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Разработка, создание интернет магазина фото

Online store is a website which has a special structure and design, focused on selling goods

Web-Production services

Online store development

The online store format allows providing automated sales of goods directly in online mode

Purchase can be made both through a web browser and a mobile application.

The success of an online store depends on many factors, and one of them is convenience and functionality of the website’s structure. To generate incomes on the Internet, most of trading companies use this type of website. It can be used both as the only trading platform and complementary to your offline store.

In which case would an online store be the best option for you?

  • There is a need to transfer sales of goods to the Internet (as an additional source of profit complementary to the existing point of sale);
  • Absence of offline sales outlets at early stages of business development;
  • A small range of products (which makes opening of an offline store unreasonable).
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Advantages of an online store:

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    Perfect for both selling goods and ordering services online;
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    Provides significant savings on rent of premises for an offline store and its upkeep;
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    Fast launch of an online store;
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    Broad audience coverage (you can sell goods/services throughout the country and even abroad);
  • 05
    24/7 access to the store for customers (an online store is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week);
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    Opportunity to start business having a relatively small budget;
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    Low cost of the website’s maintaining;
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    A wide range of goods;
  • 09
    Possibility to automate almost 100% of the online store’s operation;
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    Ability to collect web analytics and analyze user visits, constantly improving the project.
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An up-to-date online store with an understandable and convenient structure will make it possible to bring the business to a new stage of development in a short time. Statistics prove that online stores are being increasingly integrated into social life and have great prospects for the near and distant future.

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Answers to frequently asked questions
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How long does it take to create an online store?

From 3 months. In virtue of its features, development of an online store takes a lot of time. Customization of CMS for a specific project, design development, layout, filling a website with goods and content, testing it — this scope of work requires a lot of time. Depending on goals, themes and the product range, completion periods may differ drastically.

Also, our level of interaction with the client can influence the completion period: when any information, photos and content for the website are required, they should be provided in a timely manner.


Why is it not worth building an online store from a template?

Each online store is unique, with its own product range, presentation, and ideology. This requires individual development, based on a high-quality CMS. It is impossible to find an all-inclusive template for the online store, since they all differ in terms of product range (selling clothes is not the same as selling fishing tackles) and other criteria, hence the approach should be individual too.

You need your own custom-made filters for products and many other things. And any template doesn’t meet these requirements at all.