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SEO services


Organic traffic (website traffic) is one of the main characteristics of a good website, which users consider useful for themselves. SEO optimization can ensure high website traffic.

SEO is the practice of optimizing websites to increase the search engines’ loyalty to them and make them reach a high position in search results.

Proficient and comprehensive optimization will make your website much easier to find. Accordingly, the website traffic will be high. And the higher the traffic, the higher the conversion rate, which, in turn, significantly increases the probability of sale. SEO promotion is obviously beneficial for your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is internal (setting up the website itself) and external (working on buying and using back links). Work on website optimization is always custom-made: a unique list of keywords (queries), according to which the website will be promoted, is selected; taking into account a lot of details, a unique SEO promotion strategy is developed.

And yet, why do you need SEO optimization?

  • Because SEO
  • Provides the website traffic growth improves company image, positively influences your company’s public image
  • Gives an opportunity to tell about you and your services to a large number of people (and your potential customers are among them)
  • Makes your website useful and interesting for an audience

Anyway, quality SEO promotion leads to rise in income. You will receive a constant growth of your website’s audience — and this will significantly affect sales volumes, number of calls and orders.

What influences a website position in Google search results?

There are more than 200 factors that determine a website’s position in the results of the query. It is very difficult to meet all the factors, but nevertheless, we are ready to bring your website to perfect condition in accordance with all the recommendations of Google.

So, the first places in search results are occupied by websites with/which have

  • 01

    High-quality content

  • 02

    High download speed

  • 03

    A full-fledged mobile version

  • 04

    A big number of back links

  • 05

    A presence in special catalogs and services

  • 06

    A clear and accessible structure

  • 07

    A handy and logical design

You should keep in mind that these are the main factors in ranking websites in search results. But in practice, the position in the results of the query affects many more reasons — they can be detected and considered only in the process of patient professional work.

Methods of search engine optimization (the way we do it):

We’ve figured out the factors in ranking websites in Google search results. Now you will better understand what SEO optimization methods should be used:

  • Write high-quality, original content for a website, which is really useful for a visitor and solving his/her problem

  • Increase a website’s operation speed

  • Adapt a website for mobile devices

  • Use appropriate keywords

  • Use meta tags on all pages

  • Submit website in the search engine’s directories

  • Conduct a link exchange

  • Place interesting content about you (or a link to your website) on external sources

  • Use social networks

How you can’t do SEO promotion:

Search engines can decrease your website’s rankings for various reasons, but it is definitely not recommended to use non-unique content, overdo with increasing the number of external links, use methods that Google officially considers violations, and also neglect a website’s mobile version.

How is SEO promotion made?

There isn’t any universal strategy for website SEO optimization. Each project requires a custom-made strategy and close attention to detail. Nevertheless, we can mention the general points that are mandatory for any website.

The work is built in three directions —research, website preparation, and promotion.

Let's take a closer look at SEO

Website optimization stages

  • 01

    Goal setting, formation of overall tasks for SEO We see into a client's business, we learn all the necessary information, and together with our client, we form goals, tasks and ambitions. At this stage, a thorough marketing analysis of your business is conducted. Study of the market and competitors is necessary. Such a long-term and large-scale process as SEO promotion of a website should have absolutely clear and precise goals — ambitious, but realistic and achievable.

  • 02

    Compilation of a semantic kernel Based on the collected data and taking into account the set tasks, "semantics" is formed. This is the selection of search words and queries that, on the one hand, reflect the company's activities and its offers to customers, and on the other hand, correspond to those requests that users enter in Google search. We form the most requested search queries on the subject of your website.

  • 03

    Work on a website’s structure and code For correct website indexation by the search engines, you need to prepare the ground for this: to ensure consistency and correctness of the page codes, provide availability and simplicity of the structure. Also, technical optimization allows you to get rid of duplicated pages, and provides correct display of each web page and its address.

  • 04

    Writing and posting content, titles, and meta tags Based on the semantic kernel and the existing strategy, unique content is created and then published on the website — texts for menu categories, articles for a blog, photos, etc.

  • 05

    Working with external factors At this stage, we are working on increasing link mass, making a website visible in all sorts of directories, services, thematic forums, blogs, portals, etc. Further we continuously monitor the website, improve, and develop it. Statistics and data on visitors’ behavior on the website are carefully analyzed. In a perfect world, work on SEO promotion should always go on, being adjusted to the modern-day SEO trends and current results of promotion.

SEO services

SEO audit

Professional analysis of a website, its indicators and overall quality. The obtained information will be very valuable when forming a strategy for the website’s upcoming SEO promotion.

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Participation of a SEO specialist at the stage of website development will ensure its full compliance with the requirements of modern search engine optimization, and simplify the development of a website and its further promotion.

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A set of operations to remove filters and blockings imposed on a web site for whatever reason. If there are any sanctions, SEO promotion is impossible, and your business will lose a lot of opportunities.

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SEO services

Order SEO optimization to fulfill the following tasks:


Attraction of customers interested in purchasing a product or service on a website


Increase in the number of a website’s users, who are potential customers


Increase in website traffic due to its high positions

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