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Visual identity for an international brand OIO

Visual identity for an international brand


OIO – manufacturer of electric scooters and electric bicycles.

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Product Design


Working with clients who have ambitions of a “big international brand” is always a real pleasure for our team. The manufacturer of electro-scooters and electric bicycles OIO - at the time of acquaintance, not having its own design elements - decided to conquer the market and enter the international arena in the near future. The success of the company was already high, but no visual identity. Products have been successfully created for a long time, but there is no unique name, no design, no logo. Fix the situation decided by Clock Creative Lab.

Visual identity for the brand OIO

How the brand's visual identity is shaped?

Before us was a “clean sheet” on which it was necessary to skillfully express the essence of the brand and create a memorable product design. To shape the future of the brand, its character and identity. Difficult, but bright and interesting creative work - with dozens of sketches and regular discussions.

First there was the word

The design and the entire brand identity is formed mainly on the brand name. Therefore, you first need a name - in the future, based on it, the whole design will “grow”. We have developed a unique OIO naming - absolutely authentic, visually “tenacious” and minimalistic. The name is well remembered and identified, suitable for different formats of visual execution and replication.



Then - logo

The name OIO even visually resembles a bicycle: the letters OO are made like wheels, and I between them resembles a bicycle frame. Logo on an intuitive level reports on the brand's belonging to the field of bicycle transport and electrical engineering. This is realized through the transformation of the name into a schematic depiction of a cyclist at the wheel or sockets (a reference to the inclusion in the power grid). There was also a version of the image in the form of a lightning, which indicated the connection of the goods with the category of electrical engineering, electricity.

In working with the logo, we managed to create the right associations with the audience and make the brand visually memorable. Logo OIO is equally profitable on all devices and platforms.

Logo OIO


Finally, product design.
With a unique name and logo, we started to design bikes. Set a goal - to create a spectacular and functional product design of the international level. In addition to creative work, they were engaged in market research and the target audience, made design presentations for focus groups. At this stage, we developed 40 design options for six models of electric bikes and electric scooters (from six to eight versions of the design of each model).

Design OIO


In addition to trend colors, we used unique natural colors of flora and fauna for design. Bright colors combined with visual accentuation of individual elements of vehicles - bolts on fasteners, switches, wires from the brakes and fixing steps. It turned out interesting and unusual - even for the international market.
The design was created not only within graphic editors: we actively experimented with prints, textures and embossments (on pens, leather, seats, substrates) in order to achieve the correct display of the design in real conditions. We chose colors in such a way that they interacted well with metal.

Bicycle design OIO Bicycle design OIO


Packaging as a physical embodiment of design.
Now you should make the design a part of a full-fledged functional product - put it on the bikes, and most importantly - create a unique packaging design.
The product should be beautifully packaged, in a single style decision. How it happened with us! The design corresponds to the general concept, it looks spectacular and well remembered.

We have developed two types of packaging - for the main part of products (Mass market box) and VIP models (Box premium). Premium models of electric bikes come in a slightly darkened and more catchy packaging to emphasize the elitism of the product.

Packaging development OIO

The brand

In this project, we literally have created a full-fledged international brand with strong visual identity from sketches and discussions. Developing from paper sketches and first ideas in the studio, the OIO design has already become part of a large global brand. The original design created by us is fully used and replicated by the brand: OIO electric bikes and electric scooters are sold at all major venues in the country - COMFY, Rozetka, ALLO, Eldorado, Foxtrot and MOYO.

We have created a flexible and versatile design, embodied in a real line of products that are well sold in Ukraine and abroad. OIO customer interaction became an absolute success for both parties, and with our help, the progressive brand is leading the electric bikes and electric scooters segment right now!

Bike branding OIO
Branding OIO
Branding urban bike OIO

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