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Clock Creative Lab has won CSS Design Awards
27 September 2019

Clock Creative Lab has won CSS Design Awards

A new victory for the Clock Creative Lab studio: we were able to get the “Special Kudos” award at the prestigious CSS Design Awards. Literally, only in last month our site was refined, and today it become a part of history. CSS Award is the one of the most prestigious web design contests, along with AWWWARDS - we were excited to get their Honorable Mention and Mobile Excellence awards in August.

The Clock Creative Lab website received incentive prizes in the categories “Best UI Design”, “Best UX Design” and “Best Innovative Website” at the CSS Design Awards 2019, on top of the main award called “Special Kudos”!

We have read the next words of appreciation in the official letter from the contest management: “The CSSDA team is extremely happy to inform you that your site has won Special Kudos certificates, as well as incentive prizes in the categories“ Best UI Design ”,“ Best UX Design ”and“ Best Innovative Website ” " Excellent job! Looking forward to your next site. ”

The Clock Creative Lab Profile at CSS Design Awards

Clock Creative Lab Special Kudos

What is special about CSS Design Awards

The CCSDA was being conducted since 2010 and over the past 9 years it succeeded to enter the top ten largest and most respected competitions in the field of web design. The main evaluation criteria are UI, UX and Innovation. Only most efficient, original and progressive websites can won a CSS Design award, same way as AWWWARDS one. The CSS Design Awards grading system strictly filters out amateur projects that do not meet the high criteria of modernity.

The work of CCS Design Awards evaluation algorithm: why it is so complicated to go through it

The CCS Award evaluates sites for several key ratings: site creativity, code, functionality, usability and content.

CSSDA assessment is based on two judging systems:

The first is built around the nomination “Site of the Day” and takes into account only points received from a professional jury. Your site should get an average score of at least 7 points from judges to take part in the contest. In case you got less than 6 points, the competition is over for you. However, when the average rating is not more than 7, but not less than 6, then the site wins an important Special Kudos incentive award - the one Clock Creative Lab website has won.

By the end of the month, experts evaluating all the “sites of the day” and choosing the best among them - the one, which will get the “Site of the Month” award, that is even more honourable prize. Then, the absolute winner – Website of the Year, will be selected from 12 “sites of the month” and the best “sites of the day” in the end of the year. All sites, that got the second place in all categories will receive their honourable award - “Best in Class”.

Participants of the CCS Design Awards, who were able to get the highest number of awards in a year, get the opportunity to compete for the “Designer of the Year” and “Designer of the Year S” awards - honor of the best independent designer, developer or design studio.

The main prize of the contest is a luxurious figurine “Shiny brackets”, manually made from the best materials.

Shiny brackets

The second judging system takes into account only the votes of users. Three criteria are available - UI, UX and Innovation. Winners are determined by the votes of users, mixed with the judges' rating. You need to get more than 20 votes by one or all criteria, while the average judges score should be higher than 6. Another victory in the can of Clock Creative Lab: official certificates Public Awards in each of the categories - UX, UI and Innovation.

The reason we have got high rating of CCS Design Awards

Three crazy, memorable and creative months were taken for our website development. It was difficult, but even more interesting. That was a challenge. We built the site on a mix of effectiveness and creativity. On the one hand, we created a strict corporate website, but on the other hand, it’s quite creative and interesting. The site is entertaining and easy to work with, innovative and stylish as well. Laconic style perfectly matches vibrant colors and dynamic effects. We believe the combination of ascetic and representative style with creativity let us to get high rating in the CCS Design Awards.

Briefly about the site: the clock on the home page in the desktop version shows the exact time worldwide, depending on the user's location. Site navigation is made in the form of a periodic table.

Clock Creative Lab high marks CCS Design Awards

Clock Creative Lab 2019: AWWWARDS and CSS Design Awards

We are blessed to get high rating from two prestigious web design contests – AWWWARDS and CSS Design Awards. So we are not ready to stop - there are new interesting projects ahead, much more ambitions and great goals. See you on top, friends!

CCS Awards Clock Creative Lab

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