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Development of a unique application for KIA service centers in Ukraine

Clients turn to our digital agency ​​a mobile application or website idea realization else optimize their business with the help of integrated promotion. The main goal of the cooperation that we entered into with KIA was developing of mobile the application Convenient KIA Service.

Here, we will share in detail about the purpose of creating the application, the functional part and development features, as well as the its using prospects for other brands.

The Convenient KIA Service application purpose

Mobile application Convenient KIA Service compatible with Android OS and Mac OS platforms, is a unique tool for optimizing the process of receiving a car for necessary services providing. The application works on an electronic tablet with a touch screen to fill out the act of reception and transmission directly next to the car.

The main goal of developing the Convenient KIA Service mobile application is optimizing of the operation and process of receiving cars at service centers, the ability of photofixation of the car state, and streamline the system for creating and structuring repair requests.

Application for KIA

Functionality of the app for KIA Official Importer

The application Convenient KIA Service allows service employees to get constant access to the database, optimize the process of car service reception and informing the client about the need for additional work, and also creates the possibility of detailed photofixing of various damage.

The basis for the design of the Convenient KIA Service application was the corporate standards of the official KIA importer’s site.

The application’s functionality has a wide range of special features, which is guaranteed to accelerate the process of receiving a car, improve the quality of service, and make the service system understandable and logically structured.

Application features include

  • Pre-order journal. Immediately after entering the login and password, the service employee appears in the journal of previous orders, which is the main screen in the application. All repair requests downloaded from 1C are displayed here.
  • You need to enter one of the parameters - license plate of the car, name of the customer or his phone number, as well as the VIN code of the car to search for a specific order;
  • Carrying out a general inspection of the car. At this stage, the application offers to note the existing damage, take a picture of them and indicate specific reasons of the client’s request, noting them on a four-sided automobile projection (left, right, front, rear);
  • Check list. Here, an exhaustive number of checkpoints has been collected that will help to detect subtle damage and notify the customer of the necessary repair work. In this list, the user selects one of the three proposed options - “Good”, “Warning”, “Attention”.
  • In case you select the last two, a dialog box appears with optional options for additional operations for diagnostics, replacement of parts, etc. Also, in this menu, the service worker fills in the completeness and degree of damage to the car;
  • Completion of reception. After completing a detailed inspection of the car, the service worker offers the customer to digitally sign and then saves all the changes made to the finished application, which is printed in the form of a detailed transfer acceptance certificate. In addition to printing, options are also available for sending the act to the customer’s email or synchronization with the 1C program.
PWA application for KIA

Value of the Convenient KIA Service project and its using prospects

In the process of developing the application, the Clock Creative Lab team was able to create a unique and functional product that will become an effective tool for optimizing the process of receiving and transmitting a vehicle in the service sector.

In order to specifically indicate the value and using prospects of the Convenient KIA Service application, the following questions should be answered.

The way things worked before

The main problem of reception cars in domestic service centers was an outdated system, which significantly reduced the quality of service. At the legislative level, a specific procedure for the reception and transmission of a car is provided.

The first step is the analysis of supporting documentation and customer applications. Then, checking the technical condition of the vehicle and identifying external defects and damage. Moreover, the whole process of admission was accompanied by a huge number of documents and lists. That is why, owners often simply give the keys to the car, sign the acceptance certificate and leave the vehicle for repair.

Developing application for KIA

Needed to be improved

Taking into account all the features of the problem, it was necessary to optimize the process of receiving cars in service centers, to make it more detailed and functional. Also, it was necessary to establish a communication system between the customer and the service center and expand the range of possibilities for informing him in the process of providing repair services.

In addition, one of the main tasks was to create the possibility of detailed photographing of visible damage to the car and providing permanent access to the database for service employees.

The project uniqueness

Mobile application Convenient KIA Service is not just an auxiliary tool for receiving and processing orders in service centers. With the help of our product, the service system and its quality go to a radically new level. There is no longer any need to waste your time and deal with an infinite amount of papers.

Thanks to the Convenient KIA Service application, the service reception process becomes interactive and rational, taking up the optimal amount of time. The customer has the opportunity to understand the importance of carrying out certain types of work, and the service, in turn, can detail the condition of the car and structure the necessary data.

Developing pwa application for KIA

Relevance of the application

Our product will be useful to service centers, which are faced with the disadvantages of the old car reception system and want to increase the number of customers and the quality of services by optimizing this process.

Also, such an application is relevant for insurance companies. Thanks to the interactive functionality and thoughtful structure, the product allows you to evaluate and register the insured event in detail for further consideration.

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