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Website Promotion Strategies

Client is a modern company for documents’ assistance and administrative services.

New brand – a new large-scale web resource

SEO promotion Dela about the company

Creating a website with UI/UX design, naming, and branding

At the beginning of the cooperation, the client already had a website that the company wanted to develop. The client already requested website development from various agencies and even ordered promotion services once. However, it did not give the expected results.

The main goal of the clients was to expand and develop the company. At the same time, they were interested in developing the field of administrative services itself – by creating a simple and convenient service, where anyone can order a document quickly and at the best price.


In order to implement the goals of the client, we proposed to create a new brand that meets the current challenges. In addition, we proposed to develop a more ambitious, compared to the existing one, SEO-optimized resource. As a complex solution, our team has chosen a holistic promotion of the company, both in terms of image and key SEO-parameters in the network.

Analysis of competitors’ websites

Based on the results of in-depth analysis of competitors, we found that most similar companies are represented in the network through the Landing Page. These are small one-page sites created to promote one product or service (e.g. expert evaluation of real estate or BTI services).

Among the analyzed websites there were several visually pleasing solutions, but they had shortcomings in terms of functionality and ease of presenting the information. They were promoted solely through advertising but not SEO-parameters.

SEO website promotion Dela benefits


The key characteristics of the project, which had to be communicated through the website, were:

  • 01

    The comfort of obtaining administrative services and registration of applications for procedures for all users (both online on the company's website – and in any of the stylish modern offices of the document service).

  • 02

    A wide range of services done within the shortest possible time.

  • 03

    Completeness, accuracy, and availability of information about the services.

  • 04

    The official status of the issued documents in full compliance with the legislation.

  • 05

    Centralization – you no longer need to apply to government agencies to get the service.

SEO case for promoting Dela logo

Creating the logo

The company logo is created in the minimalistic style. As the basis, we took the main symbol of the completed case or task – a "check" mark. Then, we have improved it to ensure full compliance with the key criteria of an effective logo:

  • memorability – ease of perception, uniqueness, coincidence with the general concept;
  • adequacy – associativity, simplicity, clarity, and consistency of the image, attractiveness – creativity of the image;
  • adaptability or responsiveness – the ability to simplify to one basic detail of the image for using it on different websites and maintaining brand awareness and correct display of the logo even on tiny screens of modern gadgets;

The naming and branding of the project were carried out in accordance with the theses of the key message about the company, we have developed several options of the brand name and have chosen the best – the most harmonious, memorable and simple, so that even aged users can easily find a document service on the network. It contains a reference to the field in which the company operates and the type of services provided.

UI/UX design and engineering the website structure

After analyzing the competitors of the client's company and the target audience of the project, we identified the most popular requests from Internet users in this area. Based on the results, we developed and offered the client a plan of the website structure. One of the main and unique solutions that we have created for to distinguish the company from competitors was to bet on the scale of the project. This was necessary to convince potential customers and to inspire confidence in the company.

This decision was supported by appropriate visualization, which we will discuss below. As well, the scale of the project was stressed by the real reviews of famous customers of, such as the famous designer and architect Sergei Makhno.

SEO website promotion Dela design

SEO-promotion of the website

The website structure was developed on the basis of the previously identified most popular requests of Internet users in the subject of administrative services. At the first stages of filling the website with information, the SEO-significant information was transferred from the already existing website. This is a kind of work that requires a precision of process and correctness of the implementation in terms of technical literacy.

The planned structure included the creation of a large-scale portal and the development of content to fill all pages. Apart from information pages ("About", "Home", "Cooperation", "Pricelist", "Contacts"), we have developed SEO-optimized texts for more than 80 information pages about services in six categories. Our goal was to create content that would allow customers of to get complete information about a particular administrative service in an accessible form. Users can read about the topic of interest in a language convenient for them. For this purpose, the website was created to be multilingual.

During the existence of the project, the client did not invest its advertisement budget into the development of the website. The promotion was carried out only through the SEO-optimization. The weight of the resource is growing steadily and gradually due to the correct SEO-structure, SEO-optimized texts and correctly performed transfer of SEO-significant information from the previous company's website.

Unique UI/UX design

The website for company was developed with all of the UI/UX design requirements taken into account. In order to build a direct link to the formality of the administrative procedures provided by the company, we used the following style visualization techniques:

  • minimalism;
  • a large number of gaps, the so-called air;
  • scale images;
SEO promotion dela ui / ux design

Design highlights

The first screen of the home page contains a full-scale video of the Ukrainian capital from the height of a bird flight, which attracts the attention of a website’s visitor. With this video we wanted to show the big scale of the company’s activity and the comfort of its interaction not only with different areas of the city but also with other regions of the country - adjusted a system of correspondence of the documents to other cities of Ukraine. Two departments of the document service, in addition to two offices in Kyiv, also work in Brovary and Odesa.

We used video and modern adaptive UI/UX design techniques to demonstrate the key values of the company:

  • convenience and speed of obtaining administrative services from professionals;
  • abolition of bureaucracy;
  • simplification of licensing relations between the state apparatus and society;

For the same purpose, we have implemented a calculator on the site. When scrolling the page, it calculates the current indicators: the number of created documents, issued technical passports, registered enterprises, and satisfied customers.

UI/UX design tools

All applied style techniques, as well as the site as a whole, are adaptive. This is necessary to ensure that the resource is equally effective and displayed on all kinds of devices. The development of UI/UX website design is preceded by a deep study of the target audience – users who will interact with the resource in the future. When designing a website, the UI/UX designer takes into account the logic of user behavior, as well as users’ values and aesthetic preferences.

The adaptive design included the use of animation effects, as well as interactive elements such as pop-UPS, convenient and concise application forms.

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