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Creation and promotion of an automotive-themed website: the best tricks from Clock Creative Lab
12 July 2019

Creation and promotion of an automotive-themed website: the best tricks from Clock Creative Lab

The clock Creative Lab team has extensive experience working with leading automotive brands. Such famous brands as Audi and Mercedes-Benz now use our comprehensive promotion service which results in sales growth, brand visibility, and website traffic raise. In the process of work with these brands, we introduced classic and unique solutions that provided great success.
Now we want to share our experience. We have selected the best tricks which, in our opinion, are not just interesting in their format, but also significantly improve business efficiency.

Fresh and non-standard tricks for the development of an automotive website

Compare cars and options

The block with a visual comparison of lines and packages allows customers to visually assess all the visual differences between different versions of a certain model of a vehicle. Different options, configurations, versions and equipment packages - a visitor can get acquainted with all this diversity with the help of this visual solution. For our customer Mercedes-Benz Car Center at Kiltseva road, we actively used a visual comparison unit to demonstrate the differences between different versions of the new Mercedes-Benz cars. Customers have the opportunity to see the differences in the exterior and interior design of the cars.

The development of the website for Mercedes-Benz automotive dealer – comparison of lines and packages of the car

SEO Mercedes-Benz

To hear the real sound of the engine and even get behind the steering wheel of the Audi RS sports car, without leaving your comfortable place - all this is quite real if you go to the website of the Audi RS sports model. Even though the project was implemented by Clock Creative Lab Digital Agency in 2016, its design and many author's tricks are still relevant. For example, Parallax effects, that provide a visual comparison of the basic Audi R8 version with a special version of the R8 designed for the LMS racing series.

Website development in the automotive industry – Audi RS. Module for Audi R8 line comparison.


Starting the Audi R8 engine. The Audi RS website, developed by the Clock Creative Lab studio

SEO Сайт Audi RS разработанный студией Clock creative lab

However, the most interesting solution was the block in which we showed the real dynamics of the Audi RS 3 overclocking. The user can literally get behind the steering wheel of a sports car and feel the dynamics of the car during acceleration. This is our unique author's idea, on which we have worked a lot, for example, on the part of the normal synchronization of the motor sound and visual dynamics on the speedometer.

The developed JavaScript allows you to feel the dynamics of the Audi RS3 car directly on the website

SEO кейс по продвижению сайта Audi RS3

The use of the Instant Experience advertising format.

The so-called “advertising canvas” of Instant Experience allows you to qualitatively present the main advantages of the product in one small block inside the Facebook platform. Previously, for this purpose, we used the landing format, but now advertising with a cool design and a variety of technical features and links can be easily shown directly in the social network. Ads in this format pop up when a person interacts with your ad from a mobile device.

We used Instant Experience advertising solutions to promote the new Mercedes-Benz GLE. This ad has shown excellent results, and here are the reasons:

  • Bright and authentic design
  • High page loading speed
  • Convenient application for a test drive, feedback form, and routing panel
  • Exclusive videos with the main features of the GLE model
  • Photos of the interior of the SUV in 360-degree format

Instant Experience advertising canvas proved its effectiveness and allowed presenting the new GLE-Class models in an original and aesthetic model.

An example of the use of Facebook Instant Experience

Promotion strategies using Facebook Instant Experience

Augmented reality technologies, 3D visualization, and 360-degree format

In order to attract the attention and interest of the target audience of the Mercedes-Benz dealership at Kiltseva road, we used augmented reality technology, 3D-photos, video, and 360 degrees photos. These solutions allowed us to clearly show all the features of the car, as well as to please the audience with something new and interesting. Such visual solutions complement the overall picture and improve the perception of the information that our client wants to convey to the audience.

3D visualization for Mercedes-Benz

World Mercedes-Benz. Follow the latest news and innovations together Mercedes-Benz Kiev Autocentre on Koltsevoy 👉 Forward to the future!

Posted Mercedes-Benz Kiev Autocentre on the Ring Thursday, April 25, 2019 г.

360-degree photo of the Mercedes-Benz G-class

Watch yourself for the legend Kerm - Noviy G-Klas in the photo with an eye 360 degrees. Follow your Mercedes-Benz page ...

Posted Mercedes-Benz Kiev Autocentre on the Ring Friday, May 11, 2018.

Another good example of the configurator implementation is the German agency ANTONI, whose specialists have implemented an application in which you can “assemble” Mercedes-Benz A-Class and park it anywhere.

The mobile application of augmented reality developed by Antoni web-Studio

SEO The mobile application of augmented reality

Vehicle configurator enhances the usability of the site

The vehicle configuration function block is one of our best solutions.

Visual configurator in the developed concept – Audi Q7 micro website

SEO micro website Audi Q7

Another cool feature is the 3D-Configurator: it visualizes the car in three dimensions, clearly showing all the options, lines, and equipment packages in an extremely realistic manner. The car can be “twisted” and seen from all angles; it is also possible to try a demonstration of different systems and driving performance, open the door, change the color of the discs, as well as to park the car in different locations, such as the city or nature. You can also choose between night and day mode. All these advantages can effectively motivate visitors to purchase the car.

Virtual 3D Configurator developed by the Plus 360 Degrees web-studio

Promotion strategies Audi and Mercedes-Benz

Classic tricks for auto websites

Do not forget about the classic solutions that have proved their effectiveness repeatedly and everywhere.

Applying for a test drive

It is difficult to come up with a more effective solution to introduce the car to a potential buyer. Test drive repeatedly proved its advantages, in particular, among those customers who previously chose the desired car and wanted to pre-test the model in real life. It is critical to create a convenient application form of quick online registration for a test drive so that the visitor spent minimum time on registration and at the same time received all the necessary information.

Application form for a Test drive on the Audi Q7 micro-website developed by Clock Creative Lab

Website Promotion Strategies


The feedback form allows the client to order a call of the Manager instantly. A visitor just needs to enter his or her number and press the appropriate button - in the closest future, a potential buyer will already communicate with an experienced sales manager. The callback form effectively erases the distance between the car brand and its target customers.


Already in 2014, pop-ups got a new breath, became much more effective and gained universal recognition. Now, this format remains popular, but it should be used moderately, in order to keep the balance. Pop-ups should not be imposed by force, so it is desirable to clearly configure the time or actions of users for which the pop-ups are designed.

Some of these fresh or classic tricks can hardly be called tricks, but there is no doubt that they encourage the client to commit target action and increase the number of calls and applications, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

Want to know more about how we create and promote car brands and websites? Leave a request for our managers. We will contact you and tell you in detail what effective solutions we can imply for your business.

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