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web-production services

Website development

In our company’s view, web production is more than simply building a website or providing a web service

We make not just websites — we are the creators of the development strategy of your business on the Internet

Website development is not mechanical work, but full-fledged creativity; it’s a product of cooperation between the creative team that has ideas and subject matter experts who can provide high-quality technical support for them.

It’s impossible to get by only with taking care about the "beautiful" design and technical aspects when developing this type of website: it’s necessary to have a smart strategy, consider marketing and business tasks, moreover, you will need sound analytics and competent forecast. To get one of the best websites on the market with high competitiveness, you will need a professional team, its experience, expertise and skills.

In our understanding, a website is overwhelmingly a convenient and effective business tool. It must perform specific tasks and meet its goals, and its style and functionality have to be 100% consistent with the overall strategy.

Web production is comprehensive efforts on creation and development of a website on the Internet.

It includes working on the web pages’ design, layout, content, and implementation of modern web and marketing technologies that can meet the needs of its visitors and the requirements of the future web resource’s owners.

We can offer you different website formats, but you will need only one of them. Which one? To define this, we have to meet and discuss your project. However, we can highlight the most effective website formats, which can become important tools for promoting your business.

For high coverage and achievement of the most ambitious goals

Corporate Website

A classic "massive" website with a branched structure, a full-fledged menu, and a wide field for SEO promotion.

A well-designed and correctly implemented corporate website becomes a full-fledged web platform for a company: it forms the company's right image on the Internet, provides active communication with its customers, and gives complete information about the business.

Corporate website is built on a functional content management system (CMS), which ensures simplicity and efficiency of website management, and its convenience from the user's point of view. Clock Creative Lab operates only its "own" original CMS, without using any ready-made templates — this significantly increases the project’s efficiency.

First you work for your website (invest in it), and then it starts working for you. Competent planning and implementation at an early stage always ensures success of the project in future. The website starts to bring real financial profits, amplifies the coverage and gives an increase in customers.

It’s the most effective way to tell about your advantages and bring a visitor to making a purchase

Conversion is a ratio which measures the number of a website’s visitors who have done a programmed desired action relative to the total quantity of the website’s visitors

Landing Page

A small website for one page which contains general information about advantages of your product/service in a format bringing visitors to doing a specific desired action (to buy a product, make a call, book a consultation, confirm a membership and so on).

The landing page is divided into several parts, which are sequentially connected with each other, representing a one whole system and meeting one goal —  to provide the maximum value of conversion.

If your landing page is correctly designed and implemented, its conversion rate will be very high

The main feature of a landing page is that its ultimate goal is not familiarization, but bringing a visitor to doing a specific desired action through an informatory telling about your advantages.

The simplified website format increases the conversion chances. We should keep in mind that a landing page has a certain weakness — limited SEO promotion opportunities. However, this by no means reduces a landing page’s effectiveness in its main purpose.

When you are focused on informative and neat presentation of the company without bearing high expenses

Business Card Website

A full-fledged website with a limited number of pages which contains basic information about the company, its activities and commercial offer. It is neater and less cumbersome in comparison with the classical website.

During development of a business card website, we focus on the company itself — in order to present it to its target audience in a beneficial and attractive way. This is a full-featured website that allows effective SEO promotion. It does have a simplified structure without any additional program modules and elements, which this is not a weakness, but an intentional feature.

Business card website is the best format to present you and your business to the target audience — those customers who haven’t purchased anything from you yet (because they don’t know that you exist).

It’s an effective way to establish stable large-scale sales of products in online mode

Online Store

The website’s specialized structure and design are focused on selling products. A customer’s interaction with the product range is made automatically: a visitor looks through the products, sends the appealing items to cart and then draws up an application. All applications are processed by staff, and the process of payment/delivery starts. Users of smartphones, laptops, tablets, as well as desktop computer users, will be able to buy goods in your online store.

An up-to-date online store providing a professional approach from the team of its creators brings huge profits which exceed offline sales.

Web production by Clock Creative Lab always provides your project with individuality and exclusivity

Each project is made from scratch without using any ready-made ideas and patterned solutions. We do not use other people's plug-ins, modules, website templates, and never borrow other successful projects’ designs.

Everything is made by hand here – with high professionalism and blazing creative energy.

Yes, it’s more expensive to create a website which will be the best in your industry and sidestep rivals, but our outcome works in the long term. Combining strategic online marketing and high-end personal creative ideas, we set new standards on the web business market and turn your business into an etalon brand which brings lots of money.

However, there is another option

“template websites” are made quickly and cost little. Clock Creative Lab won’t be able to offer you this kind of website for at least two reasons:

  • 01

    This kind of website won’t bring your business real profits;

  • 02

    It’s a shame to work at same-type tinkering projects.

web-production services
How do we
Achieve results?
step 01
Business analytics

Market research is conducted; information about your business and the line of your competitors is collected. Full immersion in your business and its detailed investigation.

step 02
Concept development

Based on the collected information about your business, market and competitors, as well as our experience, we form a creative strategic proposal. We offer our vision.

step 03

Creation of a company’s corporate identity, which includes the website design. Visual solutions for your brand will be developed in accordance with the general strategy and our vision.

step 04
Work on the website

Implementation of all strategic solutions —both technical and visual. A thorough technical work is made, mobile version is created, SEO optimization is carried out at the stage of website development, and a detailed testing is made.

step 05
Final stage

General check and testing of the website to detect any errors and omissions. Review of the project for compliance with concrete performance indicators.

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