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Website and promotion strategy development for AutoMaximum car showroom network


AutoMaximum car showroom network

  • Corporate website

Website and promotion strategy development for the AutoMaximum car showroom network

Corporate website for the AutoMaximum network

A significant share in the portfolio of our digital agency is occupied by projects in the automotive business. The Clock Creative Lab team managed to develop and successfully implement 7 auteur projects for official dealerships. These include the creation of websites, promo pages, landing pages, the formation of marketing and SEO promotion strategies.

Each of these cases is unique in its own way, but it was cooperation with AutoMaximum that allowed us to open new facets of our agency competence and create something that no one has ever done in the domestic automotive market before.

Our client is the AutoMaximum network - multi-brand showrooms of exclusive cars located in the major cities of Ukraine - Kiev and Odessa. The AutoMaximum assortment includes luxurious complete sets of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Land Rover, Jaguar, Ferrari, unique sports cars McLaren, BMW, Chevrolet, and electric cars from Tesla, Audi, Mercedes-Benz.

In addition, along with car sales services, the multi-brand network provides its customers with various types of related services - leasing, insurance, auto buyout, Trade-in, as well as the ability to order a car according to individual parameters.

Thus, the main task of the AutoMaximum project was the creation of a full-fledged corporate website with the functionality of an online car catalog and a convenient UI / UX design. It was necessary to create a modern resource that would present the company in a quality manner, reveal the advantages of our client's services and distinguish him from competitors.

Objectives of the AutoMaximum project for AutoMaximum

Objectives of the AutoMaximum project

The website and promoting strategy development for the AutoMaximum network showrooms required a non-standard and comprehensive approach from our team. That is why we have divided the global goal into several stages:

  • We proceeded to design after having identified the specific tasks that the AutoMaximum site should perform as a result, as well as having additionally analyzed the needs of the target audience. At this stage, the Clock Creative Lab team thought out the logic and structure of the site in accordance with its multifunctionality.

  • The next step was the design development. Taking as a basis the values ​​and priorities of the AutoMaximum network, which imply a complete customer focus in accordance with the quality standards of the presented cars, we have created a unique, intuitive, laconic and at the same time refined design.

  • Creation of marketing and SEO strategy for AutoMaximum. In view of the specifics of the automotive business, the main objectives of the promotion were to increase the level of recognition of the company, its authority among customers, as well as the comprehensive promotion of all types of services provided by the AutoMaximum network.

Thus, the website developed by the Clock Creative Lab studio for the AutoMaximum network will become a unique platform that will help salon customers quickly and comfortably go through all the stages of buying a car from the inception of a need to the process of selecting a suitable model and making a purchase.

AutoMaximum website design : structure and functionalit

AutoMaximum website design : structure and functionality

The structure of the site for the AutoMaximum network multi-brand showrooms includes a catalog of cars with detailed information about the configuration and characteristics of each model. In this section, customers will be able to choose a car by brand, find out its current cost and lease terms for the purchase of a specific model. Here you can find data on the vehicle's mileage and power.

In addition, on the AutoMaximum website, customers can learn in detail about financial programs, special offers and related services of a network of car dealerships - auto redemption, individual car order, Trade-in. Also, we have configured the displaying of related queries, which show the models with similar parameters to the site visitors.

In addition to the logic and functional elements, we took care of an active source of constant traffic to the site and created a blog where customers can find out the latest news from the automotive world, read about the history of legendary brands and the events of the AutoMaximum network.

Thus, a logical and well-thought-out structure will become a convenient tool for the customers in the car choosing and buying process.

Website design concept for the AutoMaximum showroom

The attention that the AutoMaximum network of car dealerships show to its customers was shown by us in the creation of the interface. An important stage in the development of the AutoMaximum website was the implementation of an intuitive UI / UX design and responsive layout to make the site even more universal and client-oriented.

The design is designed with a minimum of elements on the home page. Thus, the user can, in one or two clicks, go to the section he needs and get the necessary information.

Marketing promoting and SEO strategy for the AutoMaximum network

Marketing promoting and SEO strategy for the AutoMaximum network

In the process of creating the promotion strategy for the AutoMaximum network, the Clock Creative Lab team focused on international standards of the automotive business, where the main priority is customer loyalty and trust.

One of the main objectives of the marketing and SEO strategy for AutoMaximum salons was to create a recognizable and reputable brand that customers associate with reliability.

We have emphasized that even exclusive cars can be available on favorable terms. So, we pay great attention to the promotion of financing services, namely credit and leasing programs.

Customers' needs are changing rapidly, more and more people prefer electric cars and AutoMaximum has something to offer them. Constant renewal of the assortment and skillful adaptation to market conditions can significantly expand the audience.

Marketing promoting and SEO strategy for the AutoMaximum

AutoMaximum project outcomes

As a result of cooperation with the multi-brand network of AutoMaximum showrooms, Clock Creative Lab managed to create a website that is an effective tool for car sales. A well-thought-out interface, full functionality and responsive design guarantee a comfortable interaction experience that attracts new customers and increases the loyalty of regular clients.

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