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4 effective tools besides SEO and contextual advertising
28 October 2017

4 effective tools besides SEO and contextual advertising

In online marketing in the post-Soviet area there are two extremes, between which the vast majority of companies are torn. Some "creative agencies" prefer to allocate meager budgets for marketing or do not allocate them at all, while others use rather enviable budgets, pumping money purely into SEO and search advertising. However, advertising opportunities today are more extensive and interesting.
SEO and search ads work wonders indeed, but limiting yourself to them means limiting the opportunities of your business as a whole. There are more non-standard, but extremely effective tools for brand promotion on the Internet.

Media advertising

A type of advertising, using visual and showy audience impact tools. Basically, now we are talking about banner advertising: it attracts attention effectively, and interactivity is considered to be its main advantage. Users click on a banner, for example, while searching for something on one of the websites or in Google, and a moment later they find themselves on your website. However, the banner must have some visual features that can “catch” users and force them to click on it to find out more.

Media advertising is effective while working at a brand’s image when the brand is just beginning promoting on the Internet, and its popularization and raising awareness are required. The main qualities of media advertising are accuracy, succinctness, visibility.


Advertising technology which selectively addresses your advertising to those users who have already visited your website, but did not make any targeted actions (did not ask questions, did not make a purchase). In fact, remarketing allows you set a repetitive display of advertising, in order give the users the impression of brand recognition. It is reported that a person needs at least 7 interactions with the product to make a purchase. Remarketing provides such marketing communication.

Video advertising on YouTube

The following figures illustrate the benefits of YouTube ads: YouTube videos make almost a half of all online videos in the world, and the number of their views per day has several time exceeded 100 billion. Video advertising is dynamic and visual in its nature and, correspondingly, users perceive information much better from videos.

Targeted advertising on Facebook and on Instagram

The advertising mechanism called targeting allows you to set the display of ads not for the entire audience, but only for those users who meet your criteria. Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram allows making ads as effective, selective, and focused as possible. Due to its selective nature in relation to the audience, it allows you to optimize the costs of online advertising.


As you can see, SEO and search advertising are just a small part of the huge world of opportunities called online marketing. Advertising on the Internet provides a lot of options, and it is important to correctly get the best of the listed tools in order to bring the maximum benefit to your business.

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