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The strategy of integrated promotion of the official Mercedes-Benz car dealer

Strategies to promote the site of Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz an official dealer of the Mercedes-Benz

SEO promotion Mercedes-Benz GLE

The beginning of cooperation

From the very beginning it was obvious to us that our customer is not just another dealer; It carries important changes and innovations that occur in Mercedes-Benz. Accordingly, some standard promotion schemes already used by the Ukrainian representatives of Mercedes-Benz will not work.

In a relatively short time we have developed a unique strategy, and got a clear idea of ​​what the product should be in the future. Defined goals and development vectors to guarantee sales growth, increase awareness and increase visibility on the Internet.

According to the promotion strategy, the work on the site was divided into three stages: first, we presented a model range of off-road vehicles, then sedans, and at the third stage we added information about all Mercedes-Benz services for clients — lending, insurance, service, and much more.

The client liked the results of the first stage of work: in the online product.

Best site or nothing

Clock creative lab has a non-standard approach to work: we adapt to the product as quickly and efficiently as possible. In our work with Mercedes-Benz, this was reflected in the fact that we confidently adopted the main brand values ​​- impeccability, attractiveness and responsibility. And we decided: “Either we will make the best site or nothing!”, Having replayed Gottlieb Daimler's famous slogan “Best or nothing”.

And we did it: Mercedes-Benz Autocentre on Koltsevaya has the only Ukrainian official website, created according to a modern innovative concept. This is the only dealer in Ukraine with an Internet product of this level, developed and effective, having wide functionality, a variety of media solutions and, importantly, its own warehouse of cars in stock. We are the most formal looking today, and this reflects our common desire to be the best on the market with Mercedes-Benz.

SEO website promotion Mercedes-Benz GLE

Intellectual adaptation of German standards in Ukrainian realities

SEO website promotion Mercedes-Benz G-class

When developing the site, we focused on the German original of the Mercedes-Benz site, adapting it to local requests and trends. The team Clock creative lab was the first among dealers in Ukraine to realize a full-fledged warehouse of cars on the site. We showed users cars in a convenient online store format, which can be viewed and ordered online - no one has done this before.

The new from the world of Mercedes-Benz - for the whole of Ukraine

We are convinced that such a brand as Mercedes-Benz should be comprehensively and qualitatively present on the Ukrainian market. As part of this approach, we ensured the regular appearance of the most current information from Mercedes-Benz on our website. As soon as a new content appears on the German official website of the brand, we instantly master it, quickly translate and upload to the site. This gives us a lot of advantages, including a steady increase in visibility and increased attention to the dealer. We are always deeply and efficiently working out German sources, we are trying to be the first to understand the new product and adapt its essence for our audience. It was here that for the first time we had large pages about the new GLE SUV, new V-Class, CLA Coupe and B-Class models, as well as the first electric crossover of the EQC brand, presented in Russian and Ukrainian.

Our visitors are always the first to know all the new and important things from the world of Mercedes-Benz. And in particular, thanks to our blog: the latest information and new models, systems, events and plans of the German premium brand quickly appear in the News section. This is not just the news that all dealers write: our advantage in the high-quality adaptation of a German source for a Ukrainian customer. We also differ in the maximum speed of reaction at the emergence of important news from Mercedes-Benz.

As soon as a new press release comes out, we study the product, understand it and in an accessible form we convey to the client all the information regarding the advantages of the car and the effectiveness of technology.

With love, we lead page the Mercedes-Benz Autocentre on the Facebook and Instagram, using them as an additional tool to increase sales and increase visibility.

SEO promotion Mercedes-Benz news

We create live content on field test drives

When creating content, we focus not only on the Germans: we carry out our own unique test drives of Mercedes-Benz cars in order to experience all the advantages on ourselves and bring all the most important things to our users. Such a “live” format of reviews of new models provides an opportunity to deeply understand the product and better present the Ukrainian audience.

Field test drives are good not only for getting unique content: we also get excellent returns in the context of SEO promotion. For example, a test drive of the Mercedes-Benz GLS 350d in just 1 day gave us more than 150 keywords on Google - this is a serious indicator.

SEO website promotion Mercedes-Benz GLS
SEO case for Mercedes-Benz promotion

Work with the sales department

Our participation in the Mercedes-Benz Autocentre on Koltsevaya project is not limited to Internet development; We provide active support in terms of business. We are constantly working with the sales department, giving valuable recommendations with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the department. We monitor calls, monitor the quality of work of employees, discuss our observations with the management of the company. Such close interaction allows you to save and multiply the base of regular customers.

Work on new results

The promotion strategy is works active and shows excellent growth trends. We see high dynamics and we are convinced of this at the next communication with the client. In the first stages of work, we built a high-quality foundation, ensured the possibility of continuous development and guaranteed a 100% working product. We are confidently taking the lead and are in the process of working on more and better results.

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