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SEO website promotion Comic Con

Building a fully functional website, UI/UX design development


Comic Con Ukraine is a festival of popular culture, a convention of comics fans and cosplayers.

Start of work with Comic Con Ukraine

The goal of the Comic Con Ukraine organizers was to hold a large, full-scale and diverse festival of pop culture, which would be able to take similar thematic events in Ukraine to a new higher level. In brief, to create a festival that will become a brand for the country, and in future, perhaps, will be able to enter the international arena; to organize an event that can compete in terms of its program and organization level with the world's largest conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and MCM London Comic Con.

SEO promotion Comic Con Ukraine
SEO promotion Comic Con

Target setting

At the first stages of the project discussion, there had been the only task set for Clock Creative Lab – to create an effective Landing Page for selling festival tickets. But in the process of assessing the festival’s goals together with the client, we found out that such Landing Page wouldn’t be able to meet all the tasks of the project. The festival needed a full-fledged website, combining all the tools for interaction between its organizers and audience.

Preparation for website development

The client came to us not only with his vision of the website but also with a ready-made unique illustration for it. It was created by artist Denys Shtanko - specially for Comic Con Ukraine. The illustration for the website brought into action a whole universe of popular comic books, where iconic characters were depicted in the decorations of space, the world on the Earth’s surface, the undersurface world and even the nether world.

Design of the UI/UX website structure

The above mentioned illustration was taken as a basis for designing the structure of the Comic Con Ukraine website, decorating its main page and footer of the portal. In other cases, Clock Creative Lab used the images of Marvel and DC comics as a source of inspiration. In addition, for reference we studied the web resources of the world’s most large-scale festivals of this kind.

As a result, we decided to move in a new and interesting direction – to turn a classic information website into an interactive game environment. Going to the website, users should get into the environment familiar to them to feel the well-loved atmosphere. We tried to ensure that every detail of the website’s design involved a user in a kind of game and claimed that Comic Con Ukraine truly understood and shared the interests of its participants.

We wanted to create a website that is in line with the festival’s spirit and idea. At the same time, it serves as a full-fledged information platform for the audience, which in future can be developed without our participation. And we have managed to do this in close cooperation with Comic Con Ukraine.

Strategies to promote the site Comic Con
SEO case for Comic Con promotion

Basic UI/UX design tools used for the Comic Con Ukraine website

When developing UI/UX design of the Comic Con Ukraine website, it was important to develop the main idea: to make the design “alive” and make it more eye-catching and interactive. To do this, the appropriate technical tools and visual solutions have been selected. Among them is parallax – a special kind of animation with the movement of objects at different speeds. Subsequently, at the client’s request, we had to reduce the number of such effects; however, in the first versions of the website they had been expressed more vividly to give the design more visual appeal. When scrolling the web page and hovering a cursor over most of its objects - buildings, monsters, superheroes – they come to live. Sliders, hover-effects and animation elements have been successfully implemented.

Thanks to the unique adaptive web design, the Comic Con Ukraine website is displayed equally well on all types of devices - tablets, mobile phones, laptops and larger multimedia devices.

Implementation of the Comic Con Ukraine website’s design

The main page reflects the most relevant goal of the client at the moment of the website’s launch - advertising of the future festival. It shows its name, date and venue. The illustration accurately reveals the city in which the event will take place: the Dnipro river’s surface reflects the Northern (Moskovskyi) and Park Bridges, the Bohdan Khmelnytsky Monument, the Motherland Monument, the St.Sophia and Mykhailivskyi cathedrals, the People's Friendship Arch and other sights of Kyiv. But in the "real" world, on the surface, the capital looks different – the way comic book fans see it, and what it will really be for the duration of the festival thanks to the organizers of Comic Con Ukraine. Mysterious castles, towers with discharges on their roofs, monsters and beasts seeking to seize power over the city, and, of course, superheroes standing up against them. Overhead, helicopters are circling in the sky, and magical unicorns are galloping along the shining Arch of People's Friendship Arch.

The website's menu is illuminated with a magic ray of light from an alien flying saucer – a reference to the popular story about Earthworm Jim. When the menu is closed, you can see the very same cow that appears in most of his adventures. The ray is used as a single stylistic element. On the main page and in the footer of the website, it symbolizes a footlight directed to a stage to illuminate the main event.

SEO Comic Con

Usability of the Comic Con Ukraine website

When developing the website of Comic Con Ukraine, it was extremely important to ensure its complete adaptability and effective display on all types of devices, which is an important condition for reaching the largest target audience.

When creating each page, our team thought through all the possible user scenarios to provide a simple website navigation and intuitive interface, implement the logic of information units’ arrangement in the most effective way, and easily present all content. On the website of Comic Con Ukraine, according to the principles of UI/UX design, basic information is placed on the main page, and additional information is displayed on other pages of the website’s menu.

Once users access the web resource, they immediately get the following opportunities:
  • SEO Festival Comic Con

    To buy tickets to the festival by clicking the pulsing red button "Buy a ticket". In addition, the "Buy a ticket" button is available on each screen when scrolling the page;

  • SEO in social networks Comic Con

    to go to Comic Con Ukraine’s pages in social media;

  • SEO Comic Con Top Events

    to learn about the festival’s advantages and main events of its program;

  • SEO news Comic Con

    to read the news about Comic Con Ukraine;

  • SEO information Comic Con

    to get more detailed information about the conditions of participation for visitors, cosplayers, K-pop Cover Dance teams, mass media representatives, stalls and shops with the possibility to apply;

  • SEO Photo Comic Con

    to watch the video review and photos illustrating the festival’s location;

  • SEO partner Comic Con

    to take a look at the list of the event partners.

Strategies to promote Comic Con

Results of cooperation with the Comic Con Ukraine festival

Let’s be objective: we have managed to develop a stylish, effective, competitive and applicative website fully meeting the needs of its target audience. Having completely immersed in the subject, the team of Clock Creative Lab was able to create a truly competitive theme-based website which allows ensuring a steady increase in the festival’s popularity in future.

Despite the forced decrease in the number of animation effects, design of the website’s final version remained expressive and eye-catching.

The Comic Con Ukraine web resource corresponds to the general brand philosophy; it’s convenient for visitors and completes all the tasks of the event which have been set before the "online segment" of the festival’s promotion.

Need a website to solve the issues of your business and become a leader in your niche? We are ready to discuss your real business development opportunities!

Need a website to solve the issues of your business and become a leader in your niche?

We are ready to discuss your real business development opportunities!