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Development online store Brave GK


Brave GK by Rustam Khudzhamov

  • Development of online store
  • Design
  • Branding

Brave GK

Development of online store Brave GK

Our client Brave GK is a Ukrainian brand that specializes in the manufacture of goalkeeper gloves and other elements of professional football equipment, the founder of which is the famous goalkeeper and captain of the Mariupol football team Rustam Khudzhamov.

A comprehensive, voluminous and very bright project in the portfolio of digital agency Clock Creative Lab - creating a website for the official online store of football equipment Brave GK. The final result of the development was a multifunctional online platform, which is a unique combination of an online store and an author's blog.

Thanks to the use of advanced development tools, original solutions, as well as the harmonious adaptation of the latest trends, we were able to create a unique design, convenient catalog structure and at the same time an intuitive interface.

Creation of the Brave GK website: functional of an online store

Starting the website development of the official Brave GK online store, the Clock Creative Lab team focused on the brand concept, as well as on the basic needs of website visitors and potential customers.

Key objectives of the Brave GK online store project

  • analysis of the target audience of the brand and its features
  • development of original website style
  • marketing analytics and SEO strategy
  • online directory structuring
  • visual identity creation

An important stage in the development of the Brave GK online store was the selection of the appropriate color scheme, the implementation of adaptive page making, user-oriented UI / UX design, as well as solutions to improve commercial productivity.

Development of online store Brave GK Equipment

Also, in addition to the functional elements of the online store, we made an extra emphasis on the part of the site that will become an active source of constant traffic and a stable audience - Brave GK Blog. On this page, site visitors can always find out detailed information about the brand’s products, the history of its creation, as well as news from the world of football.

The original visual style of the official website of the Brave GK football equipment is based on the tagline of the brand “Fortune favors the brave”.

Not just a phrase, but the foundation of a brand philosophy that encourages an athlete to be courageous and assertive on the way to his dream, regardless of whether he is a professional or an amateur.

Creating the design of the online store, we tried to emphasize not only the need for professional equipment for each goalkeeper, but also the relevance of the project to the target audience. The creator of the brand, Rustam Khudzhamov, knows from his own experience how important it is to find something that will inspire the goalkeeper and help him move confidently towards victory.

Website of online store Brave GK

Special solutions for the Brave GK online store development

Also, in order to make the website of the online store as versatile and customer-oriented as possible, we have made it fully responsive. As a result, it works equally well and is displayed on all types of devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Thanks to the adaptive design and adaptive page making, we were able to achieve cross-platform, which is the main trend of recent years.

The logical structure of the online catalog is precisely thought out for the convenience, simplicity, and intuitiveness of its use by customers. All elements of the functionality of the developed Internet platform correspond to a single stylistic concept. The author’s animation in the form of the signature of the brand’s founder Rustam Khudzhamov makes the site more interactive.

Copyright solutions for the online store Brave GK

Unique website concept for the Brave GK online store

The original design concept of the online store that we developed accurately reflects the brand's values. The combination of Brave GK corporate identity and modern design trends has created a memorable, concise and user-friendly interface.

Choosing a color scheme, our team settled on the contrasts of black and white with monochrome accents of bright shades of yellow, blue and red. Thus, through visual perception, we were able to convey the Brave GK brand philosophy, which encourages football players to confidently go towards their goal, despite the obstacles.

Unique concept of online store Brave GK

Official Brave GK Online Store: project results

The exclusive Brave GK project was a truly unique experience for the Clock Creative Lab team. Creating a website for the official online store of professional football equipment, we have set many of our own records. And we gladly gave all the best to one hundred percent, because themselves were imbued with the values ​​of the brand and brand creator Rustam Khudzhamov.

Thanks to the author’s concept, thoughtful marketing and SEO strategies, unique design, as well as absolute immersion in the essence of the project, we managed to realize powerful functionality, commercial efficiency and complete audience orientation in the interface of the official Brave GK online store.

The official online store Brave GK

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