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Разработка маркетинговой стратегии
Разработка маркетинговой стратегии 1
Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy development

Dynamic and changeable conditions of market environment with its high level of competition, require from you development and changes to constantly adjust to the current situation.

Strategy in marketing is a package of organizational and project measures aimed at forming an effective brand behavior model. The goal of such strategy is to develop a company, increase sales, and strengthen its image and so on.

If the business does not grow and develops, it will quickly disappear from the market. And only those companies that tirelessly and in a good manner create, promote, and correctly offer their products will remain. A brand that expects to stay in the market and take the position of a leader must have a vital strategic decision plan and follow it consistently.

Разработка маркетинговой стратегии 2

Development of marketing strategy from Clock Creative Lab means searching and finding unique know-how solutions that will determine the behavior of your brand for a long period.

Разработка маркетинговой стратегии 3

Within the strategy, the solutions relating to sales markets, target audience of consumers, pricing methods, sales channels, and approach to advertising will be developed.

We carefully record an up-to-date market situation, and on the basis of it, we determine the goals, plan future brand promotion and sales events, and form the budget and expenses.

Why do you need a strategy in marketing?

Yes, you can conduct business without having a strategy, but it’s impossible to develop it. There are a lot of entrepreneurs in the market who are neglecting a marketing strategy. They have the same problems for years, which do not allow them to grow and increase their income. They don’t know the reasons for their failures, and don’t understand the reasons for the temporary rise. Senseless expenses, scatteration, and randomness.

A high-quality strategy of marketing brand promotion will put your business right and set the right vector for its long-term development. When developing a marketing plan, we cover all the important areas by which your brand should develop — product, price, place, and promotion.

The development strategy worked out by our marketers will always be flexible and up-to-date

When implementing the strategy, we will amend and change it correspondingly. The first results of business activity, the current market situation and other factors that are important right now will be taken into account.

Our team will frame a clear and realistic plan for implementing marketing solutions, and you will get a meaningful and tangible result.

You need a marketing strategy to:

  • Determine strategic directions for further development;
  • Assess the market prospects for your brand or its services;
  • Form a functional and effective sales system.
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What aims are pursued during developing a marketing strategy?

  • Dynamic sales growth
  • Providing a steady flow of customers
  • Improving image and increasing brand recognition
  • Entering new markets
  • Effective introduction of new services or goods into the market

The development of a marketing strategy consists of the following steps:

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    Analyzing your commercial offer

    To understand how to sell your products / services to a wide audience, we need to have profound knowledge of your advantages, your product range, and your current position in the market.

  • 03

    Market and competitor research

    It is necessary to adequately assess competitors and have a clear position in relation to them. This in future will allow you to offer your target audience something that other market players can’t.

  • 02

    Definition of your audience’s clear boundaries

    It is important to understand what kind of people and why are buying your goods. We will build an accurate consumer profile to find out "for whom" we are working.

  • 04

    Determination of tasks and the task-solution ways in the future advertising campaign

    It is necessary to choose online marketing tools which are the best for your situation.

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Answers to frequently asked questions
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I have a marketing department. Why should I work with you?

No marketer can create an effective website, collect necessary analytics and draw the right conclusions from it, develop web design, and create or even order a high-quality content. Working with us, you get a multiskilled team of experts, in which marketing works in close relation to programming, design, SEO, etc.

Developing a marketing strategy will take into account a full picture of the project as a whole, rather than being guided only by those nuances inherent only in the marketing industry itself.

October 9, 2017
4 effective tools except for
SEO and serch advertising

In online marketing in the post-Soviet area there are two extremes, between which the vast majority of companies are torn. Some "creative agencies" prefer to allocate meager budgets for marketing or do not allocate them at all, while others use rather enviable budgets, pumping money purely into SEO and search advertising. However, advertising opportunities today are more extensive and interesting.