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О компании Digital агентство Clock creative lab
Let's rock the world
with our ideas

About the company

Clock Creative Lab is a studio specializing in brand development and promotion, naming, web production and online marketing.

We confidently straddle a design studio, an online marketing agency, and a website building studio. There is no precise definition of the type of our business. We are a team engaged in consulting businesses in the world of design, advertising, and web production. Our company is a tool for improving your business performance.

We are tooled for creating brands and developing them to win leading market positions. Your appearance in the web space must become a special occasion, not a regular start. We create brands which people are talking about, which have become household names, which earn money, and determine the situation on the market.

О компании Digital агентство Clock creative lab - создатели агентства Евгений Вихрев и Виктор Калинин

“We don’t work only on technical requirements; our philosophy is to make your business work”, Clock Creative Lab co-founders, Victor Kalinin and Evhen Vikhrev

Our key philosophy is to develop unique online products literally in a laboratory setting with complete immersion into your business specifics. We conduct analytical research and audit for each project, covering the entirety of your business.

Terrific, revolutionary and bold solutions are what we like to do on a daily basis. Working at the projects for our clients, we always operate in the hard work mode and generate ideas that can get your business to the top. When it happens, we allow ourselves to recover breath. But never earlier.

Clock Creative Lab is a qualitatively new level of creative activity at intersection of advertising and design

If you are satisfied with forming your business by a pattern, just contact one of the dozens of middle-of-the-road "design studios" – they always have ready-made and finely detailed solutions for you.

We would be ashamed to generate standard solutions and websites. It's not for us; we are focused on global solutions.

Simple Win to Win Philosophy

We offer a win-win game in which our client makes a real profit from the results of our intervention. You get substantial victories in your business; we enhance our professional reputation + get one more cool case for our portfolio.

Obvious Advantage

You get a ready-made tool for making profit, a brand which pays off. From our side, our team provides a fruitful strategic relationship, profit, and new projects.

Clock Creative Lab - handcrafted agency

Each project is made from scratch without using any of ready-made ideas and patterned solutions.

Each our project is custom-made, and no project is like the other, the previous one. We do not use other people's plug-ins, modules, site templates, and never borrow other successful projects’ designs.

In our studio, everything is made by hand; each puzzle of our project is unique. Involving us in a project costs more than an average market price, but our outcome works in the long term. Combining strategic online marketing and high-end personal creative ideas, we set new standards on the web business market and turn your business into an etalon brand, one of the leading players in its industry.

You pay, we build your business. We always show the results: calls, customer flow, sales growth, coming out to TOP. Working with us, you do not have to worry that someone is just making money on you.

We develop your business as our own. Unique online marketing and design are not a show-off, not a whim, but a must for successful business development. With our help, you will be able to provide favorable self-expression before the audience, and support honest and long-term relations with your customers.

Together we can create a unique product, not a pattern, to sidestep rivals with a crafty and challenging solution. Any web studio will offer to you a solution typical for the market, but we suggest you to make a revolution in your industry.

We make the best creative projects in Ukraine. For the whole world

The results of our work are concrete indicators, figures and achievements that can be practically evaluated and noticed. We are not hostages to circumstances, we will never say that, for reasons beyond our control, your project turned out to be not very successful. Almost everything depends on us, and we do an excellent job.

Ideas are everything. We have lots of ideas and creative solutions, but there is only one idea for you which will ensure your business development.

Let's rock the world with our ideas — our main motto and a call to you. Conquer the world with our ideas!
About Us

We are a small team able to provide the greatest results. We strongly believe that ideas rule the world, ideas make money. Clock Creative Lab is a creative laboratory focused on development of such ideas.

For us, each project is a new challenge that awakens an insistent desire to make the best product in its niche, the most interesting and long-term one. We have everything to do this – a professional team, every member of which is a real guru in his field, who knows how to make a high-quality product. We constantly evolve, and carefully select our staff: there are no students or people on training in our team. We are very talented, we have a multitude of creative ideas and we are eager to work. We have to do something together, don’t you think so?

Just like that

We know that our clients need effective solutions, not rewards. But when they not only earn money but also receive rewards – it’s worth much. These trophies show us that we are headed in the right direction.

Why have Coca-Cola and IKEA become icons, but nobody knows thousands of their competitors? It’s because the spirit and the vibe of the generation have been captured, and genius creative solutions have been implemented. Every day we work at generating this kind of ideas to combine them with our clients’ ambitions, and get their business coming out to TOP. Only when it happens, we allow ourselves to recover breath.

“Website building” and “design development” are geared to yesterday; they are pieces of production activities which almost never produce results in isolation from one another. You can order a website and you will get it with an opportunity to add content to it – and what happens next? It won’t work and, like many others, will lie dormant in the network. We create projects of the future, projects relevant to the future.

Trust is a key to successful cooperation

In fact, what seems to everybody impossible and genius, is just a piece of work executed flawlessly.

We are very ambitious and demanding on what we do – this is why we constantly hear admiring reviews from our clients. People think that we are lucky and that it somehow goes by itself. But we work all day long to make your projects the best in their niche.

Business analytics

Market research is conducted; information about your business and the line of your competitors is collected. Full immersion in your business and its detailed investigation.

Introduction of concrete solutions and general promotion strategy

Based on the collected information about your business, market and competitors, as well as our experience, we form a creative strategic proposal. We offer our vision.

Design development

Creation of a company’s corporate identity, which includes the website design. Visual solutions for your brand will be developed in accordance with the general strategy and our vision.

Work on your website

Implementation of all strategic solutions - both technical and visual. A thorough technical work is made, mobile version is created, SEO optimization is carried out at the stage of website development, a detailed testing is made.

Final stage

General check and testing of the website to detect any errors and omissions. Review of the project for compliance with concrete performance indicators.

Website launch and celebrating a new victory

Presentation of the web project and completely bringing the website into operation. Launching both the website and online advertising. From now on your business gets powerful support and development on the Internet.

We are trusted, we are known, we are valued
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We offer exactly what you need. There are a lot of ideas, but there is only one solution - the most effective one.

Let's talk :)