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SEO promotion of the site of the WineGrad

Website development for VinoGrad restaurant

Vinohrad - an Italian premium-class restaurant with a large wine list and traditional European cuisine The Guide to Vinograd, appealing to the Clock Creative Lab, was only interested in a high-quality copywriting for the site, but during the discussion it was decided to completely redesign the site, rethink it concept and content, create an original UI / UX Design.

At the time of the call at the Clock Creative Lab, the restaurant "Vinohrad" already had a website. The client was pleased with him and believed that there is only a problem with the text - you need a high quality copywriting on the site. Our team calculated differently: the site completely does not correspond to the concept and level of the restaurant, obviously a fresh strategic decision is necessary.


Strategies for promoting the site of the Vinohrad


SEO Case for Promotion of the Vinograd
SEO Promotion Website Landing Page Vinograd

The discussion of the project led to the development of a landing page (Landing Page) for the section "Banquets". The client wanted to increase activity on order of banquets. The Landing Page format completely met the goals: there was nothing superfluous on the page, only photos, a small description and a convenient form for ordering a banquet / buffet.

When the Clock Creative Lab team was finally developed and put into operation Landing by banquets, the low level of the old site became even more noticeable. From the client there was a proposal to modify, rework existing ones, but we substantiated the need to make an entirely new, unique site.

SEO promotion of the Vinograd

The original design concept of the new site for the restaurant "Vinohrad" was developed, absolutely new sections were added, including the "Restaurant team". We found that the visitor should know the staff in the face, this gives him confidence, makes the contact between the restaurant and his audience more closely.

We created a large photo gallery with pictures of the interior of the banquet hall and other premises of the restaurant - in this decision, we proceeded from the observation that the best European restaurants on their site tend to no longer "tell about themselves, but" show "- galleries become the basis of the website.

SEO Website Promotion WineGrad Design

The work on the "Vinohrad" project was originally planned on a smaller scale, but the quality and effectiveness of our work on the site quickly convinced the management of the restaurant in the need for more radical strategic changes. Beginning with the development of the target Landing page for the Banquets "Vinohrad", our work has moved to the level of developing a new strategy, developing a new site, adding new sections. A unique concept of site design was invented, corresponding to the general ideologies and restaurant history.

When the new site "Vinohrad" was launched, our team conducted an advertising campaign in social networks, was designed and implemented a new strategy for the page on Facebook. After the launch of the new site, there was a significant increase in attendance, events and a surge of general attention to the restaurant "Vinohrad" - the statistics were impressive.

SEO promotion of the site of the Vinograd advertising campaign