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Visual identity for an international brand OIO

Visual identity for an international brand


OIO – is a producer of electric scooters and electric bikes.

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  • Branding
  • Product Design


To work with clients who have ambitions of a “big international brand” is always a genuine pleasure for our team. OIO, a manufacturer of electric scooters and bikes - who didn’t have their own elements of design by the time when we met - decided to conquer the market and enter the international level in the nearest future. By that time this company was already successful enough but didn’t have any visual identity. Even though their products were manufactured and sold successfully, the brand had no unique name, no design, and not even a logo. We decided to solve this issue using the Clock Creative Lab.

Visual identity for the brand OIO

How is the visual identity of a brand shaped?

We had an empty blank that we had to fill with the essence of the brand and create a catchy product design. To shape the appearance of a future brand, it’s character and identity. It was a hard but interesting creative work, with numerous sketches and constant discussions.

In the beginning was the word

Design and the whole identity of a brand are shaped mainly around its name. This is why naming a brand is the first step of creating its identity, as in the future the whole brand’s design will “grow” around its name. We developed a unique naming OIO - absolutely authentic, catchy, and minimalistic. This name is easy to remember or identify, and it fits different formats of visual implementation and publishing.



Then was the logo

The name OIO even visually resembles with a bicycle: letters OO look like wheels, and the I in between looks like a bike frame. On a subconscious level, the logo informs a viewer that the brand is related to the area of cycling transport and electric appliances. It was implemented through transforming the name into a schematic image of a cyclist riding a bike or of a socket (link to plugging into an electric network). We as well had an option to create a logo that resembles lightning, which would stress the connection of the product with electrical appliances or electricity in general.

Working on the logo, we managed to create the intended image among our customers and make the brand’s visual components easy to remember. Now, the logo of OIO can perfectly fit any possible devices and platforms.

Logo OIO


And, finally, the product design.
Now, having a unique name and logo, we started to work on the design of bikes. We had an aim - to create an efficient and functional product-design of an international level. Besides the creative work, we researched the market and the target audience, as well as made a couple of presentations for our focus groups. At this stage of the working process, we developed forty options of design for the six models of electric bikes and scooters (from six to eight options of design for each model).

Design OIO


For the design, besides the trendy colors, we also used natural colors found in flora and fauna. We combined bright colors to visually stress separate elements of our bikes and scooters - fixing nuts, switchers, brakes’ wires and bike stands. In the end, we had an interesting and unusual result - even for the international market.
The work on the product’s design was not limited to the graphics editors: we actively experimented with prints, textures, and stamping (on handles, leather, seats, and stands), aiming to achieve the precise display of the design in the real-life conditions. We picked colors in a way that they naturally interact with the metal parts.e chose colors in such a way that they interacted well with metal.

Bicycle design OIO Bicycle design OIO


A package as a physical implementation of the design.
Now you should make the design a part of a full-fledged functional product - put it on the bikes, and most importantly - create a unique packaging design.
Now we have to make the design be a part of the fully functional product - to implement it on the bikes, and most importantly - create an authentic design of the package. A product has to be packed beautifully, following the overall visual code. Just as we did! The design of a package coincides with the overall concept, looks impressive and is easy to remember.

We developed two options of a package - for the main line of the product (Mass market box) and for the VIP models (Box premium. The premium models of electric bikes are delivered in a slightly darkened and more appealing package, in order to stress the exclusiveness of the product.

Packaging development OIO


In this project we literally created a full-scale international brand with a powerful visual identity, having only sketches and discussions at the beginning. Starting from the sketches and the first ideas in our studio, the OIO design has now become a part of a big world-known brand. The original design created by us is now being used and published by the brand on a full scale: electric scooters and bikes from OIO are now being sold at all of the big distribution platforms of the country - COMFY, Rozetka, ALLO, Eldorado, Foxtrot and MOYO.

We created a flexible and universal design, implemented in the actual line of products, that are successfully sold all across Ukraine and abroad. Interaction with OIO became an absolute success for both parties, and, with our help, a successful brand becomes the leader of the electric bikes and scooters segment right now!

Bike branding OIO
Branding OIO
Branding urban bike OIO

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