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Template vs custom-made development: what to choose for your website
23 October 2017

Template vs custom-made development: what to choose for your website

There is no single and generally recognized behavior pattern in the market of web development: some companies confidently spend hundreds of thousands on a website, while others prefer building their site from a template in a day. Probably, both the first and the second consider their choice to be correct. But for us important criteria are the effectiveness of the site for business, the level of website traffic, and its Google raking. Let’s figure out which site — created from a template or individually developed — is better according to these criteria.

Let's start with the base. Why custom-made website development is a more preferable and proper choice? The client gets a high-quality website designed to meet his requirements and his business standards, which is customized to achieve certain results and pursue particular goals. Individuality is always good. But why do so many companies persistently choose websites from a template? It's thriftily. It’s not expensive. But this is a big compromise. Having chosen the “template approach”, you can’t get strong results from the website built for your business. Now let’s dig more into the topic.

Custom-made website development

If a client chooses custom-made development of a full-fledged website, he will directly take part in creation of the exclusive project. An individual marketing strategy, graphic design, and website services will be formed for it. The whole process is carried out manually with a clear understanding of goals, specific features of your business and your ambitions.

The structure of such website is completely made from scratch. Each of its elements is thought through to achieve an overall goal. Custom-made website development is an excellent opportunity to lay the basis for future improvements to enhance the website’s services. At the development stage, SEO optimization of the site is also carried out to provide the highest efficiency of search engine optimization.

Custom-made websites are created by a professional team with vast experience in the industry. A team of talented and clever experts will require more to pay for working on your project, but the outcomes undoubtedly justify the investments.

Website from a template

When ordering a website from a template, a client gets a ready-made shell connected to a data control system. There are thousands of templates popular in different industries.

The cost of such banal solution is quite affordable and several times less than the amount you would have to spend on custom-made website development. But a template allows solving only some problems, and you will have to pay extra for further practice. Moreover, there is no warranty that the template you bought meets the challenges your business faces. The opportunities for brand promotion are often extremely limited on a template website.

Advantages of an exclusive project

A template website will never turn into a grand project with leading performance in the industry because it has been created for achieving concrete goals that can’t be amended. In this regard, it’s much easier to develop a custom-made website as its extended structure can be built into even at the initial stage of development. In addition, such projects have a significant advantage for search engine optimization.

A custom-made website is a great opportunity to form a logical structure and properly place the design elements which allow a high-end interaction with users.

An exclusive web project erases all barriers in the process of communicating with customers because it is customized for your business, and therefore, the features of a particular industry are considered when developing it.

Of course, a unique website, like the site created from a template, fully realizes its tasks. But enormously more effectively and accurately. Custom-made solutions allow you to firmly capture the target audience and work for it showing strong performance.

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