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SEO website promotion Doberman


«Doberman» – security company.

Reaching a new level of positioning

SEO promotion Doberman

Development of naming and branding, creating a logo and corporate identity

We were asked to take the company to a new level of positioning in its segment and increase customer confidence. After a short audit, we determine that in order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to conduct a rebranding. And that means - to update the brand's visual identity, logo, corporate identity and company website. Having agreed with the client key goals and objectives of the project, we started to work.


We performed rebranding in order to create new opportunities for brand promotion and profit generation for KOD Zahist-OD. To do this, first worked on the concept of positioning and ideological basis. At the same time, we took into account the main requirement of rebranding - the preservation of continuity with the prototype. The elements of the logo or corporate identity, key colors, remain unchanged most often during such work.

Correctly implemented changes in the framework of rebranding lead to the transformation of the brand image in the minds of customers. Consumers begin to perceive the brand differently, new emotional connections are created.

Strategies to promote the site Doberman
SEO promotion Doberman brand renewal

Brand renewal is a complex process. It implies analysis, transformation, brand development and includes the following steps:

  • audit of brand, reputation and image resources of the company;
  • market research, competitors and target audience;
  • naming and trademark registration;
  • work on the logo and corporate identity;
  • if necessary - creation of layouts for outdoor advertising / development of site design in accordance with the requirements of UI / UX / design of printed image products.

Our approach

Specialists Сlock Creative Lab began work with an analysis of the existing resources of the company's brand, competing brands and target audience. We concluded that the actual naming of the company is not very successful, it is difficult for consumers to remember it. The logo only reinforces this undesirable effect.

The visualization of the logo has too many components - the planet Earth, a shield, a laurel wreath, a sword, the name of the company. As well as additional details: the coordinate system and the continents on the planet, the shadows on the leaves of the laurel wreath. All this does not leave any chances for adaptability, which is necessary, for example, for the correct display of the logo on the company's website. Since the web resource can be viewed by users on devices with very small screens.


After completing the marketing research stage, we began to develop the idea of a new brand as part of rebranding. To do this, we have identified the main advantages of the services offered by the client company. Then they began to create a new brand positioning, key values, as well as the company's mission. To solve these problems, a personification technique was used - the definition and description of a brand at the expense of human character traits. This technique helps to shape the brand identity.

In our view, the new brand of the company had to be: vigilant, loyal, energetic, dynamic, friendly, efficient, disciplined, elegant, fair and faithful. Having compiled this list, we immediately clearly saw the image of a Doberman dog. The mission was formed like this - “24/7 In the service of your security. To protect at all costs everything that is dear to you. ”

Strategies to promote the site Doberman concept
SEO promotion Doberman naming

Naming company

Having created an idea with powerful potential for a renewed brand, we took up the development of naming. At the same time, it was taken into account that the correct trademark name must meet a variety of criteria:

  • carry an emotional message;
  • show brand identity and rational advantages;
  • to be attractive and natural for the target audience;
  • be bright, non-trivial, clear and memorable;
  • easy to read and read out loud;
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at the letter.

Friendly, strict and original name "Doberman" ideally suited as a new brand name. It meets all the above requirements and causes the right audience to associate with the company's type of activity - security and protection.

New logo and brand identity

In order to maintain continuity with the previous version of the logo, we used the same colors - red, white and black. Almost completely abandoned the gray tone in favor of the dark blue. A red color shield was placed in the center, which was present there in the previous version of the logo. But they replaced the key metaphoric image (the sword against the background of a laurel wreath) on the guard dog Doberman's face.

As a result, we managed to make the new logo more “speaking”, memorable and understandable for the target audience. And the updated visual identity - the brand name, logo, slogan and company colors - is even brighter.
Properly designed elements of identity, allow the company to separate from competitors, to attract the attention of customers and make advertising campaigns more effective.

Strategies to promote the site Doberman new logo
SEO promotion Doberman business card
Strategies to promote the site Doberman form
SEO promotion Doberman corporate identity

Form style

We used all the visual and graphic solutions used in the logo in the corporate style of the brand, which includes: colors, fonts, layout features and compositions of the main elements.

                For the Doberman security company, as part of corporate identity creation, we developed website design, business cards, letterheads, branded cars and print advertising layouts for billboards and citylights.

Strategies to promote the site Doberman car
SEO promotion Doberman car

Website development for the project "Doberman"

We created the site in accordance with the principles of UI / UX design. This means that when developing graphic, visual and technical elements, the focus of attention of developers was the convenience of user interaction with the site.

Within the framework of UI / UX design and web-production, Сlock Creative Lab specialists worked on the design of pages, layout, content of the site, implementation of relevant web and marketing technologies. Our goal was to create for the security company Doberman not just a web resource, but a convenient and efficient business tool. What as a result and became a new site.

Website promotion strategies Doberman website development


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    During the rebranding, we managed to make the positioning, identity, logo and corporate identity of the brand more recognizable and memorable. We were able to do all this thanks to a unique brand idea. We created it specifically for this project in accordance with the current customer needs and the specifics of the company.

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    According to the results of the project, the renewed Doberman brand evokes direct associations with the company's activities in the minds of the target audience, is recognizable, and its main message is clear to customers.

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