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Advertising on YouTube
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Advertising on YouTube


Video advertising on the Internet is promoting a brand or a website by means of unique and showy videos. This advertising format involves publications of videos on the biggest video hosting in the world, Youtube.

Video ads which are showy and easy for perception positively influence a company’s image, popularization of its goods and services, and provide useful information for customers.

And all these functions lead to a single goal — sales growth and customer database expansion.

Advertising on Youtube

Promotion on Youtube provides an extremely broad reach, regardless of your industry and level of competition in it.

The best way to promote your brand with the help of video ads is advertising on Youtube. This is the largest and most popular platform for watching videos: in 2017, the number of video views reached 1 billion hours per day.

Video advertising. Convenient and effective interaction with your audience

Thanks to the wide and smart features of Youtube video hosting, the audience has the opportunity not only to view your commercials, but also to leave feedback, comments and even make up own video ratings. And the brand representatives, in turn, get visual feedback — in the form of Youtube video statistics that shows number views, geography of views, behavior of visitors on your video page, etc.

This information allows you to instantly evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, and correctly predict the results/conversion.

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Promoting a brand through video advertising allows you to know for sure who, when, where, and how many times viewed your video.

Advertising on Youtube is an up-to-date tool of real brand promotion on the Internet, effective introducing of new products into the market and fast attraction of new audiences.

Advantages of video advertising

  • Broad audience coverage

    Youtube video hosting boasts a multi-million audience daily.

  • Rapid website traffic growth

    Users can instantly go to the pages of your website in one click.

  • Pay only for actual views

    You don’t have to pay for displaying ads to those users who are not interested in your product.

  • Convenient tracking of statistics

    You can track not only your statistics of views but also the conversion rate (in percentage) which shows how many people of those who watched the ad video did the desired action.

  • Accurate targeting

    Video ad settings allow you to set up ad displays only for your target audience.

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Advertising on YouTube — especially when paired with other types of brand promotion — is able to quickly take your business to a new level of influence. Video advertising allows you to make your company more "visible" in the market without high budgets.

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