the efficiency of your store, boutique or showroom. We are also capable to create a bright, emotional and functional interior, where every square meter will really "sell".

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