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plastic surgery clinic.

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Perfecto Room

Unique design concept for plastic surgery clinic

The Perfecto Room project perfectly reveals the advantages of our “Integrated solutions” approach: with the help of powerful analytics, unique marketing strategy, the best web-technologies, and high-quality UI/UX design, we create a unique concept. This is more than a website: we give the client a fully working concept with high potential and a promising future.
Following our recommendations for further development, You get a modern brand with a unique identity and its own positioning – a powerful sales tool with the rapid growth of visibility and rapid strengthening of the image.

As a result of an integrated approach to the Perfecto Room project, we have created a completely new, unique offer – a concept for a premium plastic surgery clinic with high attention to comfort and quick rehabilitation, having Fashion as the main visual focus. It was an amazing creative experience with interesting analytical solutions and dynamic intellectual work – and we want to share it with you!

Plastico clinic concept for Perfecto Room

How a unique concept and strategy for a plastic surgery clinic was created?

Plastic surgery has its own specifics: in addition to its unconditional benefits for patients, there is a “repulsive” moment – surgery is associated with health risks and severe recovery. With the help of unique positioning, authentic visual identity and effective presentation on the Internet, we decided to create a concept that can increase the attractiveness of plastic surgery and improve its image among the target audience.

Main areas of work:

  • study of the world market of plastic surgery

  • development of positioning concept

  • study of the target audience

  • marketing strategy

  • development of a unique visual identity: logo, responsive design and layout, UI/UX design and the web resource itself.

Visual identity for brand Perfecto Room

Studying the world map of plastic surgery

Before creating our concept, we turned to the world experience of plastic surgery: we studied the best 100 websites – the most authoritative resources with successful indicators and high recognition – where the services of individual plastic surgeons and entire clinics are presented. At this point we made an important discovery: on their websites, even the largest leading clinics in America, Great Britain, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine pay key attention to the process of surgical operations, not the result. On the main page, we always see the leading doctor in a medical gown, in the working interiors of the clinic and sometimes even with a surgical instrument in his hands. One way or another, images related to the process of surgical intervention are used – which is painful for many clients, can cause disturbing images and push away from making a decision about the operation. It became obvious to us: it is necessary to improve the image of plastic surgery, make it more attractive and form a different visual aesthetics for the audience. But to do this, we needed to understand who is our audience – in other words, “Cherchez la Femme”.

Studying the target audience

We needed to understand who SHE is – our target customer looking for a quality plastic surgery service. Obviously, these are mostly girls and women with high social status: models, actresses, popular performers, wealthy young and middle-aged ladies. What do we know about them?

  • they pay great attention to their appearance

  • follow fashion trends and improve their own image

  • many are already or about to become regular customers of a plastic surgery clinic

  • probably, it is difficult for them to take plastic surgery only from its medical side, they’d rather perceive it as a “beauty procedure” which is a part of a large beauty industry, which also includes fashion, fitness and social life

  • often they go to the clinic for advice or for procedures that do not require surgical intervention

  • for them, the personality of a plastic surgeon can be extremely important: a surgeon is often considered to be a close person who knows about all the most secret dreams, desires and shares his patients’ values

  • They are interested in breast augmentation at least 2000 times a month in Ukraine, send more than 20,000 requests per month – all over the CIS

It became clear that it is necessary to provide the target audience with quality services of plastic surgery, but, at the same time, to give them a new aesthetics of the process. We needed a new and unique solution – and we found it.

Strategies to promote the site Perfecto Room

Unique positioning found:

we show the beauty of the result,
not the complexity of the process of a
plastic surgery

As a result of an integrated approach, we have created a completely new, unique offer – premium plastic surgery with high attention to comfort and rapid rehabilitation, having a visual focus on Fashion. The focus shifts to the results – we show the client how SHE will look like; the process itself becomes less significant. We decided to bring to the fore the result of procedures – youth, fresh images, and beauty, instead of depressing surgery that reminds of the complexity and seriousness of the whole process.

The clinic itself is transformed from a hospital into a comfortable (even luxurious) space to change the appearance and subsequent rehabilitation. Clients are accommodated in luxurious apartments during the preparation and subsequent rehabilitation after surgery. Each client receives individual attention and care, including the services of a personal nutritionist, psychologist and, of course, constant support from the plastic surgeon. Thus, the image of the client shifts from the traumatic images of plastic surgery to a pleasant aesthetics and comfort.

