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SEO project promotion - 4 controversial situations that may surprise you
30 October 2017

SEO project promotion - 4 controversial situations that may surprise you

Online promotion of businesses presupposes creation of an up-to-date functional website to provide your customers (both existing and potential) with maximum information and opportunities. Certainly, you should take care of SEO promotion so that your website could be easily found on the Internet. If you have never before ordered SEO audit and search engine optimization itself, you may have some questions that have to be answered.

SEO is a field of work where there are no forecasts and calculations with 100% accuracy. Undoubtedly, a professional team will be able to provide your website high ranking in Google in a relatively short time. However, there are no ironclad guarantees. There are too many conditions and pitfalls that can hinder smooth promotion of the website in search engine rankings.

Surely you know that the algorithms for website assessment by the web crawlers change literally every day. But your competitors’ behavior, changes in the market of your activity, and other factors influence the position of the website in Google search.

In order to dispel some common misconceptions, we will consider the main aspects of the website SEO promotion workflow.

Keywords selection

Most people from outside think that Google evaluates and ranks websites solely on the basis of the keywords used on their pages. As if the keywords provide the web crawlers’ loyalty and all content of the website must be created on their basis. This is not true. If the texts on the site are written only on the basis of keywords, the information is not interesting, it practically does not benefit the visitors. The main goal is to create useful content — unique, interesting, high-quality. And the secondary task is to use keywords in texts. And once again, to place the keywords very carefully and deliberately. Using too many queries in the text is not acceptable because this only hurts the website’s image.

In some cases, this can help to entice visitors to the website, but in seconds they will understand that this information is not created to be useful and effective for them, but for the purpose of ranking in Google. There is no doubt that 90% of visitors will leave the website at once. Holding power is necessary. Today only fair promotion methods, based on care of visitors and their positive experience, work effectively.

One more critical point in the selection of keywords is that you need to use not only keywords but also their synonyms and words closely related to the keywords’ general subject. Latent semantic indexing performed by a web crawler will evaluate such words on your website very positively. But remember about the impossibility of overspam and poor quality for crawlers.

Project budget

It’s a big mistake to think that there is a fixed price for website SEO optimization in any project. The cost of SEO is always defined on a case-by-case basis because it depends on your business’ subject, the degree of competition in your industry, etc. Also it can be influenced by seasonal market fluctuations and updates to search engines’ website ranking algorithms.

Another misperception of SEO promotion budget says that it is enough to allocate funds for website optimization only once, and this will be enough for a long-term effective promotion. Those results achieved in the first months will need to be constantly maintained. Accordingly, the budget should provide funding, though smaller amounts, for supporting high Google ranking.

Website traffic

High attendance is very good. But not always. Using not really reasonable ways to attract visitors, the adventurous SEO specialists attract to your website visitors from very questionable Internet resources. Such transitions are not only unhelpful but also they automatically make your website suspicious for the web crawlers. Moreover, it will be extremely inconvenient to monitor the transition statistics: it’s not clear at all which transitions were made owing to advertising and fair SEO you had spent your money on, and which — thanks to using various "tricks".

It’s much better for your website to have a lower but well deserved traffic which has not been attracted using sophisticated ways harmful for the image of your business.


On personal considerations, many of our clients believe that SEO optimization should bring, if not immediate, but extremely fast results. However, a really high-quality search engine optimization does not work that way. It takes time to achieve outcomes of SEO promotion efforts, but their advantage is that these results will allow being at the Top for a very long time. This is the fundamental difference between SEO and search advertising, which brings quick results, but if you stop investing in it, its effectiveness drops to zero.

If someone promises you to get your website to the TOP 3 in 2 days, a week or in 2 weeks, they are deceiving you. And no ifs, ands, or buts about it – a long-term and high-quality website promotion can’t be provided for such a short period.

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