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Разработка сайта Online Women Biz


New York Business School

  • Website development
  • UI/UX design and concept

Online Women Biz

Website development for Online Women Biz

The website for the New York business school Online Women Biz is one of the most interesting and unique projects in our portfolio. As a result of development, the Clock Creative Lab team was able to create an online platform that harmoniously combines effective functionality and original design in the storytelling format.

In addition, we managed to achieve the main goal - to tell about the Online Women Biz school and its founder Nina Mua in such a way that her story became not only an inspiration, but also a strong motivation for those who lack the confidence to begin their journey to success.

Website development Online Women Biz

Author’s website concept for a business school

In the process of developing the site Online Women Biz, we were guided by three main principles - the uniqueness of the concept, stylish and authentic design, as well as effective functionality.

Having started cooperation with Nina Mua, we realized straightaway how interesting and complex this project will be. The main goal of developing a unique website concept was to create a powerful story using stylish visuals, modern web technologies, thoughtful marketing and high-quality UI/UX design.

design Online Women Biz

Knowledge, Confidence, Inspiration and Success

All these tools were aimed at interpreting the philosophy of Nina Mua, which is based on maintaining a balance between career and personal development. Nina managed to create a unique image of a beautiful, successful and harmonious modern woman who is admired. This image was reflected in the design of the Online Women Biz website, where you see a balanced combination of pastel colors, strict horizontal lines, stylish content and a user-friendly interface.

Thus, we got a highly effective working concept, which already has high potential and the prospect of rapid growth. Not just a website, but a completely original and recognizable brand with its own image, which is aimed at attracting the target audience and creating a loyal community.

Logo Online Women Biz

Founder of Online Women Biz Nina Mua: a person that inspires

Speaking of success, we always associate it with purposeful, strong, decisive and ambitious people. These are the qualities that Nina Mua, the founder of the Online Women Biz business school for women, has.

A person who is able to motivate and inspire others by example. After several years of international work as a makeup artist, she used her business savvy to start a new stage in the education of makeup artists, this is how the Nina Mua New York Makeup School was created. Professionalism and self-confidence have become the main tools in the rapid development of the school.

Even more, in addition to a successful business, Nina manages to balance between a happy family, traveling and a popular Instagram blog. Exactly in her personal blog, where Nina share about her family and business life, more and more women started asking how she manages to combine all this and find time for her development.

Розробка веб–сайту для Online Women Biz

Enjoy the new life

It was the desire to help women change their lives, providing them with the knowledge, skills, tools and inspiration to fulfill their dreams, that became the basis for the creation of the Online Women Biz school.

“It has never been easy for women to combine a brilliant career and a harmonious family life. As an entrepreneur, you should know a little bit of everything, because the more you know, the easier it will be to cope with difficulties. It is also important to combine active work with a positive attitude and the desire to move forward no matter how many times you fall and how many people doubt you, ”says Nina.

Nina's philosophy is simple: she built the life of her dreams and believes that every woman is able to fully reach her own potential.

Online Women Biz developing tasks

Key areas of work for the Online Women Biz project:

  • exploring the history of Nina's career development and her philosophy
  • creating a unique website concept
  • marketing and analytical strategy
  • development of visual identity: color scheme, responsive design and layout, UI/UX design, PWA, as well as unique solutions for functionality and style.

The original visual identity of Online Women Biz is based on the philosophy of the balance between personal development and the successful career of Nina Mua, on her ability to inspire, motivate and share her experience. We wanted to emphasize on such a multifaceted Ninas personality and the relevance of her new project to the target audience.

Everything is possible

We chose two main shades as the color scheme - delicate pink and dark green contrasting to it. Thus, we managed to convey the concept of the Online Women Biz school through visual perception, accordingly to the study process which includes both theory and practice in the business sphere and the personal development in general.

Also, with the help of strict horizontal guides in combination with the original animation, we achieved the effect of harmony between a beautiful design and convenient functionality.

The visual concept is based on the following solutions:

  • A laconic combination of two contrasting colors that reflect both beauty and tenderness, and the incredible strength of a woman in the modern world.
  • A large number of photos of Nina create a feeling of closeness with her, applying for the Online Women Biz school course, women understand that Nina Mua will become not only their mentor, but also a coach who has already gone through many difficulties and wants to share her experience and inspiration.
  • Distortion Hover Effect original photo animation and custom cursor add uniqueness to website design.
  • Using personalized memoji by Nina Mua for the 404 error page and thank you page allows you to quickly attract an audience and make the design even more original.
  • The ability to switch between color modes - dark tones of green and light shades of pink, emphasized by white and black contrasting fonts.

In addition, the site we have developed is fully responsive: it works equally well and is displayed on all kinds of devices. It is adaptive layout and responsive design that help to achieve cross-platforming, which has been a major trend in recent years.

The structure of the website is thoroughly thought out and worked out - for convenience, intuitiveness and ease of use. Each element of the functionality of the Internet platform corresponds to a single style concept. Original animation attracts the attention of users and makes the site more interactive. Also, users have the opportunity to interact with the Online Women Biz website as an application. That is, the user can install it on any device, receive notifications and work with him even in offline mode.

Project outcomes

The authoring project Online Women Biz has become a completely new stage for the Clock Creative Lab team. We managed to convey in unique way our vision of the Nina Mua personality, her philosophy and inexhaustible sense of inspiration, which became the basis for creating her business school for women. Thanks to the original concept, a well-thought-out marketing strategy, authentic design, as well as a complete immersion in the essence of the project, we were able to realize a combination of Nina's philosophical ideas, commercial productivity and absolute audience orientation.

Website for Online Women Biz by Clock Creative Lab

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