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Paket 24

Website for printing studio Paket 24


Printing studio Paket 24 - individual production of corporate products and paper bags.

Website development for Paket 24 printing studio

Project features Paket 24

Along with the active development of digital marketing and its widespread implementation in all areas of business, art and manufacturing, the printing industry continues to be one of the most difficult in terms of competition. New trends and the speed of modern life dictate the current conditions for the development of the printing business.

In such a reality, one of the most important elements of successful growth is the ability of a unique and modern website, the creation of which became the main task of the Paket 24 printing studio project.

Website development for the printing studio Paket 24

Concept site for Paket 24

Our client studio Paket 24 is dedicated to custom production of corporate products and paper bags for companies, brands and organizations.

Paket 24 printing studio offers its customers bags of coated paper, cardboard, design paper and craft, as well as ready-made paper bags for printing. In addition, Paket 24 provides advertising and corporate printing services - the creation of calendars, notebooks, folders and envelopes from coated and design paper.

Thus, the task of the Paket 24 project was to create an original site with the functionality of a service catalog, an online calculator and an understandable but exclusive UI / UX design. The main goal was to create a unique resource that will effectively represent the image of the Paket 24 printing studio, focus on the benefits of our client's services and distinguish him favorably from competitors.

We decided to show that printing can be associated not only with stereotypes about production, but also with the aesthetics of art, modern design and beauty.

Website development for the printing house Paket 24

The main goals and objectives of the Paket 24 project

Starting work on the creation of a website and an effective promotion strategy for the Paket 24 printing studio, the Clock Creative Lab team chose a non-standard and author's approach.

Having highlighted the specific functional tasks of the future Paket 24 website, as well as having made a detailed analysis of the needs of the audience of the printing studio, we started development. First of all, we thought over the structure and logic of the website in accordance with its functionality.

Website development for printing Paket 24

Paket 24 Marketing & SEO Strategy

Considering all the features of the printing business, the promotion of such a company requires professional accuracy and a specific approach. The main objectives of the marketing and SEO strategy were to increase the studio's recognition level, its authority among competitors, as well as to comprehensively promote all the services that Paket 24 printing studio provides for corporate clients, stores and brands.

A separate tool for actively attracting constant traffic and a stable audience is the Blog, on the pages of which Paket 24 customers can find modern trends, news and reviews from the professionals of the printing studio.

Author's design of Paket 24 studio website

An important stage in the development of the Paket 24 studio author's website was the creation of an original design that would successfully emphasize the functionality of the site and would serve as a reflection of the values ​​and priorities of Paket 24, which imply sustainability, environmental friendliness and an individual approach to each client. As a result, it helped us create an absolutely unique, authentic and at the same time logical and understandable design.

Animated cardboard shapes and colored areas were chosen as the main elements, which create spectacular accents. All pages of the site have paper texture and are made in warm colors using beige, orange and terracotta shades.

Paket 24 website development: structure and functionality

The structure of the Paket 24 website, which was designed by the Clock Creative Lab team according to the needs of the printing studio clients, follows a strict logic and includes pages detailing Paket 24 services and an online calculator. It is the calculator that will allow site visitors to choose the type of printing, paper density, lamination option and many other parameters, as well as find out the exact cost of the order.

We also took care of the comfort of communication with studio clients by connecting the functionality of a chat bot. Thanks to this tool, you no longer need to wait for a manager's response for several hours, which significantly increases the number of orders and helps to retain interested customers.

The results of work on the Paket 24 project

So, the site, which was developed by the Clock Creative Lab team for the Paket 24 studio, is a functional platform that will help the clients of the printing studio to conveniently and quickly go through all the stages of ordering corporate products or paper bags, from the choice of design to the final ordering. The user-friendly interface and responsive design provide an effective interaction experience that attracts new customers and guarantees loyalty of regular customers.

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