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Media advertising (banner advertising)
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Media advertising (banner advertising)

Media advertising features visual content, focused on showy ads, which are easy for perception. As a rule, "media" means banner advertising, created using various methods of receiving attention; it can include a text block, images, a company logo, photo of all sorts, office or point of sale location contacts, etc.

How does it work?

The banner advertising mechanism is similar to the way search engine advertising is organized: on the partner websites of Google, your banner is displayed to those users who — for certain characteristics — can be classified as your target category:

  • Users who visit the websites that correspond to the topic of your keywords;
  • Users who are viewing only web pages with a focus on the specified topics;
  • Users who visit the websites that have been specially selected by you;
  • Users of selected age groups;
  • Users of selected gender;
  • Users in a specific geographic location.

Users click on your banner, and a moment later they find themselves on your website or its specific page. To interest a person in clicking on such ad, one should professionally use unique and interesting design, combine images and animation effects, multimedia and interactive elements.

Among the advantages of banner advertising are its interactivity and a good reaction from a target audience. Accessibility, simplicity, and visual nature of this advertising type provide a tight communication with potential customers.

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What tasks does media (display, banner) advertising perform?

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    The main task is to inform your potential audience about your brand, services or goods. The banner format is perfect for advertising a new product, a special promotion or an exclusive offer. Advertising information is communicated through an interesting and eye-catching visual image.

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    Important secondary function of media advertising is increasing brand awareness. Even if a user for some reason doesn’t click on your banner, the visual image is still gradually memorized, which makes you more "visible" to an audience.

Google banner advertising is demonstrated on more than 2 million websites. You can reach any audience

Constant optimization is another important opportunity of banner advertising Regular analysis of statistics will make it possible to identify the users who are most sensitive to your ads. With the continuous correction of your advertising campaign, you will be able to meet the set goals with the highest effectiveness.

Banner advertising advantages

  • Easy for perception

    Visual graphic information (banner) attracts potential customers better than text ads. The effect is based on a physiological peculiarity: people perceive visual images more easily and more pleasantly.

  • Flexible settings

    You can set up the display of banner ads using selected filters, such as location, interests of users, user queries, gender or age.

  • Broad coverage

    The market of banner advertising, to which Google Adwords primarily belongs, is huge and diverse. A very large number of people — millions of potential customers — will be able to see your banners.

  • Reasonable expenses

    The budget you allocate will be spent only on clicks (when users go to your website or landing page). Money will not be withdrawn from your account by reason of any terms and other factors that don’t directly lead to the result we want to achieve.

  • Instant results

    You can evaluate, and most importantly, feel the effectiveness of your advertising campaign already in the first hours of banner advertising launch.

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Thus, media (banner) advertising is an excellent connective promotional tool that provides contact with the audience, rapid brand promotion, improvement of brand awareness, and increases of a website’s organic traffic.

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