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A high-quality SEO audit allows you to detect and eliminate any technical errors that may reduce the effectiveness of further work to improve a website's position in search results

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SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website to determine its compliance with the standards and requirements of modern search engine optimization

Before you invest time and money in SEO promotion, you need to make sure that the website is properly configured, and has no problem areas and weaknesses. Nothing should interfere with SEO or block it.

But the main task of such audit is to make detailed recommendations for effective website preparation for search engine optimization. The SEO expert’s report is a clear plan on elimination the defects and errors, detected on your website.

Seo аудит

The main task of SEO audit is to correct significant errors and prepare your website for effective search engine optimization

SEO audit is necessary in the following cases:

  • You have a completely new website that requires preliminary configuration before applying search engine optimization.
  • You have moved a fully functioning website to a new CMS, which is in some way equivalent to item 1 above. If you do a SEO audit in time, you can take your previous (or even higher) positions in the shortest time, or completely prevent your website’s drop in Google search results.
  • If SEO promotion does not bring any results, such audit will detect mistakes in the promotion strategy, and form a new effective approach.

What does a SEO audit consist of?

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    The main functions of "search audit" are analysis, research, and study.
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    A SEO audit expert focuses on a website’s structure and its entire technical content, semantic kernel, behavioral factors and much more.
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    We carefully study the market and the situation with competitors (their positions in Google, their strengths and weaknesses, their prospects).
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    We make a detailed analysis of content and link mass, traffic; we conduct an assessment of a website’s indexation, its current positions in search results for keyword queries, and its overall visibility on the Internet.
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What you get from a SEO audit:

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    A comprehensive report which consists of a website’s comprehensive analysis, and most importantly, meaningful recommendations of specialists. The result of such SEO audit is both a development strategy and a report.

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    We will find out what prevents you from taking a leadership position in Google, and give recommendations on how to eliminate errors.

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    Professional SEO audit and further adherence to recommendations will for sure bring growth of website traffic, higher positions in Google and, accordingly, income growth, improvement of image, and brand recognition.

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Answers to frequently asked questions
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I want to order SEO optimization and promotion, and I already have a SEO audit ready. Can you work on its basis?

Probably not. Even if there is a ready audit of your website, we will still make a basic SEO audit by our own efforts: it is obvious that different companies understand the criteria of quality, depth, and correctness of such research in a different way.

We are sure that search audit of a website should be made by those SEO experts who will be promoting it in future, as each website requires careful studying before working on SEO.


Is it compulsory to follow the recommendations given in the SEO audit?

Of course, it is. Otherwise the search audit will lose its meaning. This report reflects the results of a close check and analysis of the website, which resulted in the formation of effective steps to improve the project in accordance with the requirements of SEO and search engines.

A SEO audit report is a guide to eliminating any errors and faults that prevent you from getting your website to the top of Google. It’s mandatory to observe these recommendations.

October 13, 2017
Заказать Seo аудит

Online promotion of businesses presupposes creation of an up-to-date functional website to provide your customers (both existing and potential) with maximum information and opportunities. Certainly, you should take care of SEO promotion so that your website could be easily found on the Internet. If you have never before ordered SEO audit and search engine optimization itself, you may have some questions that have to be answered.