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Landing page is a target website aimed at selling a specific product/service or attracting attention of the audience, focusing on a specific current offer.


Landing page

A simple and clear way to inform the audience about your offer within one page

Landing page is a full-fledged one-page website which contains maximum information about your product or service. Within one page of the website, there are several sections that disclose the advantages of your offer in a capacious and informative manner, and contain your contacts and other info.

Landing page is not exactly a website, but a direct selling tool

Unlike a traditional website with a large number of sections and lots of information, a landing page is the most targeted web page that contains a specific and available description of your offer.

The selling landing page is a meaningful and capacious call to action

Landing page can exist both as a separate website, and as a special addition to the main website, which enhances the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet. The initial subject of landing can be a product, a service, an event, promotion, and so on.

If a landing page is correctly done, it makes the visitor to make a decision. It’s not just a familiarization, but a specific target action

Depending on the marketing strategy, a landing page provides doing certain actions by a visitor, such as:

  • confirmation of a purchase
  • entering contact information
  • newsletter subscription
  • registration on the main website
  • downloading an application
  • voting or participating in a competition

Being a single system, all elements of the website are linked to serve one purpose — to provide the maximum conversion.

Transition to your landing page is made from online ads, contextual advertising in search results, social media, and mail-outs.

The most up-to-date landing page’s format is click through rate (CTR) pages, which contain a detailed and smart advertising proposal. The entire structure of such landing page is aimed at getting a customer’s response; the full range of marketing tools is used to increase customer interest, from slogans and bright large buttons to countdown timers.

The aim of a CTR-page is to encourage a visitor to do a specific action right now (to buy a product, subscribe to a service or company news, and download software).

It is very important to correctly highlight key points of your offer’s advantages, without giving the visitor a chance to ignore your proposal.

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Landing Page perfectly performs the following tasks:
  • 01

    To accentuate one product or brand from the wide range of your offers. It works great for online stores with a lot of products, among which there is an especially hot position.

  • 02

    To advertise a limited number of services. If you offer a small range of services, for instance, sell only one product category or provide extremely specialized services, there is no need to create a full-fledged website — a high-quality one-page format of the website (Landing) will attract enough attention to your main offer.

  • 03

    To promote the upcoming event, conference or promotional action on the Internet. The landing page’s format allows placing maximum information about the event and easily attracts the target audience.

  • 04

    To collect analytical information on your business activity. For example, you are just planning to start a new type of business and question the demand for your product. With a landing page, you can easily collect the necessary statistics on your niche to understand the level of the audience’s interest in your offer.

Advantages and weaknesses of Landing Page

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Answers to frequently asked questions
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How long does the development of a landing page take?

The completion period is always individual. But on the average, the development of a high-quality up-to-date landing page takes from two weeks to one month. To get a custom-made website operating correctly and flawlessly, you will need to wait. Yes, other companies do have ready-made solutions — they are fast, but remaking this kind of website will be more expensive and take even longer. There will be a lot of things to be reconfigured and remade.

Here you will get a highly efficient up-to-date landing page, which will provide real sales and increase in customers.


Is it true that a landing page is worse than a full-fledged website?

No, this comparison is incorrect. The format of a landing page is designed to solve specific problems — and it effectively copes with them.

In fact, it’s a full-fledged one-page website too, which has its advantages and disadvantages; the choice preference depends on your requirements and ambitions.


Is there a need to have a full-fledged website after launching a landing page?

Yes, of course. It can’t bring such results as a full-fledged website. Taking into consideration that a landing page initially has poor SEO promotion indicators, it is very difficult to achieve good results without having a full-fledged website. In fact, you stop getting results (calls, customers) as soon as you stop allocating the budget for search advertising (it is when users click on such ads, they usually get to your landing page).

And vice versa, a landing page can be very useful even if you already have a full-fledged website. The landing will attract an additional audience and the attention of the target audience to any specific offer/product. This is especially beneficial when you present a wide and diverse range of products/services. Landing page is a powerful working tool to increase sales, which does not interfere with the main website. Ideally, they should work collectively.


Are landing page and business card website the same?

A landing page and a business card website are two different things. Despite the similarity of their formats, they have different purposes and features, which are not-so-obvious.

A landing page is tooled for selling a particular product / service, and a business card website is a simplified, but still a form of a full-fledged website that, apart from selling, fulfills other important tasks.