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People like spending money on the Internet, and therefore you need to win customers here.

Online marketing is a package of measures aimed at promoting goods/services in the online environment.

Habitual advertising is no longer convincing for the audience, which has become much more experienced. But professional online marketing with a unique strategy provides real opportunities for a low-pressure and unstandard telling about your advantages.

Why do you need online marketing?

The main goal, of course, is selling — the website’s visitors have to become real buyers. With the greater access to the Internet, the online marketing tools have gradually emerged.

Today, no decent marketing companies can do without involving the online marketing resources.


Online marketing has important advantages that compare it favourably with the traditional promotion of goods offline.

  • Maximum accuracy in reaching the right audience

    Online marketing contains the tools that allow selecting people according to specific filters to show ads only to them.

  • Interactivity

    You can improve direct interaction with the audience, strengthen communication with customers, and monitor the situation.

  • High-quality web analytics

    You will have up-to-date and detailed statistics on the visitors' interest. There is an ability to quickly analyze the effectiveness of certain actions, and improve your approach if needed.

Use of online marketing give a business two important opportunities:

cost optimization — you don’t have to pay salaries to your sales department employees and spend money for advertising expansion of the company's activities — you can enter the national and international markets, extending beyond the local activities. In this case, almost no additional costs are required.

And your company’s chances of success, whether it’s small or large, will be more balanced. The features of promotion online are more democratic.

It’s much easier and cheaper to enter the market aided by web technologies than through traditional advertising media. In addition, online marketing itself is developing rapidly, which means that it gives more and more new opportunities.

Online marketing strategy

Online marketing provides great opportunities for brand promotion and making the brand’s commercial offer through the Internet. It’s the most interactive, selective, and manageable promotional tool that turns web users into active buyers and customers.

Attracting new visitors, increasing the website’s effectiveness, and tirelessly bringing customers back to you, the online marketing tools ensure sales growth. Unlike other types of marketing, web promotion not only attracts customers but also can effectively introduce them into the circle of your customers.

Online marketing does not force anybody to buy a product, but makes it so attractive that the audience gets strongly interested in it — and such goods and services sell themselves. To achieve this, you need a good plan — a clever online strategy.

What is a marketing strategy in online marketing?

This is a long-term promotion plan which has an ultimate goal, but does not call for planning every little detail. In our situation, the aim of such strategy is to increase sales. Accordingly, the development of a strategy in online marketing should include actions leading to a real revenue increase of a company.

Why do you need a strategy in marketing?

You can do business without any strategy, but you will not be able to develop it without following a considered policy. If you want to develop your company and invest in its promotion, you need a marketing strategy. Otherwise, you will bear chaotic and unsystematic expenses.

Clock Creative Lab develops an individual action plan for sales growth

Not only we plan the strategy, but also keep an eye on performance to plan — otherwise, even a brilliant promotion scheme will not bring any results. It should be remembered that a standard step by step strategy that works for any business is a myth. Unfortunately, there are no commonly used solutions. Our company develops only custom-made strategic solutions, interrelated with and leading to achieving a single goal — a real sales growth.

We are able to develop the weaknesses of your business, strengthen its strengths, and make the best use of available resources.

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Online marketing solves the following tasks:

  • Attracting visitors to your website
  • Promoting your goods/services
  • Increasing the range of activity
  • Increasing brand awareness and reinforcement of brand image
  • Close collaboration with the audience

Main online marketing means are:

  • Search advertising

    Attracting a target audience by means of ads in search engines — Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords services are used here. This advertising is characterized by high targeting and a fully automated process.

  • Search remarketing (Retargeting)

    It’s a tool aimed at attracting users who previously visited the website, but have not done any desired actions yet. The advertising campaigns in remarketing format are run through Google AdWords service.

  • Media advertising (Banner advertising)

    Ads in the form of search mailings, banners, articles, and PR events. Its main advantages are interactivity and good communication with the audience.

  • Advertising on Youtube

    Business promotion through the world’s largest video hosting. The advertising content is presented in the form of Youtube videos. Due to the fact that such ads are visual in their nature, the efficiency on Youtube is very high.

  • Targeted advertising on Instagram

    Business promotion through the most popular photo hosting in the world which boasts the audience of more than one billion. Moreover, there is an opportunity to use a full range of Instagram internal promotion services.

  • Targeted advertising on Facebook

    Attracting customers through the most popular social network. Having chosen the necessary criteria (location, demographic data, interests, etc.), here you can display your ads only for your target audience.

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Marketing services


To increase traffic to a website means significantly improving your business’ chances of success on the Internet. One can’t ensure high website traffic using only one approach — a website needs comprehensive efforts. One of the effective promotional tools is search advertising.

How is search advertising organized?

High efficiency of such advertising campaigns is provided by the most accurate targeting: the settings of Facebook ads allow you to customize the display of ads only for users who have a certain location, interests, age, sex.

Important: you pay only for visitors who came to your website or calls from interested users. And what could be better than paying only for the result?

It’s an extremely accurate and effective tool for contacting a target audience.

Search engine advertising is organized in a very simple way: when users click on an advertisement, they get to your website or landing page. The text of such ad should be written the way to impel/interest a person to click on it. Further success does not depend on the search advertising. Its task is to "bring" a client to the website, moreover, it’ a target client that it brings (someone who was searching services/goods of your niche in Google).

You can set up your search advertising not only in search engines but also on the theme-based websites that are similar to the subject of your ads. Thus, search advertising will provide a broad reach, being a perfect tool for telling about your product/service to a wide audience and attracting it to your website.

The main thing is to correctly set up your search engine advertising

A correctly set up search advertising — even with minimal participation from your side — will significantly increase traffic to a website, and, consequently, bring a good income. In contrast, if you set it up incorrectly, the ad will attract non-target users (people who are not interested in your product; they just misunderstood the ad’s message).

The main tool of search advertising is Google Adwords. Design of the ads themselves can be different (text ad publications, banners, and even videos).

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What does search engine advertising give to businesses?

  • 01

    Attracts new customers fast

  • 02

    Increases the number of repeat sales

  • 03

    Increases income and profits

  • 04

    Improves brand awareness

Search engine advertising honors the interests of your business with maximum accuracy

If you are interested in getting quick results from your ad campaigns, you definitely should take search advertising on board. Moreover, the best solution will be combining SEO and search engine advertising.

Advantages of search engine advertising:

  • Spot orientation on your target audience;
  • Extensive and convenient statistics of the project;
  • Significant increase in website traffic (in the first hours / day);
  • Pay per click;
  • Flexible settings.

The main disadvantage is that your ad immediately disappears after you have spent your budget. At the same time, as you spend the budget, the frequency of displaying your ads also drops. The system requires regular injections of money, providing, of course, good and fast results.

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Search engine advertising and SEO

Search engine advertising is part of an overall development and promotion of a project on the Internet.

It’s unreasonably to compare search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising — you don’t have to choose only one of them. These tools are not similar, and, therefore, do not compete against each other. In contrast, they work very effectively in tandem.

When you have a website ready and SEO promotion is being carried out, contextual advertising can be involved as an additional way of attracting traffic and attention to the project.

The main advantage of it is an accurate targeting: you can customize the display of your ads using any filters — area, interests, status, etc.

Search engine advertising brings instant results, providing accuracy in reaching a target audience.