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SEO website promotion Audi RS


Audi Center Kiev South – official dealer of the German concern Audi

Website development for the presentation and sales of cars Audi RS

SEO promotion Audi RS

Inspired by goals

Long-term partnership with “Audi Center Kiev South” brought us successful experience in promoting auto business projects in the premium segment. The presentation on the Ukrainian market of the RS and R series models was for Clock Creative Lab the fourth project that we implemented together with the official dealer of the German concern. We were confident in our abilities and, as soon as the goals of the project were defined, we immediately set about implementing them.

The peculiarity of the project was that we needed to create a web resource for promoting and selling not one car, but seven at once: RS 3, RS 5, RS 6, RS 7, RS Q3, TT RS, R8. We have identified two key objectives - to acquaint potential and current customers with the RS and R series and separately with each model for subsequent sale. To implement them, we decided to develop a special Audi RS microsite.

We sought to partially or completely replace the client’s visit to the car dealership by visiting the site at the stage of acquaintance with a new model. This was supposed to make the review process, test drive and buying a supercar more dynamic.

Site development

We create sites step by step, work is carried out in the following sequence:

  • 01

    Business analyst - we carry out a study of the market, of the client’s competitors, we determine the unique advantages of the product, and if necessary we develop unique positioning. Immerse yourself in the specifics of the client company.

  • 02

    We develop the concept of the project - our vision of the realization of the client's business goals - on the basis of the information gathered following the results of the first stage. Create a creative strategic proposal.

  • 03

    UI / UX design - we develop visual and technical solutions for a web resource in accordance with the principles of user-oriented design. We create an intuitive, convenient and attractive site interface for potential customers. We form natural conditions on the resource for the user to perform targeted actions - making an application for consultation with the manager, buying a car.

  • 04

    Web development - the development of technical support for the site, the introduction of graphic solutions, the creation of SEO-structure and mobile version, detailed testing of the resource.

  • 05

    System check the site for errors. Performance audit, summing up the project.

SEO promotion Audi RS Concept


With the help of the microsite, we sought to convey to the current and potential Audi customers the spirit and unique advantages of both the RS and R series in general and each model in particular. According to the concept developed by us, the resource was to become a special space for the presentation of the delightful “Audi RS League”. As well as a tool for immersing the user in the world of sports cars Audi. In a way not just to get acquainted with the models, but to really feel your future car without visiting the salon.

UI / UX web resource design

When developing a site for the Audi RS, we took into account the key principles of UI / UX design. Designed a web resource so that the visitor was comfortable and pleasant to use all the available buttons, tools and programs.

Our goal was to create an intuitive and simple navigation, working on the organization of the site structure and the sequence of placement of screens and sections. For this purpose, Clock Creative Lab specialists also developed an unobtrusive dynamic button for switching to the model's order form, so that the customer can make an order at any time on the site. All these factors in the amount of naturally push the user to target actions - obtaining the most complete information about cars and filling out the application form for consultation with an Audi representative.

SEO promotion Audi RS Web Development

Web development

In developing the technical support of the site, we introduced the latest web and marketing tools. The Clock Creative Lab specialists worked on the optimal size of the resource. One that allowed the client to get access to a sufficient amount of useful media and text content, while providing instant downloads. For ease of use of the resource on various gadgets, we also created a mobile version of the site.

SEO promotion Audi RS Concept


We implemented the principle of "advertising 24/7" in this project - from the moment of launch, we continuously talked through the site about new models of the RS and R series and interacted with customers. This approach allowed us to realize the main objectives of the project - the presentation of the Audi series, acquaintance with models of supercars and their sale.

SEO promotion Audi RS League

On the main page we decided to put all the information about the “Audi RS league” in order to impress and interest the user. To create a WOW effect, we have implemented a video slider with short reviews of models. After seeing your future car directly in action on the road, on the next screen you can start the engine and hear all its power with the touch of a button. Further, having familiarized with all the advantages of the sports series through large-scale images and unique texts, the client can go to the page of a specific model. Having done this, he seems to be inside the car, where you can see all the details and take a ride on the supercar right in the browser window.

At the end of each page we placed a feedback form where you can specify the model of interest and learn more about it from a representative of Audi.


As part of the Audi RS project for Audi Center Kiev South, we were able to accomplish all the tasks:

  • 01

    Introduce the target audience to the benefits of the RS and R series.

  • 02

    Develop a unique web presentation for each model.

  • 03

    Collect applications from customers for personal consultation on a specific model with the dealership manager.

During the long-term cooperation with Audi Center Kiev South, we proved that our unique approach allows us to create not just websites, but full-fledged strategies for developing online business. Web solutions from Clock Creative Lab are always exclusive, reflect the company's personality, correspond to its positioning and close a specific business problem.

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