Working with a focus group formed from the client's target audience showed that we are moving in the right direction: the survey participants talked about it as “a damn cool and right idea”.

Design Perfecto Room

Visual orientation on Fashion

An important part of our concept was the combination of visual fashion aesthetics with images of plastic surgery. We found inspiration on the pages of Vogue, as well as in the Hermes and Chanel fashion houses. In particular, the design concept of the Vogue fashion magazine was taken as a basis for the blog of the future website. The name of the Perfect Room was executed in the font, typical for glossy magazines, which allowed to preserve the unity of the concept.

Pleasant aesthetic images made in the style of Fashion trigger positive associations, generate interest and can influence the adoption of a positive decision. At the same time, we did not refuse to inform the client directly on the website – about the staff of the clinic and the features of the work. However, they presented the data in a new light – more understandable and comfortable for the potential audience.

The website and the entire visual identity of the Perfecto Room represent the result of visiting a surgeon – beauty, aesthetics, achievement of the ideal. The target audience sees beautiful and pleasant images - instead of fear and doubt, there is only a desire to get into this “perfect room”, where comfort, care, and beauty are waiting for every customer.

Moving the comfort of Perfecto Room to the web pages

An important detail in the Perfecto Room project was the availability of luxury apartments for surgery preparation and further rehabilitation. The competitors did not have such an advantage, and our job was to emphasize it. We decided to vividly demonstrate to our target audience what will be the conditions of their stay: instead of dull hospital rooms, customers will spend time before and after the surgery in the first-class luxury apartments. There, they will be taken care of and supported at all stages of the transformation process. Photos of apartments on the website give an understanding of how Perfecto Room differs from the usual medical clinics in terms of quality and concept. A person receives round-the-clock support, care, and attention from the best specialists, including an individual menu built upon the preferences of every patient.

SEO case for Perfecto Room promotion

Development of a unique logo

The concept of Perfect Room is a combination of philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, and science. To visualize a new, complex approach to plastic surgery, we turned to the eternal symbol – the Flower of life. A symbol of creation, an image of constant renewal, a metaphor of beauty. It is this strong image that served as the basis for a unique logo for Perfecto Room.

A geometric shape that consists of evenly spaced intersecting circles with the same radius. It has a symmetrical six-beam pattern resembling a flower with six petals. The flower of life symbolizes the great universal law of harmony, perfect proportionality, eternal youth, and beauty.

Logo Perfecto Room

UI/UX design and adaptive layout of the Perfecto Room website

All the visual identity of the Perfecto Room is based on attention to beauty and result. Creating the design of the website, we decided not to emphasize the company’s relation to the medical field – this fact is read by customers by default – but to declare the company as an integral part of the fashion and beauty industry.

We chose a clean minimalist design, as close as possible in style to the top fashion magazines. We used the following visual solutions:

laconic homogeneous background – a reference to the paper of glossy fashion-publications, a large number of large-scale images,
laconic texts divided into columns with significant indentations between them,
a large amount of free space – the so-called "air" – which is a luxurious use of space for the periodicals,
the minimalism of style elements,
noble color scheme and magazine fonts,
compliance with the inherent for fashion-magazines (namely the edition of Vogue, which we took as a basis) hierarchy of graphic elements.

TA website with a unique design is fully responsive: works equally well and is displayed on all kinds of devices. It is the adaptive layout and responsive design that help to achieve cross-platform availability.

The structure of the site is carefully thought out and honed through – for simplicity, convenience and intuitive understanding for the visitor. Each functional element of the developed Internet platform corresponds to a single style concept of a glossy fashion-magazine, with many elements being animated. This attracts the attention of users and makes the website more interactive and "alive".

Adaptive website layout Perfecto Room

The unique concept and strategy for Perfecto Room – the results of the project

The team of Clock Creative Lab showed its vision of perfection and achieved excellent results: a unique strategy, its own positioning, different from competitors, as well as authentic design formed the basis of the working concept, which is 100% ready for its implementation and commercial success. What is important, we have eliminated the repulsive impression of the audience from the services of a plastic surgeon, shifting the emphasis on beauty and the final result. The concept of Perfecto Room is capable to increase the attractiveness of plastic surgery and improve its image among the target audience.

Unique concept Perfecto Room

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