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SEO website promotion Audi Q7


Audi Center Kyiv South is the official dealer of the German automotive manufacturer Audi

How we gained the trust of an official Audi dealer

SEO promotion Audi Q7

The objectives of the Audi Q7 project

The strategic partnership between Clock Creative Lab and the official dealer of Audi in Ukraine - Audi Center Kyiv South - began with the development and promotion of a landing page for the greatest in the history of Quattro – the new Audi Q7.

Among the main objectives of the project were: market launch and sale of the key model of Audi Q7, as well as introducing the new car to the target audience. For the project implementation in the network, we have chosen the landing page format. It is, in fact, a micro website, created according to the "one page, one sentence, one target action" principle.

The landing page format is suitable for potential customers to get acquainted with a new product or service. Such web resource is used to show the key benefits of the product, so during the first visit to the website a visitor would want to:

  • learn more about the offer;
  • read the information on all screens and reach the end of the page;
  • make an order or contact the manager of the company.

Audi Q7 is an expensive premium car. The task of the landing page that sells this kind of product is to collect applications of interested customers (leads). Later on, the landing page provides an opportunity to sell as many vehicles as possible in the shortest possible time.

Development of the Audi Q7 landing page

Clock Creative Lab specialists perform the development of landing page step by step in the following sequence:

  • 01

    Collect business intelligence. We carry out market research and collect the most complete information about the client's business and competitors. As part of this stage, there we carefully study the peculiarities of the company. We determine the uniqueness of the product and work with its positioning.

  • 02

    Shaping the concept. Based on the data obtained from the first stage, we develop our vision of the project and create a holistic strategic proposal.

  • 03

    Design – visual and technical solutions, the logic of the layout of the website in accordance with the principles of UI/UX, and overall strategy of the project.

  • 04

    Web-development. We implement the created solutions, develop a mobile version, perform SEO-optimization and detailed testing.

  • 05

    Audit of the web resource for errors. General reconciliation of the project on performance indicators.


The new Audi Q7 brings even more individuality, exclusivity, and fresh emotions. We sought to reflect all these extra features on the landing page. To do this, we decided to develop not just an effective selling page, but a full-featured microsite. Our goal was to make Internet users feel like they are visiting the actual store when they surf through the landing page.

Our creative team has designed the landing page with attention to the smallest detail: the design of the promo site, its efficiency, ease of navigation, and relevance of the data. When getting on the website, the client has to experience a true delight, as if they were driving a premium class car. We saw the new Audi Q7 as an athletic, timeless, and unique car. According to the mentioned qualities of the product, we designed the style of this landing page.

Audi Q7 website promotion strategies

Audi Q7 UI/UX design development

When creating visual and technical elements of landing page and placing them on the page, we were guided by the principles of UI/UX design. UI\UX is critical to make the perception of information as convenient and attractive to the user as possible. All functions of the website designed by the developers should be intuitive from the first seconds of stay on the website.

We used UI/UX design to effectively convey the key message about the car. We placed the information blocks on the landing page so that they were logically linked. Clock Creative Lab specialists also worked on: optimal page size, selection of effective media content, and creation of unique texts. In the end, we made a control check of the finished landing page to make the UI/UX design even more efficient.

In the Audi Q7 project, we used the technology of "Webvisor" for the record and subsequent analysis of the movement of visitors through the website. This is how we learned which elements and parts of the page draw more attention and which parts remain unnoticed. According to the test results, we have designed a landing page that would maximize the interest of the potential customers and lead them to the implementation of the target action – to order a test drive of the car or contact a consultant.

SEO promotion Audi Q7 design

Our vision

In order to impress and interest the user, we placed a short overview video of the model on the landing page. Sections of the website unobtrusively reveal the characteristic advantages of the car – its design, efficiency and the new Q7 technologies.

The size of the landing page depends on the cost of the promoted product. Therefore, for this project, we have created a fairly large-scale promotional website. We have placed a maximum of useful information on the website to help the client form a personal opinion about the Audi Q7 without visiting the salon. We also wanted to show the advantages of the dealer's offer in the most favorable light.

Strategies to promote the Audi Q7 technology website
SEO promotion Audi Q7 landing page

The overview video of the car is not the only unique media tool that our experts used on the landing page. We have also implemented a 360-degree viewing angle of the cabin. This function takes the buyer inside the car and gives them the opportunity to see the whole interior with their own eyes, down to the smallest details.

In the footer, we have placed buttons for quick application on a test drive, ordering a new Q7, a callback system, a price list with the latest information about the configuration and cost, as well as the ability to go to the dealer's website for more information.

Audi Q7 internet marketing strategy

We always develop complex solutions, which include not only the website but also additional opportunities to promote the company or product. In the Audi Q7 project, in addition to the landing page, we created an advertising strategy for sales.

SEO visibility Audi Q7 marketing

* To deliver targeted information about the offer to the potential and current customers, we have developed and implemented an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Google display network. We also set up audience targeting and remarketing.

Content segmentation was performed for promotion on different platforms. We regularly monitored the effectiveness of the advertising campaign using Google Analytics. If necessary – adjust it to improve the effectiveness of the project.

Audi Q7 project performance audit

For the most effective distribution of advertising budgets, we used the call tracking service called Ringostat. It allowed us to define traffic flow channels and advertisements that give better results in terms of conversion to phone calls.

Strategies to promote the website Audi Q7 efficiency
SEO promotion Audi Q7 ringostat

With the help of Ringostat we:

  • automatically determined the advertising channel that led to the call;
  • we found out where to advertise the new car most effectively, and in which traffic channels the sale of the model works better;
  • formed detailed customer behavior cards;
  • determined which specific user of the website made the call;
  • received detailed call data (duration, caller number, the result of the call);
  • we were able to improve the efficiency of managers.


In cooperation with the official Audi Center Kyiv South dealer we successfully coped with the sale of the new Audi Q7:

  • 01

    Developed an advertising sales strategy for the Q7.

  • 02

    Set up advertising in different sources.

  • 03

    Created many advertising banners.

* OurOur joint work was so successful that the results of the Audi Q7 project turned into a long-term partnership. Audi Center Kyiv South requested the Clock Creative Lab team for presentation and promotion of their new cars and special offers in the network several times more. We monitored the results of the implemented projects and advised on improving efficiency.

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