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Complex Promotion of brands and trademarks – Clock Creative Lab

Clock Creative Lab studio is a creative center for the development and promotion of brands. Geographically, we are based in the center of Kyiv, but our business and creative opportunities allow us to work with the whole world. Our profile of work is very narrow and purposeful – complex promotion of brands and trademarks by means of web technologies.


We develop the real business of the client, using a maximum of means and technologies from the virtual and figurative worlds – advertising, design, web, and marketing. We operate all areas of web-production for the methodical development of the client's business.

Our “special feature” is the management of brands, their development, and support according to a unique strategy. Now we are trusted by such brands as Audi and Mercedes-Benz – you can check the story about our cooperation in the portfolio.

The Clock Creative Lab team is set up for regular customers who want to consistently achieve a leading position in the market. With the comprehensive brand development in Ukraine, sales growth, and awareness increase based on our own unique strategy, which we develop together with the client at the beginning of the way – we have taken our niche in the Ukrainian market.

How do we work with a brand?

We preach a comprehensive brand development, in which our specialists cover all areas: website development, design, business consulting, interaction with the sales department, advertising campaigns on the Internet, solving marketing problems, creating a unique logo or production of video advertising for the brand.

We take on all the tasks of brand development and are responsible for them. Acting only in the client’s interests, we save them from all routine work and complex technical solutions. You only control the process with numbers, calls, and sales.

The staff of Clock Creative Lab is represented by the specialists in each branch of work: programming, design, content, marketing, photography, naming, SEO, SMM. We work in conjunction with the client’s brand every day and in the same office – this ensures effective and comprehensive interaction.

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An integrated approach ensures success , results, and 100% working condition of Your product.

We can do everything, but, in one field!

It is as if you “rent” a team of specialists: they sit down and develop Your brand in the network, while You monitor the performance in categories close to Your area of interest.

Do you have a brand that you need to build and develop, to increase profits? We take our knowledge and experience, involve the whole team, and sit down to work on the brand. The Clock Creative Lab team are professionals in technology, programming, and design. We have a unique strategy and we guarantee the results.

Website for Your business is only a small part of the development strategy. Ideas are important, a strategy is important – and that's what You pay for. The site is created only for the talented implementation of the core idea.

Complex solutions from Clock Creative Lab are particularly effective:

If You launch a new brand

If You have a brand for a long time, but do not monitor any growth and development.

Clock Creative Lab will become your main partner and an important tool for the development of your company in the online environment.

Our specialists will be able to use the existing potential and achieve the highest results in Your segment.


Comprehensive brand promotion is based on a unique strategy: its development is based on the interaction of the team with the client. This proposal outlines the steps, plans, criteria, and growth metrics that will result from the work.

Specific goals, specific deadlines, specific implementers, and specific guarantees for the client. We purposefully and continuously serve Your brand with a focus on the prescribed strategy.
However, if it is necessary for our common interests – goals and methods can be transformed – the brand receives adaptive and timely support.


In our team there are experts in all directions, we perform all technical and creative work independently. Advantage: You do not need to apply to different companies for individual services. We have everything gathered in our company, all at once and in excellent quality from the market leaders.

Understand when authority and work tasks are delegated, responsibility is lost. And the true face of the project is lost, the quality of Your product suffers.

We do not delegate responsibilities, we are responsible for all stages and types of work.

A small team capable of delivering the greatest results.
We do not use other people's platforms and modules, do not buy website templates and do not borrow the design of other successful projects.


  • Comprehensive brand promotion in Clock Creative Lab gives You a simple and at the same time effective control tool. You are always aware of what is happening. You can make sure that Your interests are respected.
  • A complete team of specialists who work with each other every day on your project.
  • All performance indicators and objectives of the strategy are prescribed in the contract before the start of work. During the work, You will receive reports on the work, statistics, current data about the project, and other important figures.
  • An automated process of brand promotion on the Internet. Any unpleasant accidents, errors, and defects are excluded. Unlike ordering a number of services in different companies, that are full of disputes and conflicts of interest, inefficient methods of work, etc.
  • A monthly activity report allows you to check how we perform our duties under the legal contract.

Why us?

  • 01 Complex work on the brand

    High involvement and concentration on Your project, optimization and cost saving, the fulfillment of all technical and organizational tasks by a single team, order and a clear plan of work for the future - are just some of the advantages of complex work on brand development.

    We solve all the problems and track the development in all aspects. We do all the dirty work for you. Everything that You do not understand, everything that concerns programming and technologies – we do it ourselves. And, so far, we are perfectly coping with our duties.

    From month to month we show growth in customers, sales, and recognition. Clock Creative Lab is a full-fledged team for the development of your business. You hire a team that is involved in the business and purposefully develops Your brand. We spend our strength and experience just for You. All our specialists work in one office, back to back, we do not give any authority to other agencies or studios.

  • 02 Our own unique strategy of work

    We create more than a website. We create the "face" of the brand, sales tool, image weapon.

    Our special approach and experience help us with this. Complex promotion is our profile, our “feature”, this is our game! As a core – the strategy that is based on effective ideas and gives real results.

    Ideas are everything. A website by itself does nothing. Important strategy, idea, and concept – then it will work for the business. This is intellectual work: to think, create, run, take into account the nuances and make the best competitors. And that's what You pay for. Not just for a website.

    Clock Creative Lab implements the best ideas – with the best team! Our experts at all stages are engaged in Your project while You are doing business. If something “breaks” or works insufficiently effectively: we sit down and improve the system. We control the performance and efficiency of the entire Internet product that represents your brand on the network.

  • 03 Major brands in our portfolio

    We work with major brands – among them are Audi and Mercedes-Benz. We are trusted by serious international brands, and we confidently bring them to leadership in the automotive market of Ukraine. Sales are growing, website traffic is growing, visibility is growing – in our portfolio, You can personally assess the approximate success.

    Our goal is to increase sales, increase awareness, and create unique web products for business. With us, You get a full working platform in the Network, allowing you to make money.

  • 04 Guarantees of results

    The results of our work are concrete indicators, figures, and achievements that can be assessed and felt in real life. You pay and we build Your business. We show specific results: calls, customer inflow, and sales growth while reaching the top in your field.

    All provisions of the contract are fully implemented, and the main difference between us and other companies is that we take the project and conduct it from the beginning to the possible limit. The very start and development, sales and attendance, social networking and work with sales – our specialists cover everything. We are responsible for everything.

Complete and methodical immersion in the work on several brands – instead of performing dozens of small and monotonous projects. We make successful brands that make money and determine the market situation.

Audi and Mercedes-Benz are just some of the big names that are well established in the Ukrainian market thanks to Clock Creative Lab. Details about these projects – in our portfolio, details about Your project – in a personal conversation.

12 October 2017
Why complex promotion
of a website is more effective?

Complex solutions for website promotion is a large package of services for business, combining all the main marketing tools and web-production. The complex solution is aimed at an integral and comprehensive solution of one large-scale task — to present your business on the Internet.

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