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design services

Design development

Design is an important web production tool and the most powerful marketing tool. The development of the Internet and the increase in demand for website building have given rise to web design. The purpose of modern web design is at the interface of style and aesthetics, functionality and logic. This is a professional artistic and technical activity on designing user interface of websites.

It’s design that makes your website unique, providing a visual translation of the brand’s philosophy.

The modern Internet is the most competitive market, and professional design services are a tool that can favourably showcase your brand. A high-quality web design engages the target audience’s attention, allows significantly strengthen your positions on the Internet, attract new customers, and improve your image. And vice versa, bad “template” design makes even the most valuable information go unnoticed.

Our vision of the modern web design?

Clock Creative Lab offers professional web design and brand identity development services. We offer only a unique, “handcrafted” web product — stylish, competitive, functional, and efficient. Design should make the world that we live in better, and bring money – this is what we think about it, and this is the design we create.

Instead of templates, ready-made ideas and budget solutions, we offer an exclusive strategic design, developed keeping in mind the world's leading examples, but focused on our client and his/her audience. In our laboratory, we constantly monitor the latest world design trends, learn the best from the richest web design practices and do something better!

For us, the website’s logo or color layout is only a part of the entire visual identity system on which a good modern brand should repose on. And every element of the visual system created by us has top consumer properties and aesthetic characteristics.

We develop web design of international standing – it’s logical, handy, aesthetically pleasing, and up-to-date. If you appreciate such deep immersion in work and such a high level of responsibility, you will definitely like what we do!

Design is not only aesthetics. It has its goals and solves specific problems

As the design contains some elements of art and engineering, it is subject to their rules, which can ensure the development of high-quality layouts and, most importantly, impressive websites. For example, there are recommendations concerning the necessary number of colors and fonts in a layout, symmetry, indentation, and the way of presenting materials.

One of the main rules we use is that design must have a goal. Depending on the objective and purposes, means are also selected. Thus, web design is not the design of web pages, but the development activity intended to achieve well-orchestrated goals.

UI/UX дизайн

The new age requires new solutions. 10 years ago web design was monotonous and banal, but now it is one of the fastest growing areas of web technologies. UI/UX design is a modern and advanced approach to designing websites and user interfaces. Its goal is to create truly attractive, handy, and effective online projects, primarily focused on the user.

Using UI/UX design, we create not only aesthetically beautiful projects, but the websites with all content logically connected, presenting the information for visitors in a correct and accessible way. And all the elements on their pages bring a visitor to doing desired actions which are beneficial to you.

The scheme of working at UI/UX design is as follows:

  • 01

    Analysis and definition of tasks

  • 02

    Market research

  • 03

    Design of the structure

  • 04

    Drawing a unique design

When creating a website’s pages, we think through possible user scenarios, create a large number of working layouts and prototypes, and then we carefully draw each element, icon, and button in the user interface.

During the web-design development, we don’t miss out any important detail that can affect the final result. Clock Creative Lab gets each project in a state of perfect correspondence of eye appeal and logic. We make websites that people like; they are kept in memory, and motivate to buy.

Brand Book development and creation of your company’s corporate identity

We offer a full range of services on a Brand Book and corporate identity development. One can’t imagine a successful modern brand without unique high-quality images in which its philosophy and idea are discernible, and the company’s style and advantages are manifested. In our laboratory, we develop bright, bold, and effective solutions for brands and then write in detail the guidelines for their use in an official corporate document — a Brand Book.

Our team can develop for you ideology, concept and brand identity from scratch. A prepared brand book can be productively used by your marketing department, all your employees, including your remote affiliates and franchise users, as well as your partners who provide outdoor advertising services and others.

Our corporate identity development services:

  • Brand name development (naming)

  • Visual brand image development (corporate identity)

  • Development of corporate style mediums

  • Writing a guide for the use of corporate identity (guidelines)

  • Package/label design

  • Print/outdoor advertising design

  • Development of corporate symbols’ concept and design

  • Logo development

  • Branding

  • Rebranding

How do we work on a Brand Book and brand’s corporate identity?

  • 01

    First, we conduct a general analysis of your competitors and the overall market situation.

  • 02

    Then we determine the distinctive advantages of your company. On their basis, we create a "sense bearing image", from which the brand’s "corporate identity" will grow in future.

  • 03

    Based on the collected information and a careful strategy, we create a logo and other corporate identity elements.

  • 04

    At the same time, we will develop standards and rules for applying your corporate images to any mediums.

  • 05

    The final result of our participation in the project is drafting of accurate and detailed guidelines for the created corporate identity’s use.

Design services
UI/UX (web design)

Designing the space of the website’s pages in order to create the most attractive, convenient, and effective information for your audience.

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Brand Book Development

An official in-house document that contains detailed information about the main brand identity elements and brand symbols.

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Design services
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We are overachievers and passionate about what we do

We completely immerse in your business, ready to explore the intricacies of the client's activities all night long. And all that is for one purpose – to get a new effective project, and bundle of knowledge and experience. If we undertake to design a website for you, or create a logo, we will carefully study your area of activities, seek a personal understanding of all important inherencies of your business, so that we could get a high-quality and competent end result.

We are the most severe critics to ourselves

We are very critical about the result. We are very ambitious and strive to make each of our projects a leader in its niche. Setting high standards, we are very demanding about ourselves and the outcome of our work. As a result — at the final stage of design development — your project will look (and work!) really amazing.

We say “no” to ready-made solutions. We are creative

We use only our own ideas and tools. Templates and other people’s ideas — even leading market players’— are unacceptable for us. Each of our projects is unique, detailed, and often becomes a true event for its audience.

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