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Targeted advertising on Instagram
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Targeted advertising on Instagram

Targeted advertising on Instagram is a very effective promotional tool, which should not be neglected in an advertising campaign.

The most popular photo hosting in the world, which boasts the audience of more than one billion, provides great opportunities to meet the main advertising goals — attracting new customers, increasing sales, improving brand awareness, getting to know a company's products and services.

The distinctive advantage of advertising on Instagram is its visual appeal, which allows you to show your company or products in all their beauty.

Photos and videos can clearly show your advantages: such visuals are easily perceived, and viewing them takes seconds.

Such ad format has more chances of being effectively perceived by the audience than text content or obtrusive ads.

Visual advertising does not "speak", but "shows" your advantages. It’s easier to believe your own eyes than trust someone else's words, so advertising on Instagram usually has more credibility.

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Advantages of targeted advertising on Instagram

The photo hosting offers a full range of internal Instagram promotional services. And one of the most above board methods of attracting the audience is targeted advertising. If targeting is correct, you accurately determine your target audience and work for it.

If you do get a lot of likes now, that's good, but what percentage of users from this audience are your potential customers? That is, people from your country, your city, who have certain interests, etc. It is in the focus on an interested niche audience that determines the effectiveness of targeted advertising.

The more advertising tools you use, the more business promotion opportunities you get

Instagram offers several advertising formats that will help show your brand to the best advantage — photos, video ads, carousel format ads, and advertising in stories. As users have different interests and preferences, make use of all the tools offered by this to get the greatest ad response.

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Achieve your goals with advertising on Instagram

To succeed, tell the audience about your advantages in bright and showy formats.

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