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Разработка корпоративного сайта

If your business is not presented on the Internet, you are not in business. You lose up to 70% of profit.

Web–production services

Building a corporate website

Corporate website is an official company’s presentation on the Internet, which combines informational, marketing, communication, and strategic functions.

The main task of a corporate website is presenting information about the company, its services or product range in a favorable light.

Professional development and use of such website allows you to get significant competitive advantages, improve your company’s image and awareness.

Corporate website: how it works and what it looks like ?

A company’s website should provide detailed information about the company, its activities, and offers. Its main (mandatory) sections are: company information, range of services, promotions and offers, news or blog, photo gallery, vacancies, contacts. Generally, a corporate portal has a multi-level structure and contains a large amount of information.

Design of such corporate website is developed in the company's uniform corporate style and should highlight its main ideas.

In fact, a corporate website becomes the only official "face" of your company on the Internet. Therefore, when developing a corporate website, its concept and strategy, you need to follow an overall considered policy of your company

The website’s design and architecture are critical. Based upon the feedback and statistics, convenience, relevance, and overall quality of a corporate website greatly affects the judgment of the company’s customers and potential audience about the company.

A corporate website should be built on a functional content management system (CMS). Website management simplicity and efficiency as well as the site’s user-friendliness largely depends on the effectiveness of CMS. The most preferable option is using a specially developed original CMS, not available on the Internet.

Корпоративный сайт, создание корпоративного сайта Корпоративный сайт, разработка корпоративного сайта

Corporate website solves the following tasks:

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    Providing 24/7 access to up-to-date information for customers;

  • 02

    Receiving and processing orders in automatic mode;

  • 03

    The company’s promotion on the Internet, improvement of awareness, strengthening of the company’s image;

  • 04

    Processing of customer letters, organization of mailouts;

  • 05

    Expanding the customer base, expanding the sales geography.

c l o c k

A corporate website website allows not only attract customers and work actively with them but also to expand opportunities for partnership and strengthen interaction with the media.

Building a corporate website is more desirable for companies that feature mature business models and have permanent orders, otherwise the landing page format will be more appropriate.

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Answers to frequently asked questions
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How long does it take to develop a corporate website?

Each project requires a custom plan; accordingly, the completion period is always determined individually. On average, it takes from 3 to 5 months to create a full-fledged corporate website. This is an extensive and serious format that requires a reverential, considered and high-quality approach.

In this respect, development of a corporate website is like building a house. In addition, you should remember that your involvement in the process is important too. We may need from our client some information about the company, perhaps a brand book, photos and even texts. If such materials are not provided in a timely manner, the completion period may increase.


In what cases might you need a corporate website?

A corporate website is absolutely necessary for those companies that plan a long and regular development of their businesses, have great ambitions, and able to make really interesting offers to their target audiences. At some point of their development, such companies always have a wide range of services or goods, a wide audience, and their own corporate style.

A corporate website will become an important part of such company’s business and will adequately represent its brand on the Internet. Companies that have a large and high-quality website usually have more credibility.


Is it true that it’s expensive to develop a corporate website?

Creating a corporate website will really cost more than developing a landing page or a business card site. However, such amount of investment for a large company in any case will not be too significant, and small companies usually do not order corporate websites.

At the same time, an experienced team of 12 experts will work on your corporate website, a custom strategy will be worked out, and there a huge range of different works, united by a single goal and idea, will be conducted. And the final outcome will meet all your expectations.