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SEO website promotion Audi SQ7


Audi Center Kyiv South is the official dealer of the German automotive manufacturer Audi

Development of a promotional website for the presentation and sale of Audi SQ7

SEO promotion Audi SQ7

New round of cooperation

Inspired by the success of the Audi Q7 project, the official dealer of Audi requested Clock Creative Lab team for market launch and sales of the first model of the sports series S – Audi SQ7.

To implement the project goals, we have chosen landing page format. This format allows:

  • to convey the advantages of the offer within the single key message;
  • impress customers with a spectacular story regarding the new product;
  • quickly develop and run a project on the network to implement the business objectives of the client.

Our team developed this landing page as a full-fledged micro website, not a standard selling page. We have placed a maximum of useful information about the new Audi SQ7 for potential and current customers of Audi at the page.

While creating a web resource, we sought to implement the principle of "24/7 advertising". Since the launch of the project, with the help of a micro website, we have continuously introduced the target audience to the new car, saving customers’ time and partially replacing the visit to the salon with viewing the site. As a result, through the landing page, we were able to collect applications from interested customers and sell the maximum number of machines in a short time.

Creating a landing page

Development of the landing page included the following steps:

  • 01

    Business analytics – we study the market and the client’s competitors. We investigate the company and products on the subject of uniqueness. If necessary, we develop positioning.

  • 02

    Creation of the project concept is our vision of implementation of the actual business goals of the client. We are guided by the data collected in the first phase. At this point, we shape a creative strategic proposal.

  • 03

    UI/UX design – we develop visual and technical solutions of the website. All our actions at this stage are subject to the task of making the resource interface intuitive, convenient, and attractive to the user. We create an interface that would lead a customer to commit the desired client targeted actions.

  • 04

    Web development – implementation of technical and graphical solutions, creation of a mobile version, testing of a single-page website.

  • 05

    Final check of the resource for errors, performance audit, and summing up the project.


A landing page is a presentation of the product on the network that should reflect its uniqueness. Audi SQ7 is a car that takes your breath away from the first second. Delightful in every way. This is the message we laid on the landing page during its development.

Sections of the micro website tell about all aspects and advantages of the model – design, the efficiency of new technologies, capabilities of Quattro four-wheel drive, and safety rating.

Our goal was to use the landing page to place customers behind the steering wheel of the car, so they can not only get acquainted with the features of the new model but also feel them.

Audi SQ7 website promotion strategies

UI / UX design

Clock Creative Lab specialists developed visual and technical solutions for the landing page based on the principles of UI/UX design. As a result, the content of the promotional site is logically linked and the user can perceive the information in a comfortable mode. A well-designed key message, together with the successful execution of UI/UX design, naturally leads the customer to commit targeted actions.

All sections of the Audi SQ7 micro website are united by one concept, thanks to which, when flipping through the screen, the user is immersed in a coherent story. When a user reaches the end of the landing page, in the footer, they discover the buttons for quick application for a test drive, receiving a callback, and ordering the SQ7 car itself. There a customer can find the price list and the current information about the configuration and cost, or go to the official website of the dealer.

In order for the customer to be able to order a call from any screen and find out all the details from the Audi representative, we have created an unobtrusive dynamic feedback button. By clicking on it and filling out the application form, after 30 seconds, the user will receive a call from the Manager. We also worked on the optimal size of the landing page in the framework of web development.

SEO promotion Audi SQ7 design
SEO promotion Audi SQ7 landing


From the very first seconds, a landing page should interest and impress the user so that he or she wanted to stay on the website, learn more about the offer, and make an order. To create a wow-effect, we placed a short model overview video on the resource. Its purpose is to help the customer get basic information about the car quickly. Also, to implement the concept of the project on the landing we used:

  • full-scale images of the interior and exterior details;
  • a large number of video reviews aimed to attract the fans of speed, comfort, and safety;
  • schemes of organization and interaction of individual systems;
  • a photo review of the cabin with the 360 degrees angle rotation, moving the client into the vehicle where they can explore everything – down to the smallest detail;
  • unique text;
  • data about the model in figures and numbers.


With the help of the Audi SQ7 landing page, we managed to partially or completely replace the customer's visit to the showroom with a visit to the website at the stage of acquaintance with the new model. As a result, the process of review, test drive, and purchase of the car was more dynamic so the sales increased significantly. In addition, the interaction with users through the landing page made it possible to expand the base of potential customers of the dealer. This was confirmed by the results of the audit of the effectiveness of the project.

New successes of the second joint project of Clock Creative Lab and Audi Center Kyiv South convinced the official dealer to continue our fruitful cooperation. After positively assessing the results of the implemented projects, the client cooperated with us many times more to achieve new business goals of their company.

Strategies for promoting the site Audi SQ7 landing

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