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BOBO coworking is a modern office space in the center of Warsaw, Poland.

  • Identity development
  • Brand book development
  • Corporate website concept

BOBO coworking

Visual identity and website concept for BOBO coworking

A modern business center in the center of Warsaw, a collective office for active and creative people in need of a comfortable and functional workspace – this is an approximate description of the BOBO coworking space. They position themselves not just as coworking, but rather as a community of creative people, able to inspire and motivate. Perfect office space for all needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small and large companies.

"We are building a unique community of professionals and talented people. The English word "BOBO" comes from the description of this social group, derived from the words "Bohemian Bourgeoisie" – creative and free people with a wide range of interests. The modern elite, which sets trends in the era of technology, combines the best features of the urban Bohemia and the Bourgeoisie," says Daniel Bachman, the Creator of BOBO.

Unique and effective ideas are born in the right conditions. In places like BOBO.

Prestigious location, many commodities, unique interior – we immediately grasped the key features of our new client.

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High and interesting goal

In the initial stages of its development, BOBO coworking partially got a website with a good design, quite a decent logo, and a complete interior design of the space itself.
However, all these components were created by different people, which led to visual chaos. For example, the interior design of the space did not fit the website, there was no connection in the visual identity of BOBO, there was no unity.
We got an interesting and creative goal – to connect all this, to develop a corporate identity, and to give the BOBO coworking brand visual harmony. It was decided to do this through the development of an official brand book.

Where we started – creating the basis of brand identity out of chaos

So, we had the name and logo, the website and its design, as well as some color schemes. All this came from freelance designers who showed a good result, but because of the inconsistency of all these visual solutions, the overall picture looked incomprehensible and chaotic. Because of this, the BOBO brand clearly had a weak recognition.

We took Slavic patterns as the basis of identity: by the way, the idea of such style was found at the stage of participation of the previous designers. It was necessary to develop this visual direction, and then develop a full brand book on its basis.

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Brand book creation and the search for harmony

We have chosen a common motto for the BOBO coworking project - “The best place to work”. With this identification, we go further: develop and structure visual solutions in conjunction with the project architecture. Assessing the visual features of the premises, we have shaped common features for the future brand book.

We transformed the logo and developed visual elements and animations based on Slavic motifs. Interestingly, the Slavic-styled design was later used everywhere – from the interior of coworking to font solutions.

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Creating the concept of the BOBO Coworking website

Further on, on the basis of the already created identity, we developed the website. We used animation effects on it that let as to achieve harmony and functionality in the form of the official BOBO web resource. In the end, the finished website looks holistically along with the workspace and creates a positive impression among visitors. Finally, now it looks really cool and dynamic.

BOBO Coworking brand book in real life

The corporate style, implemented by us in the format of a brand book, in the future was used every area of the company’s activity – in the interior of working spaces, on the website, in advertising and information videos, on merchandise products, and in printed materials.


Why the project was interesting in a nutshell

An important working and social platform received its corporate identity, which became the basis for the long-term development of the brand. In the work on the brand book, we managed to achieve unity and harmony as well as create a flexible and associative design with a high degree of recognition.

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