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Создание Brand Book

Brand Book is an official in-house document, which contains detailed information about the main brand identity elements and symbols. It’s a “user guide” on the company’s ideology, concept, and corporate style. An up-to-date Brand Book should contain all constants and requirements on the company’s unique corporate style, and also give recommendations on its presentation and production.



A Brand Book makes up a full and clear picture of brand identity

A completed Brand Book becomes a table- book for marketing department and business leaders; helps build an effective communication with customers, and develop the company in whole.

A high-quality Brand Book helps raise brand awareness and avoid chaos

What does a Brand Book consist of?

A high-quality Brand Book should contain detailed information about the brand concept, its main symbols and attributes, target audience, public positioning, and a complete guide to the corporate style. The Brand Book

describes a full picture of the brand as well as explains the specifics of showcasing its elements in various communications and on any medium.

Разработка Brand Book

Why does your company need a Brand Book?

  • To strengthen the brand's visual culture

    All the elements of brand identity, all the earmarks and features of its style should be clearly defined and recorded in a Brand Book. If the style elements are presented and used in an unchanged and regulated form, this will significantly increase your brand’s recognition.

  • To put technical standards in good order

    Where can we find a vector logo? Pantone or CMYK? What is our font? Do we take blue or red? All these questions create chaos. Having a Brand Book will allow to establish a strict adherence to the high standards.

  • To strengthen the corporate culture

    A Brand Book will help increase the enthusiasm of your employees, and make them more interested in fruitful working on the brand. Every person in your team must have a clear idea of the company’s mission, philosophy, and corporate culture.

  • To reduce the cost of producing promotional materials in future

    Availability of strictly regulated technical standards will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses for advertising in future.


Brand Book development

We offer a full range of services on corporate style development:

  • Brand name development (naming)
  • Visual brand image (corporate identity)
  • Development of corporate style mediums
  • Writing a guide for the use of corporate identity (guidelines)
  • Package/label design
  • Print/outdoor advertising design
  • Development of corporate symbols’ concept and design
  • Logo development
  • Branding
  • Rebranding

Any powerful modern brand can’t do without unique high-quality images which convey the company’s philosophy, idea and style. In our laboratory, we develop and implement bright, bold, and effective solutions that bring our clients money and contribute to the company’s development. Brand Book is an official corporate document, and our Clock Creative Lab team considers a Brand Book to be much more than just a formality.

"The Brand Book, without any exaggeration, is the brand's Bible, which forms its soul, heart and character!"

c l o c k

How do we create a Brand book?

  • 01

    We conduct a general analysis

    First, we conduct a general analysis of your competitors and other market players. It doesn’t if it’s a logo or a brand name, one can’t work on the corporate identity without looking at what's already going on in the country and in the world. This will allow us to understand in which direction we have to move to create a logo design.

  • 02

    We determine the distinctive advantages

    Next, we determine the distinctive advantages of your company. On their basis, we create a "sense bearing image", from which the brand’s "corporate identity" will grow in future. The image will consist not only of graphic elements but also of up-to-date sociological images, peculiar features of the company's geographical location, psychological aspects of marketing, etc.

  • 03

    We create a logo and other corporate identity elements

    Based on the collected information and a careful strategy, we create a logo and other corporate identity elements. All design components are developed on an individual basis — a range of colors, fonts as well as a visual idea that will become the basis of your style.

  • 04

    We determine the rules and standards

    At the same time, we will develop standards and rules for applying your corporate images to any mediums, such as in-house documentation, outdoor advertising, pages of your website or office.

  • 05

    We draft accurate and detailed guidelines

    The final result of our work is drafting of accurate and detailed guidelines for the created corporate identity’s use.

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