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SEO Alta Capital website promotion


«Alta Capital» is a financial company that provides a wide range of credit services for individuals.

Development of a website with UI/UX design, SEO optimization

Strategies to promote the Alta Capital website

Project start

The client came to us with a request to develop a new web resource. The site was supposed to correctly present the unique approach of the company – providing affordable financial services to individuals using the practices of developed countries.

The client did not provide any guidance on the strategy and vision of the project. We formed the concept of work after immersion in the specifics of the company and a detailed study of the competitive environment of the client.

All solutions that we create for our customers are unique, complex and eliminate specific problems of the target audience. In solution development, we focus on the features of the market of certain goods or services and how the company differs from its competitors.

Developing a concept of an informational website

We found out that the client's niche is one of the most highly competitive in the Ukrainian market. The internet presentation of such financial companies is mainly based on short lines. These are mostly microsites or one-page Landing Pages with calculators put to the fore, showing the actual number of loans and satisfied customers. This technique is used as the main tool to gain the trust of the target audience.

Any coherent structure on such websites is completely absent. Their main goal is to sell one particular service or offer. Promotion in the network is carried out mainly through advertising.

SEO case to promote Alta Capital

Alta Capital carries out its activities in the market, combining American and European traditions of cooperation for many years now. It has clear and well-established processes that allow providing customers with financial services quickly and efficiently. It is a company customers can truly trust. Each element of our project had to show and emphasize these advantages.

Creative team finds

Developing this project, we sought to create not just a website, but a flexible modern online tool focused on simple and quick information about the services. After analyzing the web resources of the world's leading financial companies, we have identified examples of the organization of the structure of sites on this topic.

We have simplified and rebuilt the structure of financial companies' Internet platforms, which is familiar to Ukrainian users, into a more understandable form. When projecting the website, we took into account the principles of UI/UX design, according to which the focus should always be at the convenience of interaction with the page.

We added a useful tool for obtaining accurate target information – a credit calculator that allows visitors to quickly calculate credit conditions for their needs.

Achieving client’s goals

In order to gain the trust of potential customers, to show the transparency of the company, to focus on the legality of its activities and its unique approaches, we used such conceptual techniques:

  • 01

    Added a section with financial reports, as well as a list of certifying and licensing documents on the basis of which the company operates.

  • 02

    On the first screen of the main page, we placed an eye-catching overview video of New York – a reflection of the American and European traditions of cooperation, which are woven into the company's activities. The video also shows the company's key message through the opportunities New York is associated with. These are affordable financial services. With the Alta Capital company, it is easy to fulfill your dream, whether it is to buy a car or buy an apartment.

  • 03

    Added real customer reviews – an important tool to increase trust.

SEO Alta Capital

UI/UX design and creation of the website’s structure

Before starting to develop the structure of the website, we analyzed and identified the most popular requests of Internet users on the topic. Based on what the potential customers are interested in most, and what they lack in the financial services field, we carried out the design of the structure.

Most of the competitors, while working on their website, are missing this step. After all, a thorough approach requires a considerable investment of resources. And only a small number of companies in the Ukrainian financial services market are ready for this.

For others, it is more usual to invest in the creation of the website and its promotion less and hope that it will still work. However, such simple and often even primitive web solutions do not convince potential customers. Getting to such websites, a user can intuitively feel that the company does not put enough effort into its own strategic resources. Consequently, the company did not have enough funds to create a more ambitious and well-thought-out platform. Which in turn means there's no reason to trust a company like this.

UI/UX design and website’s usability

Types of services are visualized in the shape of tiles – a visual and accessible presentation of the structure. Block-typed and adaptive UI/UX interface design is complemented by animation, which is activated when the user interacts with the elements. The intuitive interface makes it possible to quickly find information about the service you are interested in on the website or to request a consultation. The adaptability of a web resource implies that design solutions are equally well displayed on all types of devices. This outlook helps to visualize the company's advantages

SEO-promotion: developing the website’s SEO-structure

After the design of the website’s structure, came the stage of content creation for the SEO-optimized texts designed to fill the site. Our goal was to describe in a simple and accessible way the essence of the services provided, its advantages, the procedure of implementation and the requirements for the recipient. We also wanted, in a concise form, to answer the most frequently asked questions of users and to reveal the most popular topics in the “Blog” section.

Users can get acquainted with the information on the website in a convenient form – because the developed resource is multilingual.

Project results

  • 01

    In the shortest possible time, the website came out in the TOP on the main queries in search engines.

  • 02

    We managed to beat all the main competitors in SEO, which were designated by the client as "an example to follow".

  • 03

    Thanks to the established leadership, the company received increased interest in credit services and basic packages of proposals, the total number of customers increased.

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