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Let's help is an international charitable foundation.

Feeling in a new way: a social project to help the blind

SEO promotion Let's help

Landing page development with UI/UX design

The main goal of the project was the development of the website-invitation to the event that our client planned to hold soon in the framework of the social project Black Box. The format of the event is a charity dinner organized to raise funds for the purchase of Braille printers. Such devices produce printed materials that help blind people to learn about the world.

To implement the project on the internet, we decided to develop a landing page. This web resource is created on the principle of "one page, one sentence, one target action", which is fully consistent with the main objectives of the project.

Properly formatted landing page should make the visitor desire:

  • learn more about the offer;
  • read the information on all screens and reach the end of the page;
  • make an application to get a manager's advice or purchase a product/service.

Creating a one-page website that solves such problems has become our goal for the Black Box. During the initial stage of work, we have traditionally studied the specifics of the project in depth in order to subsequently develop exclusive marketing and advertising solutions.

The idea of a social project

We found out that the uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the Black Box allows people not just to donate funds to charity, but to really feel and discover how the world of blind people works. The organizers of the gala evening planned to offer their guests a few hours to plunge into complete darkness. Participants of the action had to enter the hall of the restaurant blindfolded. Then, with the help of volunteers – go to their tables to listen to live music, enjoy a three-course dinner. Guests were not informed about what exactly will be served.

Only after the night was over, guests would be allowed to remove the blindfold and to exchange impressions with each other. Earlier, the events of such a format organized by Let’s Help were held in Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv.

SEO promotion Let's help the concept



As part of the first phase of work, Lock Creative Lab specialists found that the peculiarity of the Black Box is that a significant proportion of the project is based on emotional perception. The project is aimed to create an effect that should make guests participate in the gala dinner: to feel, to understand on their own, albeit during the short term, how it is – to live without sight. It is this uniqueness of the Black Box that we sought to convey through the website-invitation.


Each screen of our landing page had to immerse the user in a new world of blind people and tell more and more about the problems that the project is aimed to solve. Fundraising was needed to provide libraries and schools of the largest regional centers of Ukraine with the specialized literature printed in Braille. The extreme shortage of books for the blind was formed due to the long-term underfunding of the production of such literature from the state budget.


We had no doubt about the success and efficiency of the project concept, because at the time of creation of the website-invitation to a charity dinner in Dnipro, Black Box has already received several awards as the "best innovative project" at the all-Ukrainian competition of “Ukrainian Event Awards” and "Charity Ukraine — 2015".

Landing page development for Black Box

When creating a landing page for the Let’s Help client, Clock Creative Lab specialists performed every stage in the following order:

  • 01

    Collect business intelligence. Market research based on the most complete information about the client's company and competitors. Immersion in the specifics of the event and the company. Highlight the uniqueness of the event, the formation of proposals for the end user, work with the positioning of the project.

  • 02

    The formation of the concept of the landing page. Based on the data obtained during the first stage, we create our vision of the project. We are working on a comprehensive strategic proposal.

  • 03

    Design – visual and technical solutions, the logic of the layout of the single page of the site in accordance with the UI/UX principles and overall strategy of the project.

  • 04

    Web-development. We implement the developed solutions, create a mobile version of the website, perform SEO-optimization and detailed testing.

  • 05

    Audit a web resource for errors. General reconciliation of the project on performance indicators.

Website Promotion Strategies Let's help

The landing page structure

Developing the structure of the landing page, we sought to convey the key message to the user – the unique benefits that will receive a guest visiting the gala dinner. With this purpose, the “Turn off the light. Turn your feelings on” button was put at the main screen. By clicking on it, the user goes to a single-page site, where the main screen is transformed. A photo of a table with a beautiful dish and a glass of wine appears on it. On the background of the image – text that tells the date, place, time and name of the event, to which the website is dedicated.

The picture consists of two parts – of color and black and white. Below, on a white background, goes the description of the project goals. On the other side, the same text written in Braille is placed on a black background.

The main screen is interactive. Animation allows the color and black-and-white halves of the screen to be swapped on hover. There are also text blocks with a standard font and Braille. The purpose of this design was to show how different any information and the world look to a person with vision and someone who is deprived of this ability. The following screens:

  • reveal the problems addressed by the project in more detail;
  • describe the format of the event;
  • presents the current results of the fundraising;
  • posts application form for registration;
  • contain the list of partners and (in the footer) the opportunity to learn more about the foundation on the organization's website and social networks.

At any moment of their stay on the landing page, users have the opportunity to register to attend the charity dinner, make donations to the project, see how much money is already collected, and how much is required to implement the set goal. All this can be done by clicking the dynamic call-to-action button "Let's Help"

UI/UX design and usability of the Black Box website

When developing visual and technical elements of a landing page and placing them on the page, we were guided by the principles of UI/UX design. This is necessary to make the perception of information be convenient and attractive to a user. It is as well needed to ensure that all the possibilities laid down by the developer to use the landing page were intuitive from the first seconds of stay on the website.

We organized the screens of the one-page site for the Let’s Help organization so that their content was logically linked and led the user to commit targeted actions – visit the gala dinner or donate a convenient amount of money in support of the project.

Creating a one-page website-invitation to the Black Box charity dinner, the Clock Creative Lab team worked on: the optimal page size, a selection of effective media content and the development of unique texts. All applied style techniques, as well as the website as a whole, are adaptive. This is necessary to ensure that the resource is equally effective and displayed on all kinds of devices.

Website promotion strategies Let's help design


  • 01

    During the work on the Black Box project, we managed to fulfill all the tasks set by the client – to create a landing page that reflects the uniqueness of the event format to attract the target audience to participate in the charity dinner.

  • 02

    It was an honor for us to work together with the Let's Help international charity fund on the implementation of such a socially important project.

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