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Search remarketing (Retargeting)
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Search remarketing (Retargeting)

Remarketing (retargeting) is a strategic search engine advertising working tool; it’s the way to return potential customers to a website by means of re-displaing advertising. This is a flexible targeting, based on a user's behavior on the website.

Example: a user went to your website, added goods to shopping cart, but for some reason did not confirm the order (got sidetracked, accidentally closed the page, changed his/her mind, postponed the purchase).

Retargeting will "see a business through", showing users your goods, which they have been were interested in, on another website.

How remarketing works

It’s difficult to predict the behavior of visitors on your website

Some of them study the services in detail, others without hesitation go to products to make an instant purchase —some are primarily interested in the quality of service, others — in the product itself. Well, and still others leave the website in the first seconds, having quickly realized that you are not able to offer them what they need.

You can return every visitor who has not bought anything and quickly left your website, and make this person a custom offer again.

Remarketing will show such users your ad again, taking into account their previous behavior on your website to eliminate the risk of repeated dissatisfaction.

c l o c k

Statistics shows that remarketing in most cases leads to the achieving desired results, such as sales, increase in the number of order confirmations, and increase in customers.

Remarketing proficiently "chases" a potential buyer

with the help of interesting and creative advertising publications, forcing him/her to pay attention to your services/goods again. And often this kid of "reminder" works.

Advertising campaigns in the remarketing format are run through Google AdWords service. This is a powerful tool for accurate attracting the right audience that meets your criteria; this is "finding your customer".

заказать поисковый ремаркетинг

Analyzing, improving, and then displaying your advertising campaigns to target customers, with the help of remarketing, you will be able to achieve very high payoffs from business promotion on the Internet.

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